North, the, ARTICLE 3 (Warriors' Journeys)

Author: Theun Mares. Link to original: (English).
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into Russian: Север, статья 3 (Путешествия Воинов). Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
Submitted for translation by Warriorskeep 26.01.2017


In this example I want to show what I have learnt about my direction - North.

As we know, the North is the place of materialization, fear, not-doing, strength, matter and stalking.

I defined my main battle as attending the retreat in England this spring. My main fear was that I had not enough strength to materialize this travel in time. My not-doing was NOT to ask Th├йun for any reduction. My stalking consisted of handling the intensity of my desire so that it would help, but not hinder the intent.

I am grateful to my friend for his TRUE lead of a TRUE MALE. He supported me in my belief that I would be able to find and fulfill the work that was necessary for me to do on my way to my goal. He is thinking not only of me, but also of the whole group. He knows that one more member attending the retreat is an investment into the strength of the group.

This is true group work!