Numerology - Cyrillic alphabet

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into Russian: Вопрос о нумерологии для кириллического алфавита. Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
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Théun, being Russian I am interested in knowing more about the Cyrillic alphabet. Can you please tell me something about it?


What I find most interesting about the Cyrillic alphabet is that it has 30 letters, and IF I am correct in what I have understood, the Communists added another 3 letters to the alphabet, making a total of 33, the pure WHITE light of the Dreamer! Quite ambitious of the Communists, don't you agree? LOL! But, of course, we have NO IDEA as to what their REAL motive had been for adding an extra three letters to the alphabet Cyril had worked out!

But Cyril's alphabet reduces to 3, the number of Joy and Creativity through the medium of Mixed Abundance! He even went so far as to MIX the letters up so that they do NOT follow the numerical progression! I don't really know WHY he did this, but from the threads I have been able to follow it was in an attempt to HIDE the origin of what we know as the peoples of the former USSR, which HE would more than likely have known as the Lost Tribe of Atlantis! I say this, because it takes NOT just a LINGUIST to construct an alphabet, but a man with a knowledge of universal law, including HISTORY, that is, TIME! So our monk Cyril was certainly NO fool! :)

We also see that Cyril DID have a GREAT deal of knowledge in having written into the Cyrillic alphabet the two letters that have no numerical value! These two letters represent the two MISSING semi-tones in the Western musical scale! To the best of my knowledge this makes it a unique alphabet amongst alphabets! It was almost as if Cyril could FORETELL that one day the Russians WOULD turn to the West, the place of FEELING, and that they would do this, not through FEELING, namely, the heart, but through SOUND, the mind! And yet THAT sound Cyril is pointing to is MUSIC, that is, what Toltecs refer to as the Harmony of the Spheres, which pertains not to the RATIONAL mind but to TRUE MIND, namely, ACTIVE INTELLIGENCE! Without becoming too technical, the Harmony of the Spheres has got to do with TRANSMUTATION, or MODULATION from one KEY to another, if you like! RECAPITULATION, and the Mastery of Awareness!

But these two missing letters have no numerical value just like the two missing semi-tones, and therefore by rights they are there but NOT there, meaning that the Cyrillic alphabet really has 28 letters, reducing to 10, the number of impeccability! Compare this with the English alphabet which has 26 letters, reducing to 8, the number of Harmony and Balance through the medium of Conflict! Interesting, don't you think, if one looks at the relationship between impeccability and harmony through conflict? Inherent within this relationship is 18, the number of COURAGE! But this makes sense if one considers that it DOES take COURAGE to bring TOGETHER the EAST and the WEST, the MIND and the HEART!