Manifest+Polish Card

Фаланстэр, “Маніфест+карта паляка”, public translation into English from Belarusian More about this translation.

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This is Falanster's Backstage. Episode 5.
Here is Big Beat and Entrapia.

Today we will tell you Faalanster's Manifesto
in a verbal and intellectual way


Falanster is not a freelancer,
That's another word, new conclusion,
Ars Nova, but not institution.

Our proposition - new definition,
Socail geek's tradition,
Active position.

We are not downers, we arrange diferent clubs,
Clean our base,
Invite any rabbles and vermins,
Build here
The future,
Make up the hisory,
Mark the territory,
Create the digital utopia.

You're Falanster, I'm Fourier,
You're little basement, I'm yeah-yeah!

We must go beyond
our walls,
To feel the breath
of social changes better
We offer a new vision,
Which you will not see on TV,

Tired of self-actualization,
Time to do the self-organization,
Make digital provocation,
Old thoughts lustration,

You're Falanster, I'm Fourier,
You're little basement, I'm yeah-yeah!

Falanster is a rhizome,
Look outside the comfort zone

This map is in your mind
On the border of the unknown.
This is not a place where everyone has not enough space,
Here is a yard, where
stories' seekers are wandering,
The creators of the dreams,

You're Falanster, I'm Fourier,
You're little basement, I'm yeah-yeah!

I'm a guy from Serabranka.
6 a.m.
Get up for work, eat oatmeal.
Slave at work with no break, and then at the bus stop
I stand dreaming:

I want Porsche,
but my purse is light.

No need to be in misery,
You can study in Poland,
Open a new space,
To fulfill your dreams.

Pooolish card!
Prze proszę pani.

I came to the visa center,
Wait for acceptance,
Said to bring proof of employment,
But I'm such a beggar,
All on eBay and lots.

And how do you find such a combination?
Was your grandfather under Polish occupation?
You're not from the east!
Maybe your grandmother lived near Bialystok?

Pooolish card!
Prze proszę pani.

I was searching for Polish relatives,
In the third generation,
But no one, zero on the stage.
I'll buy a card for some cool stuff,
The possibilities of travel agencies today are endless .

In a doggy-doggy style!
Buy Polish Card!

Everyone's bought Polish Cards.

Pooolish card!
Przepraszam pani.

Original (Belarusian): Маніфест+карта паляка

Translation: © Aliaksandra . crowd

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