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Music plays an important role in people's life. With help of music people forget about problems, enjoy their time and sharpen their intellect.

Long since there were three main musical centres. They are Russia, Germany and Italy. I often listen to a classic music. It draws different pictures in my mind, helps to relax and calm. The classic music is very expressive, exciting and amazing. It is difficult to forget it.

My favourite classic composer is Chopin. His music is very emotional, soft, romantic and catchy.

Mostly I listen to a rock music. My favourite group is Cinema Bizarre. This German glam rock group consists of five musicians: Straify (vocal), Kiro (bass-guitar), Yu (guitar), Shin (percussions), Romeo (keyboard instruments). Their first song was Lovesongs (They kill me), and first album - Final Attraction. Their music is charming, amazing and facinating.

My parents don't like a music I am listening to. They say that it is meaningless and silly. But they have nothing against the classic music.

Music is very important part of people's life. It cnanges them, inspires and makes them better. Music is very important for human beings.

Original (Russian): Музыка в моей жизни

Translation: © NinaKays, Анюта . crowd

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