North, the, ARTICLE 2 (Warriors' Journeys)

Author: Theun Mares. Link to original: (English).
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into Russian: Север, статья 2 (Путешествия Воинов). Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
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Having read about predilections and directions in the The Toltec Teachings - Volume IV, I wondered which I may be.

My exploring of this contained a certain amount of selective perception: "Oh, the West seem to have more fun than the others", as well as romance, "Hey, maybe I'm a nagal...just think!" :)

So I approached directions in a similarly selective manner as I had approached shortcomings.

I watched others whose directions I knew to see if I could spot any particular traits. Scholars did seem overly concerned with clarity. I mean, sure clarity was important, but there was more to life than clarity, wasn't there? :)

I took from my response that it was unlikely I was in the East.

The West seemed to be full of interesting and lively people. "My kind of people", I thought. They were quick-witted, slightly mystical, with a fondness for "leaving the planet" now and again. The West, being the place of Feeling and Erasing Personal History had a flavour of mystery that appealed to me.

I flirted with the notion of the West for a while, before coming to the knowing that it was pure romance for me.

As regards the South, the place of Power and Warmth, this certainly had a heart-warming appeal to it, but again, it didn't quite ring the right bell.

Now, despite the fact that laziness has been an associate for many years, I eventually realised that it was the North that called to me. Known as the Battleground, the place of Materialisation and Not-Doing, this was the place that intrigued me, if only because I found it so damn puzzling.

I've often heard it said that the direction you most dis-like is the one you are likely to be. Perhaps this is because of the challenge it poses.

The ability to DO has been a mystery for me for as long as I can remember.

When my direction was confirmed by Th├йun, it was not a surprise by then. Though, once it has been confirmed, it does give you the opportunity to explore your challenges from a different angle.

It also supports interactions with people from different directions, and you quickly see how beneficial it is to have different perspectives brought to bear on an issue.