Nagal, a, working with (Warriors' Experience)

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into Russian: Работа с нагвалем (Воинский Опыт). Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
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Theun, I have got several questions to you regarding color and Dreaming classes.

I started to see my color several years ago and it is indigo-blue. I am able to see it spontaneously sometimes during a day but mostly in the evening when lying in bed. I see it as a blotch and as you suggested recently I tried to enter it but did not have success yet.

You mention that nagal having his own color can have personal apprentices only of the same color. Because there is a smooth exchange of colors during the apprenticeship. So as I understand correctly you are pertaining to "Wolf" dreaming class. In this regard is it true that you can have only "Wolves" as your personal apprentices? What about people living in Firdale Brook? Are they all Wolves? :)

Or can I suppose that you work "more closely" with Wolves and have usual relationships with the others?

You call yourself also the Dragon-Wolf. Does it mean that somehow you are pertaining to 2 Dreaming classes both Wolves and Dragons and maybe one of them "Wolf" is predominant? If so does it mean that you can have Dragons as your personal apprentices as well?

And the last question. In my striving to identify my Dreaming Class the name Dragon emerges. But I suspect this is because of the fact I am Dragon based on Chinese calendar. Is there any significane in Chinese calendar and why it has 12-year cycle and not let's say 7-year?

Your answer is highly appreciated.


If your colour is definitiely indigo blue then you are not of the Wolf Dreaming class. But you should check this because a lot of people are colour blind when it comes to blue and purple. LOL!

It is true that in the past a nagal would work only with apprentices that belong to the same dreaming class as his own. However, with the advent of the the Cry of the Eagle this is no longer as important as it was before, for the simple reason that the lineages are no more. This means that a nagal, such as myself, is no longer trying to build units of warriors so as to keep the teachings alive and, as a result, the PERSONAL work between nagal and apprentice is no longer as intense as it used to be. Therefore there is no longer any real danger in apprentices becoming "tainted" by the nagal's colour. You as apprentices on Toltec Legacy are in no more danger of becoming "tainted" by my own colour, than you are by interacting with other people within your lives, whether they are of the same dreaming class as you or not. You have to work VERY closely, and on an INTENSELY personal basis with a nagal before there is the danger of becoming "tainted." But because Toltec Legacy is a virtual teaching facility, and also because of the physical distance separating me from you, this is just not possible. This was also true of the retreats. Because I only ever worked with you as a GROUP at the retreats you stood no danger of becoming "tainted" by own colour.

Everyone at Firdale Brook are Wolves with the exception of Elizabeth who is a Fox, my one and only Fox! LOL! And although Elizabeth and I work VERY closely and intensely, I always shield her from becoming "tainted" by my own colour. I do this because power made it clear that even though Elizabeth is a Fox she and I are destined to work together in this lifetime. Had it not been for this I would still have worked with Elizabeth, but I would have kept her at a distance, and had units still existed, I would never have made her a part of my unit, for this would have been disastrous for her. So as it stands Elizabeth and I make an odd pair, but in many ways also a unique pair - an OLD Wolf and a very WILY Fox! LOL! And together we have had MANY adventures together! And, of course, having Elizabeth with us at Firdale Brook is an endless source of laughter for us all, for she is constantly ambushing the Wolves, and invariably it takes the Wolf concerned a little while before realising that he or she has just been ambushed, whereupon the fun and games start! LOL!

My title of Dragon Wolf was given to me when I accepted the portfolio of the Dragon Wolf. But this does not mean that I belong to two Dreaming Classes. LOL! It simply means that the portfolio I hold demands the separation of the poles so that sobriety may stand revealed. However, any form of separation is potentially destructive, and so to ensure that the one holding this portfolio would never bring about separation for destructive reasons, the Guardians of the Race gave it to a Wolf who instinctively abhors separation! To further ensure that this separation would only ever be for the good of all concerned, the Guardians also "wove" into the "mantle" signifying this portfolio the characteristics of the Dragon who works for ever towards synthesis, and therefore unity. And hence the title of the Dragon Wolf. A "mantle" is worn by all Office Bearers, and is in the nature of an energy configuration that covers the luminous cocoon of the person concerned, but does not interfere with that person's own colour or evolution of awareness, and yet the "mantle" does not allow for actions that are potentially life-destructive to enter the web of life. It therefore acts in much the same way as a protective suit, but by keeping everything undesirable IN, rather than OUT.

If your colour is indeed indigo blue then you are most definitely not a Dragon. :)

The Chinese horoscope is much like most exoteric horoscopes, in that it depicts the little self, rather than the true Self. It is amusing and entertaining, but not of much use in working at becoming a warrior.

With warm regards,