Перевод "Локализация FreeDOS - CHOICE.RU"

Разработчики FreeDOS, “Локализация FreeDOS - CHOICE.RU”, public translation into Russian from English More about this translation.

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Локализация FreeDOS - CHOICE.RU

0.0:Waits for the user to press a key, from a list of choices
0.3:Specifies allowable keys. Default is:
0.4:Do not display the choices at end of prompt
0.5:Be case-sensitive
0.6:Automatically choose key c after nn seconds
0.7:The text to display as a prompt
0.8:Sound an alert (beep) at prompt

0.9:Incorrect timeout syntax. Expected form Tc,nn or T:c,nn
0.10:Timeout default not in specified (or default) choices

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