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"Housewarming" project is aimed to support intiative organizations that are close to us, but do not have enough budget for independent development.

Falanster team made a decision to provide such initiative organizations with one of its two small rooms that can be enough capacious for 10-12 people. The room is perfect for rather small educative events, activity planning meeting and every day agenda discussions, trainings, movie nights, etc.

For now we have Internet connection, screen projector, blackboard, 15 chairs, and, besides, table and a cabinet for different kind of stuff and bottle water container with heating to have some tea or coffee.

Who are invited?

At first, initiative organizations that share our principles:

Transparency. We share as much information about our team progress as possible.

Participance. Be responsible for your actions and making team decisions.

Involvement. Be constantly in touch with communities and society.

The second, we are welcome to those who is able to contribute money for lodgement. The amount is discussed individually with all initiatives.

*More detailed about our approaches.

Our rules

We keep the room in order, throw out trash and keep the restroom clean.

Smoking is allowed only rather far off the the front porch.

If you take a cookie, be nice and bring some snacks next time, too.

How do we work?

Together with other Falanster participants we decide on agenda of events and meetings and schedule time when we can "freelance" together. All this information is placed in Google calendar of Falanster team.

All discussions and disputable issues are made in Loomio.

All current affairs, like tasks about development, services, room repairing are run in Trello.

Payment and extension for the next month.

Payments for the next month are proceeded by the 20th of the current month.

How to apply for a room?

1. For a long period:

a) to put a page with description at our Wiki webpage.

the name of initiative,

organization goals,

a contact person (phone number, social network profile, e-mail),

the informative web-resource of the organization (if applicable)

The time needed during the week.

Inform us by e-mail [email protected]

Within 5-10 days we make a decision on your application.

*In case you don't know how to deal with our Wiki webpage, inform us via e-mail and we'll help you.

2. For once or twice times:

Write us via e-mail, giving the information mentioned in the paragraph 1.a.

Within 2-3 days we response you and give the answer.

Original (Belarusian): Наваселле

Translation: © AlessjaLessja, rizoma . crowd

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