Numerology, explained (Warriors' Experience)

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Theun what exactly is a numeroscope? Is it something like a horoscope?


Toltec numerology is an EXACT SCIENCE, a science that has all but become completely LOST within the mists of TIME from whence it originated! It saddens me deeply to see it disappear, and it saddens me even more to see the last vestiges of this great science becoming DEBASED by the careless use of words and the ASSUMED understanding of humanity! Numbers were NOT invented by man! Numbers were and are being DIS-COVERED by man! Thus it is that Toltecs look upon NUMBERS as being SACRED VIBRATIONS, and numerology as a SACRED SCIENCE based upon these vibrations!

In Freemasonry it is stated that, "God does not create! God geometrises!" And for those with the EYES to see, the KEYS to the Three Great Bands of Man are given in the three sacred names Free Masons assign to the Unspeakable, namely The Most High, The Grand Geometrician of the Universe, and The Great Architect of the Universe. And for those versed in the Science of the Tarot, the Rule of the Four-Pronged Nagal STANDS revealed in the TRIGONOMETRIC WORD, the Architect, whereas the Rule of the Three-Pronged Nagal BE-COMES REVEALED in the GEOMETRIC WORD, the Geometrician!

In Volume V I try to keep it as simple as possible and therefore do not even TRY to differentiate between the Trigonometric Word and the Geometric Word, but refer to only THE WORD. In this simplistic verbalisation, "the word made flesh" is the Geometrician! The Trigonometric Word is MAN, as opposed to hu-man! In the sacred science of numerology, ANALYSIS is done using the Trigonometric Word; INTERPRETATION is done using the Geometric Word! Therefore please do NOT use the term "numeroscope" lightly, or without due RESPECT, as we today see with respect to horoscopes.