Lust, defined (Warriors' Experience)

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into Russian: Похоть - определение (Воинский Опыт). Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
Submitted for translation by Warriorskeep 12.07.2017



Theun, I hear you about my relationship with Y, and I now understand that it can never work for us to be married. But can we at least not build a close friendship together?


You have the strength and the courage to grow ENORMOUSLY because of what has transpired through your relationship with Y. But, my friend, to do so, you MUST now strive to use ALL your strength and your courage! Therefore do not grasp at straws! Instead, take your courage into both hands and stand FIRM! FIGHT for yourself, and not for a relationship of misery, sorrow and doom! Be thoroughly self-ish, but without being self-centred!

You and Y CAN become excellent friends, but FIRST you both need space, you both need time, you both need distance! You cannot base true FRIENDSHIP upon the needs of the little self! The little self is the pawn. But the HAND that moves the pawn is FATE! True FRIENDSHIP is born when FATE brings us together! You THINK fate has brought you together, and so it has! But your THOUGHTS will not cultivate friendship, only the HEART can do so. Therefore try to get a FEELING for what I am imparting here! To assist you in this I will try to explain. The words I am going to speak now will sound harsh, but I will endeavour to say them with all of the love and the warmth and the support I am capable of!

You do not love Y, my friend. Instead your MIND is in love with the romance he has brought into your life. You project that romance onto Y. True love takes time, blood, sweat and TEARS! It is not achieved overnight, and neither is it based upon romance. True love is based upon OBJECTIVE REALITY!

So why has FATE brought you together? So that you may BOTH learn the difference between love and lust, between love and romance. Romance is the LUST for life born of the MIND. Love is the expression of INTENT born of the HEART! Your challenge lies in learning HOW to transmute lust into the expression of intent, that is, unconditional love in action! Not an easy lesson to learn, but so very worthwhile! From this you can see that LUST is not just sexual lust, but far, far greater! Sexual lust is but the very poor expression of our deep inner LONGING to CONCEIVE the ONE PURPOSE of the ONE LIFE! What is that One Purpose? Intent! Unconditional love in action! True friendship!

In order to get the romance, namely, the MIND, into its proper perspective you need time, and space, and above all, you NEED to find yourself! True love, that is, the HEART, starts with SELF-RESPECT! But there is no self-respect in grasping at straws! Let Y go if you truly wish to build a friendship with him.

In this respect ask yourself WHY you are unwilling to let him go! Reach for your self-respect, for your HEART, and ONLY THEN will you feel any true love towards Y, instead of a set of needs, or worse still, conditions, born of romance, the MIND! Romance, belonging to the MIND, is filled with conditions and needs! Love, belonging to the HEART, has NO need other than to fulfil IT-SELF, that is, to BE the EXPRESSION of IT-SELF, INTENT, and is therefore totally UNCONDITIONAL! In all of this the little self seeks romance, but the SELF seeks love, that is, the EXPRESSION of IT-SELF, the nagal and the dreamer, the nagal and its awareness, that is, the REAL YOU!