Man of Action, courier to, ARTICLE ON (Warriors' Journeys)

Author: Theun Mares. Link to original: (English).
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into Russian: Человек Действия, курьер (Путешествия Воинов). Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
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My jewel as Dreaming Courier to the Man of Action, is 8 (Harmony and Balance). I have found that the qualities of my jewel surface as I act more true to myself.

What I have learned about my jewel from observing myself and other Couriers to the Man of Action is that we tend to stir up the CONFLICT that is necessary to achieve a BALANCE in the current situation. A correspondence to this can be seen in the Marseille Tarot card Justice (8). On this card you see a man sitting on a throne holding a sword in his right hand and set of scales in his left hand. When I look at this card as it CORRESPONDS to my predilection, I see how I use my feelings (left hand) to weigh my circumstances and find imbalances. I then use my mind (right hand) in order to correct those imbalances. This is whether these imbalances are in a group interaction, a relationship with a friend or a project at work.

I once signed myself as "Arse-kicker to the Man of Action". I did this firstly to impress upon the one I was writing to that I don't believe that my true-self is very NICE, but I was also subtly trying to explore another feeling concerning my predilection.

I have found that we Couriers to the Man of Action have an EDGE or sharpness to us (corresponding to the SWORD). One purpose of this I believe is to assist in knocking the Man of Action out of his FEAR.

Watching a Man of Action grow on the Warrior's Path is something else, especially because they seem ANYTHING BUT active when they first arrive on the path. In my experience they are usually scared sh**-less (if you'll pardon my language), and they do their best to hide in some corner or just hide behind silence. This state is further contrasted by the sight of a Man of Action truly ACTING. It is as if the Earth itself moves to his direction! So, when I signed myself "Arse-kicker to the Man of Action," I was trying to give expression to that aspect of my predilection where I feel it is my DUTY to do WHATEVER it takes to "knock" the Man of Action out of his fear. In fact, this is what I believe is the real EDGE wielded by a Courier to the Man of Action. It is his utter WILLINGNESS to do WHATEVER is required of him to achieve the balance necessary in a challenge. A balance founded in HARMONY through CONFLICT.

This quality to my predilection has an unintended consequence, in that when we first start off as apprentices we are more than willing to make complete arses out of ourselves, if we THINK it will help. LAMOF! In fact, I still struggle with this.

Due to my relatively younger age I feel that I am often perceived on some level as a "smart-ass". <wg> When I see this I usually succumb to the temptation to use it to my advantage. If I am trying to stalk someone (who is resistant) into grasping what I am trying to bring to them, then I will feed their perception of me as an arrogant young arsehole. LMAO!. This is because if they are ANGRY, then it becomes much easier for them to be HONEST, and the anger will STICK with them until they have gained the CLARITY they need. A clarity which I was trying to bring to them. The problem is that this approach does not make me well-liked. LAMOF! With experience I am learning how to be more GENTLE and SENSITIVE with this approach.