Medical Rape: State Authorised German Perversion

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This book has been written for all the men who have suffered as a result of abusive medical examinations by military institutions and their civilian associates. It has been written in the hope that young people are not here to join the ranks of older sufferers. Without the unwavering support of my wife (campaign against military abuse) it would never have been possible. --- While writing this story, I was constantly reminded of a few lines from the works of the late Danish poet Halfdan Rasmussen in the back of my head. He once wrote it for Amnesty International and it is about torture. I am not claiming that also this book is about torture. However, it is about degrading treatment, and those two concepts are often mentioned in the same sentence - also in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, proclaimed and adopted on 10th December 1948 by the General Assembly of the United Nations. There it is written in Article 5 that 'no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment'. Halfdan shared that view, but he also felt that there can be something even worse out there. I know it might be easy for somebody like me to say so (after all, I was never myself put on a rack), but I do understand what this most beloved poet tried to say. Therefore I like to share his words with you in my own very free and utmost humble English version.

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By Lars G Petersson


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This book has been written for all the men who have suffered as a result of abusive medical examinations by military institutions and their civilian associates. It has been written in the hope that young people today shall not one day have to join the ranks of older sufferers. Without the unwavering support of my wife Josephine and the help of members of the BASTA campaign (campaign against military abuse) it would never have been possible for me to finish this work. Thanks to all of you.

Lars G Petersson, London July 2010


Better Check it all Works

She has got nothing on but a pair of knickers. The same goes for the other few young women in the waiting room. They are all so lightly dressed - and they all seem uncomfortable with the situation. Constantly men with files are running back and forth, and some of them can’t help having a quick glance at the young ladies while passing.

After a long waiting at last it is Ursula Müller's turn. A man in a white coat stands in the door and calls her name. For the young woman it’s indeed quite stressful to walk across the room in such an almost naked state. However, she's got no choice: after all, the examination for which she has come is a legal duty, and if she hadn't turned up she could not only have been punished but, worse, police would have 'escorted' her to another 'appointment'. Would the young woman have tried to avoid even that, she could very well have ended up in prison. Not a nice prospect really. No, going to jail Ursula wouldn't fancy. After all, she hasn't done anything bad. In fact she has done nothing at all. She has only grown into an adult or at least almost so - that's all. Seventeen she is, and in another few months she will be eighteen.

As the young woman then finally enters the examination room she finds herself in the company of two men: one whom she believes is a doctor and another she reckons must be his assistant. However, it's all a guess; none of them has introduced themselves.

Now something will happen that Ursula never will forget: her body will be thoroughly inspected and assessed - that's why she was 'asked' to come. Nothing will go undetected: head to toe it will be - mouth, teeth, breasts... just everything. In the middle of it all, half naked as she is, she will be asked to do twenty squats - with blood pressure before and after. Bit strange really - as if her blood pressure, due to the forced condition, hasn't gone through the roof already, regardless of being 'asked' to do squats or run a marathon.

After the young woman had been through all the initial procedure something comes that she has feared all along, actually for years. The last protection of her privacy will be removed. 'Take off your knickers, please!' Ursula's cheeks turn red and hot; she stands there helpless, doesn’t know what to do. No, she doesn't want to do that. 'I don’t want to be stark naked in front of two men,' she thinks to herself. It's too embarrassing a prospect. 'No, don't do it!' a subconscious voice screams at her.

Ursula is gripped by a terrible anxiety as she notices the young man behind the desk looking in her direction with a slight smile on his face. In the same moment the now impatient doctor repeats his order. With sharpness in his voice he commands: 'KNICKERS OFF!' The young girl at this point obviously see no option but to do as she is told. The little resistance she might have had is gone; she is defenceless. Now she is completely naked; she stands in the middle of the room, totally exposed; she feels the last slight protection of her human dignity has disappeared. She wishes she could sink through the floor; she feels so embarrassed and humiliated.


Ursula's most intimate parts of the body are now to be zealously scrutinised und inspected. The doctor starts to check her genitals, and he is doing it with great thoroughness. After all, it must be tested as to its functionality, or so it seems. He repeats his movements not just once but twice. In this moment Ursula's most private parts sort of belong to another person, something she would never have allowed had she had had a choice. Then another order is heard: 'turn around, bend forward and spread the buttocks!' Automatically, now without resistance, the girl does as she is told. Her bum is now being thoroughly inspected with a little torch. She is, however, lucky: a finger in her anus she is spared (other 'patients' have to experience that to).

Ursula has had more luck this day as she has only been inspected by one doctor not two, which often can be the case. Sometimes also two assistants can be present, as new staff from time to time have to be trained for the job. Indeed, it can be quite crowded around the 'object'.

Finally Ursula is allowed to put back on her knickers and leave the room. As she returns to the waiting area the other girls out there note that her face is like a tomato. Rest assured, they will soon, one after another, have the same experience.

Of course this story never happened as it was here told. After all, that's not a way to treat young women. Completely out of order it would have been - impossible, simply perverse. Most people would share that view. Some might even ask: what fucking pervert has written such nonsense?

Yes, what do I actually want to tell with such a story? In fact this: that a story like the one about Ursula not exclusively is to be found in the sick fantasy world of a sadomasochistic old bugger - actually it has all a very real background. To make the story true we only need to swap the genders of all people involved. Having done so, it all turns into reality. Then we can also give it a name: a 'military medical induction' or, in German, 'musterung'. We now talk about a legally enforced medical where young men, mainly by women, as cattle on a market place, are examined, inspected and assessed for forced military or civilian service.

At least one thousand times this scenario is repeated all across Germany every day all year around. The number of similar examinations and controls are, however, much higher, as not only will young men be selected this way or discarded as possible candidates for forced service, a process which can mean repeated requests to make one self available for scrutiny, but in all barracks and by all civilian authorities responsible for 'employing' conscientious objectors all of it in every detail will be repeated not only when starting but also when leaving service - and sometimes even in between. On top of that comes thousands of identical checks of young men who, for one reason or another, totally voluntarily or due to civilian unemployment, has chosen the military as a temporary or permanent employer. Also these individuals (contrary to their female colleagues...) are constantly exposed to the same kind of intrusive 'examinations'.


Of course, testicles and backsides of young people can hardly have anything to do with defence of a country. Even for the defence authorities themselves that seems to make sense, as, certainly, nothing in this area would serve as a reason for anybody to be excluded from forced service or for that sake not to be accepted as a volunteer. Despite that, however, eager officials continue to order these parts of the body to be checked as to their optimal function - as said not only repeatedly before but also after ending the service. After all, the foreskin might have got stuck since the last examination.... Better make sure it hasn't.

No matter what, how odd it all might seem, all what we talk about here is in Germany fully legitimate and established. Again and again the call sounds: strip! Again and again the state and its willing helpers reach out after young men's testicles and foreskins, and again and again they are commanded to turn around, bend forward and spread their buttocks. And (isn't it remarkable?), all of a sudden nobody seems to see a problem in it any longer. Nobody looks at it as an assault - as they certainly would had 'Ursula' really been the victim. No, 'so are the rules, and that has to be tolerated;' that is what they all say in chorus. With those words any discussion, if there ever was one, generally ends.


The German Constitution Article 1. 'The dignity of every human being is absolute. It is the duty of the state to protect and honour this dignity.'


In Germany this model of military induction was introduced during the rule of (the Victorian time) Emperor Wilhelm. Hitler happily carried on with the royal creation and today it is all business as usual - though, for the victims, worse than ever before. Of course, everything has a reason, and that goes for this area as well. Wilhelm and Adolf wanted obedient soldiers. Therefore independent people who might think for themselves were not welcome. For sure, they could still be used, but first they had to be changed to fit in: these civilians had to be properly trained, and I am not yet speaking about being trained in use of guns and grenades. No, before all that could even start they had to be shown that resistance is pointless, that there is no alternative to obeying orders and that they from now on are nothing but a bunch of nobodies.


So how do you achive all that in the quickest possible way? The answer was and is easy. The military medical induction, the musterung, is what is needed. Apart from the obvious purpose of declaring somebody reasonable fit for the service, this process is also good for something else: it is the first and very important step in turning a rebellious civilian into an obedient soldier. Yes, you won't need to beat anybody up to achive subservience: a military medical that is equal with forced nakedness will for sure do the trick.

Stripped in front of a draft commission and most anybody will learn to adapt; stripped by force in front of authoritarians and we will all feel worthless. If not before, when having to present one's genitals, pull one's foreskin back and spread one's buttocks for inspection, at least now the strongest of men will be small and weak - if not before, at least at this point the last resort of personal resistance will finally be gone. From now on the potential recruit will be well prepaired for the military training that is to come. Only in this way the very special military interest in testicles and foreskins can be understood.

In earlier times, in the 'Great' War's trenches, it might have been valuable for a soldier to have had such an induction to military life behind him. In the service of the Nazis probably the same. Having been dehumanised and removed of all dignity might have helped individual human beings in their transformation into a sick world of killing and maiming. That way one had left all civilisation and humanity back home. How else could you change peaceful citizens into soldiers fighting for Hitler and his cohorts?

However, times have changed. Modern European countries no longer aspire to expand their borders on behalf of their neighbours; our new leaders want to live in harmony with each other, and, for the first time ever, it seems like they are all taking these new vows of peace seriously. Allright, it might still be too early for all the armed forces to be abolished, but, at least, also they are now expected to adopt modern views on a broad scale. Not only are they expected not to encourage and teach rape and torture, they are also to live up to the principles of equality, humanity and respect for the individual within their own institutions. Correct, now also soldiers - on equal footing with other citizens - must be protected against violations of their basic human rights. Now also soldiers have a right to be treated with decency and respect.


All right, so what about the testicles, the foreskins and the backsides of the young men, conscripted or enlisted? Will these parts now be spared forced intrusion as well? No, unfortunately not. This area seems to be carefully exempted from protective reforms. The controls continue as usual, and for the victims it has changed for the worse not the better.

From being a perverted male-only ritual of 'initiation', the whole matter, the musterung (the military medical induction exam), in the name of so called 'equal rights' between the genders, has developed into nothing but a state-approved sexual humiliation process of young men. Today female medical inspectors, though themselves under no legal obligations neither to serve or to strip, have almost completely taken over the dominant roles in this age old humiliation process. Today these women have grabbed for themselves what could look like almost unlimited power over thousands of legally forced, naked young men.

As our ficticious Ursula felt, uncountable real life young men and big boys feel every day. A more perverted way of abusing the word 'equal rights' is difficult to imagine - and all this managed and regulated by a state in which obedience, nakedness, intimate examinations and submission in spite of all modern trends have never stopped mesmerizing those in power.


'Do I still have to go to musterung even if I volunteer to do civilian conscientious objector service? I am terrified about the musterung. I am only 16, but still, it is not that long before it will be my turn. Is it really true that they will put a finger up my bottom and that they will touch my penis?

Rolf S.



Giving Birth is a State Duty

In order to keep a people - a nation - alive men and women must work together. So, let us put all other 'minor' matters aside and have a look at the two great areas where the genders traditionally have had to do each their part in order for this to happen: men defend the home, if necessary with force; women carry and give birth to children. Without land and freedom men and women cannot live, and without children - who one day can take over - a nation obviously will die, will cease to exist.

To achieve the first objective men can, if necessary, be forced to take up arms. In many cases this is and must be acceptable. If the risk of being attacked is really there, a people must have a right to defend itself in order to survive. Even I, a life-long peace activist, can understand that and would volunteer to do my part. When it comes to the second thing, however, women are only asked and encouraged to do their duty. I can understand that as well. After all, one cannot legally force a woman to get pregnant. That would be an act not only totally in breach of international human rights but also in blatant contempt of what most people would regard as basic rights of dignity and privacy. At least that is how I look at such a prospect. But... could one really?

Some years ago I worked as a nurse in a hospice. In there at one point there was an old man who suffered from terminal cancer. He was an amiable, pleasant man, and, as soon as I had a spare moment, I was very happy to pop in and exchange some words with him. From this man I heard for the first time about a very special kind of forced medical exams. As a former senior civil servant in the entourage of the former Rumanian dictator Ceausescu he knew, as I came to find out, quite a lot about this topic.

As most everywhere else, at least in the communist world, young men also in Rumania, whether they wanted it or not, were called up for the armed forces. However, under the rule of Mr Ceausescu there was another kind of force as well. In his and his wife's maverick version of state communism also women were included in the common cause - to protect their country against the nasty capitalists. And, as mentioned above in the most fundamental example of job-sharing, they were to do it in their own way.

This is how it was thought to be: according to a 1966 Ceausescu plan, the Rumanian population in the next thirty-four years should increase from twenty-three to thirty million citizens. And, in line with that pregnancy was made into just as big a patriotic duty for women as war service always had been for men. From now on contraceptives were forbidden, abortions outlawed and the production of children was made into a state priority. Of course, individual rights must give way to the rights of the state.... 'The foetus belongs to the society,' as Ceausescu expressed it himself. 'Every woman who avoids having children is a deserter.'


In order to make such a scheme work it indeed takes some innovative ideas. Just to encourage people to make more love will hardly do the trick. But, 'fortunately,' the people around the dictator knew what to do. One method was this one: with the help of regular compulsory gynaecological examinations the authorities would detect early pregnancies and this way at least prevent illegal abortions.

To be honest, I don't know how successful these examinations in reality were - at least not as long as we solely think in terms of increasing the number of pregnancies. About that the old man said nothing. Probably he didn't know himself - or maybe it wasn't even that important. In fact, another thing was achieved, and maybe this was what the whole thing really was about: the people as a whole was scared into submission. To remain childless was suspect and was seen as a deliberate unsocialist action - something every woman would try her best not to be accused of.

It is hard to believe but under Ceausescu (the communist darling of the western world) it was actually like that in Rumania. I was shocked when I first time heard about it; it was an autumn day shortly before the death of this old man. Late that evening I sat there by his side, just as he once had sat by the side of the dictator. Now I heard repentance in his voice. 'No, one cannot do that. One cannot just order women to be gynaecologically examined just to make sure they fulfil their duties to the state to bear children. No, one cannot do that.' Together we thought it all through. Of course I agreed with him. Of course he was right in what he was saying. 'No, of course one cannot do that.'

About that conversation I have thought a lot ever since - about force in general and, more specifically, about people giving themselves forced access to other individuals' genitals. Of course, it is obvious to me: things like that must not happen. That is what one would call rape, isn't it? Yes, at least as long as we talk about Rumania and this 'experiment' I am sure most people would quickly agree with me about that. But, so what about the forced examinations of genitals by the military in so many countries? That must go for the same, mustn't it? After all, conscripted and enlisted young people are human beings as well - at least as I see the world. Also these people must have a right to be protected against intrusions into their bodies. Just like the Rumanian women should rightfully enjoy full rights to decide over their own bodies and private parts also here there must be limits for what state bodies can be allowed to do to people.


Indeed, there is a very good reason for being concerned about this matter. Why? Because not only a long dead dictator had his focus on other people's genitals, quite a few military bodies had and have as well: one of them, one in particular, is Germany's re-christened Wehrmacht, the Bundeswehr - the post-war German armed forces. In many ways these forces have distanced themselves from the past, but, when it comes to forcing themselves on to their enlisted and conscripted soldiers' genitals they haven't. In fact, sixty-five years after Hitler killed himself in the bunker they (i.e. their doctors) behave themselves in a more perverted way than ever before.

For me as a Swede and son of the European war generation it's all right that all able-bodied men in those days were 'requested' to help overcome the Nazis and their conscripted forces (those sacrificed on the altar of a criminal sake). But, to keep forcing young people to military (or civilian replacement) service sixty-five years later (when no enemy can be spotted no matter how hard one tries) that is to go too far. That goes for my native home land, where the conscription has only just been finally abolished, but it goes even so much more for the country that started both the world wars of the last century. For them to continue on this path seems even more bizarre. After all, since the death of Hitler and since the end of the cold war there is no European country that needs to fear being attacked by any neighbouring state or by anybody else for that sake. To be honest who would for example try to conquer Germany? The Belgians? Or, maybe the Danes?

No it has all changed: the Rumanians, as we have already seen, years ago stopped their forced pregnancy controls; the Russians suddenly lost their interest in converting us all into communists, and most west European states have dissolved their conscripted armed forces and made outdated ineffective mass armies into part of history. So it is that in most democratic countries nobody will be conscripted to march and nobody will against his will be 'asked' to present himself for a humiliating medical induction.

But, and there is a big but, there are some exemptions. For example: stubborn and intransigent power structures, especially in one central very powerful country, are still fighting for their places in the sun. Yes, precisely in the Federal State of Germany where once Hitler and his cohorts - helped and supported by loyal patriots - masterminded the biggest catastrophe the world has ever seen, precisely there obedient soldiers are still mass-produced for no other reason than for keeping officers and others in meaningless occupation. And, as nobody seems to have learned from the past, as usual the road to military obedience starts where it always used to start. For conscripts and enlisted men alike it all starts with checking so that the foreskin can be pulled back and forth without too much of an effort. No. nothing has changed when it comes to that part, at least not for the better.


Are military people really that concerned about young people's health as they obviously want us all to believe? Is that really what lies behind all this? No, of course not: it has nothing to do with health concerns; it is about the usual stuff - power and obedience. Yes, more than anything else it is about making young people do what they are told. Being 'asked' to strip and spread one's buttocks can be a very effective start of a process in which a naturally rebellious youngster is changed into an non-questioning warrior.

Ceausescu's doctors checked Rumania's vaginas to scare women away from birth control; Germany's doctors check foreskins in order to secure military obedience. As we soon will learn, in this modern example of continued oppression it seems like it is much more important that foreskins roll back and forth without problems than that coming soldiers have enough strength in arms and legs and that their lungs are sound enough for the hardship ahead.


In the Shadow of the War

As I was still a small child back in my native Sweden my father told me stories from the war and, as something probably uncommon, also from his medical induction - that what the Germans call the 'musterung'. He had stood there, as in those days was fully normal, stark naked in front of the induction officers and military doctors; completely unprotected he had 'discussed' his coming military service and his placements with these 'gentlemen'. This picture stayed with me during my whole childhood. It ruined my formative years. I was fully taken up by the anticipated humiliation, the one I knew was there to come. Yes, one day I would stand there myself. 'Take your head underneath your arm,' my father told me. This well-meant advice had saved himself, he claimed. By distancing himself from the body so to speak, he had helped himself to get through it all without too many scars on his soul. At least that was what he said. Father never had to fight in the war. There was a political reason for that which is too complicated to go into here and which also falls outside of the remit for this book. However, I can present you with a short version: Hitler chose to stop shortly before invading our country. Having had to fight or not, the war service stole years of my father's youth and when it came to certain things he knew what he was talking about.

'They will do with you what they want; it won't matter what you say. You will be their property. But, if you so to speak look at it all as a spectator from the outside, then you will have a good chance to survive unhurt.' That was what father told me, and that advice was to stay with me growing up: his words never lost their strangling grip on my early years.

Father had tried to protect me, but the knowledge of what was in store for me was in itself a catastrophe. The constant fear ruined my childhood.


Yes, it was clear to me: one day also I would have to become a soldier and the time there would start with standing naked in front of officers and doctors, all according to the principle that a boy as soon as he reaches adulthood has an innate duty to present himself as a piece of goods, a piece of state property.

As said, already as a small child I knew what was in waiting, what one day also would happen to me. Apart from what father had told me there were other, though rare, indications regarding this very special initiation ceremony into male adulthood. At one time I also saw a film on television in which there was a musterung scene from around Edwardian time; the stage was Germany. There was a row of naked young men lined up in front of military doctors, all ready to be inspected in every detail - most likely with emphasis on their genitals - as preparation for their coming 'heroic' service in the 'Great' War's trenches.


WPflG § 15 Abs. 6 (The German Conscription Law) Male persons are from start of their 18th year of life subjects to this law.


What my father had told me and what the film had shown created the basis for what I would carry with me in the back of my head for the rest of my young years - this even if it, being a taboo, otherwise was never talked about. Precisely, this ritual of humiliation was never mentioned; it was a ‘no go’ area in everyday life - though it was for sure an ‘all go’ area for every young man in the country....


Musterung was the initiating process of growing into adulthood, but, though everything was known by everybody, it was still a subject carefully avoided. In public no man would ever admit he himself had had to stand there as God, or whoever he believed in, had created him. Those who already had served king and country, they talked about cruel officers, they talked about the stupidity of blind obedience, but, funny enough, they hardly ever talked about the day it all began. If anybody ever did, it was all made completely harmless. 'Oh, that? That's just a ritual, something natural; it's part of it,' and 'it just took a minute'.

When the day at last came, I happened to be lucky. Things had changed, and it was no longer as in my father's time. The year was 1969; we were at the height of the cold war, and the Soviet Union was just across the Baltic. But, it was no longer as I had expected it to be. Two days the procedure was to take, and it was all very modern, actually like a high-tech gym. A number of psychological and physical tests were to be performed, and people were friendly and professional. Apart from the underlying obligatory nature of the whole procedure it wasn't actually too bad.

At one point I also had to attend a medical examination. Also this man was friendly, and it was all very quick - probably a matter of three or four minutes. At the end he had asked me, positioned on a couch, to pull down the pants. A quick examination of the groin followed, and thereafter it was all over. I found nothing embarrassing with that; there was nothing humiliating about it. Only the fact I wasn't there as a volunteer was for me a problem - as it would be for any person who values his freedom.

It is now forty years since my musterung. As it wasn't that bad, why do I then still remember this event so clearly? At the same time I have no recollection whatsoever of the dental appointment I must have had the same year? Most likely, that must have been physically more painful. However, it had had nothing to do with removal of my freedom, with stripping. I had gone there myself; it had all been my own decision. The state hadn't asked for a check up of my teeth: I had. By the musterung it was different. I had never asked anybody to check my private parts - no matter if friendly or not. Ultimately, that is what it is all about; it is about honour and respect for the personal boundaries of (what you at least would like to call) free human beings. It is about being allowed to make one's own decisions about one's own body.

However, by the military there is no space for such extraordinary luxury. All right, I might have had some initial luck, but soon the real nature of the whole institution would re-affirm itself: from the day I finally was called up for service my body no longer belonged to me but to the state, and the result of that would soon be obvious. Just as father once had said, now they could do with me what they wanted, and this they did. Yes, by the musterung I had been lucky (and if that had not been the case I would never have had the courage to write this story), but a legal right to be treated with respect for my own person, that I did no longer have. That respect, which most people in democratic countries would take for granted, disappeared in the same moment I entered through the gate. In the boot camp I would be humiliated and have my human dignity ruined in the same way as has happened to so many millions of other young men both before and after. While teaching me how to help defend my own people's freedom and dignity, they, the same people, assisted by their stripes- and chevrons-decorated helpers, robbed me of my own.


Especially forced military training must be mentally damaging for the individual. I was quickly convinced about that. All right, I followed my father's advice; I tried to 'put my head under the arm', and by doing so at least I thought I would save myself.

But no, to be honest, that method doesn't work. Nobody returns undamaged from such a place. I felt it with myself already at the time, and how right I was in general terms I came to realise years later as I worked in a psychiatric unit under the Danish Ministry of Defence. Yes, in fact, such a unit existed, a place for (mainly) conscripts who had broken down mentally while serving in the armed forces. They were ‘sent in to the lunatics’ as it was said - a term that was generally used within the forces in order to scare young people away from seeking this 'easy' way out.

During my work at this place I came across quite a few astonishing things, but more than anything else I was struck by an individual case which made me realise what a madhouse this really was - not because of the admitted young victims themselves but because of the simple fact that the (now post cold war) modern society could allow this place its very existence: what an insane idea.

Yes, I was rather shocked, as I realised what was being done to eighteen-year-old Jens. Believe it or not, he had been sentenced to prison for having asked a friend to break his leg (Jens's own). By having that done, he thought he could avoid a part of the service he feared. But there was something Jens had not calculated with: by doing so he actually harmed state property (i.e. his own leg), and for this the young man was sent down by the court....

All this is now long ago, but still, it has never gone away. Even today I am unable to free myself from the strangle grip of the military. I cannot run away from it. It is always there with me. I might be a lucky man after all: I never ended under a white cross; I wasn't humiliated by the musterung, and my daily life isn't really completely ruined either. No, there are good things in my life as well.


For millions of other young people both before and after me it was and is different: they had and have to suffer the insufferable; they had and have to endure the unendurable. So it was, and, obviously, so it stays. There seems to be no end to this military madness of mental destruction. And, as we have understood of all this, you actually don't have to fight wars to feel the brunt of this system that itself, so to speak, was built up with only one purpose - to destroy what others had built up, both in life and property. No, also those who never had to fight, those who never had to risk their lives on the battlefield, those who never had to see destruction and massacres, they can still belong to the millions of people whose lives are ruined for ever after.

My Neighbour's Son

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