Last Man

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[Everything seems the same. I don't think anybody was here while I was away. I hope it's safe.]

[I took a shower, then found some food to eat. I'm ready for the day.]

[I quickly check the news websites, but there are no updates.]

Lilu: - I have lots of questions for you, but I have to be quiet because my mom is still awake. The military is looking for you, they searched half the city! Where were you? #Me: - I was hiding in another town. It was safer there.

Lilu: - I really envy you! I rarely get to leave the house, and I've even contemplated running away from home to find some adventure. #Me: - Oh, I don't know about that. I think the situation is pretty bad everywhere right now.

Lilu: - I don't care! I want to visit different countries that I've never been to before. I'm sure the sights haven't disappeared, and I don't see how it would be dangerous. Damn, my Mom is coming. I gotta log out!

[The door was not locked. The lights are dim and there is loud music playing. This apartment is nicer than Nicky's apartment.#I seem to hear the sound of running water coming from inside the bathroom.]

[There is a girl in the bathtub. She doesn't hear me because of the loud music.]

Me: - Hi! Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. #Ira: - Damn! How did you get in here? #Me: - Come out please; I need to talk to you.

[She's cute!]

Me: - I assume you've seen me before? #Ira: - Yes, we've been watching you. However, I don't know anything about the people who attacked you!

Me: - Don't worry, just tell me what you know. #Ira: - I didn't do anything! It was Lisa, my girlfriend. I just told her that I saw you, and some other people who visit her all the time, going into the neighbor's apartment. It was her idea to install the cameras while you were out.

Me: - With such a manicure... I can tell that you're not involved in this, but I haven't seen anyone else there. #Ira: - Lisa worked for a security company, and she knows all about these kinds of things.

Ira: - Nicky's friends came by almost every day while you were out. I don't know what she might have told them. Lisa wanted to get a hold of you to find out everything, but I dissuaded her.

Me: - Go on, what happened after that? Who ransacked her whole apartment? #Ira: - Nicky found one of the cameras, she probably thought it was you that was watching her. Then, later that morning, her friends came.

Ira: - Later, Nicky and her friends went out. Then people in military uniforms arrived a few hours later and began searching the apartment. When they left, Lisa and I followed them.

Me: - That's interesting. Can you show me where they went. #Ira: - Wouldn't that be dangerous?

Me: - We're not looking for trouble, I just want to know where they're hiding.

Ira: - They got into a car and drove to the river. Then they all walked down the beach.

Me: - Maybe... the military base is out there somewhere. Let's try to find them. #Ira: - Well... OK. I'm ready, let's go.

[Ira and I arrive at the river, but we can't get any further unless we walk.]

Ira: - What do you hope to find there? Why not just go to the government?

Me: - I don't know who I can trust. Many different people and organizations have tried to capture me during this last month... I doubt they had good intentions.

Ira: - I'll try to remember where they went. Honestly, we didn't want to do anything wrong... Look, it's so beautiful here.

Me: - I believe you. What about Lisa, where did she go?

Ira: - She went to her parents' house in a town nearby, north of here. Me: - I know where the town is, I've been there recently.#Ira: - Lisa is a good girl; I think she would help you if you needed anything.

Ira: - Over here, they went this way.

Ira: - At this point, we had lost them. It was so late and dark, they disappeared. #Me: - I think I know where they went. It'd be better if I continued on alone, it could get dangerous. Thanks for all your help, you should go home.

[She's in the kitchen, most likely cooking.] #Alina: - Oh hi. I was just thinking about you. #Me: - Why, what's the matter?

Alina: - I had been talking with the girls. As you know, we repaired the hot water supply in the city, but the central heating isn't connected to the houses on the outskirts of town. A lot of people there use firewood to heat their homes, but after the epidemic there is no one left to supply or deliver the firewood to them.

Me: - How can I help you? #Alina: - Well, you're the Last Man! You could chop firewood sometimes, then I could collect payment for you. Of course, direct delivery of firewood couldn't be the same as before, but it could be stockpiled at the train station.

Me: - I'll go over there and see what I can do.#Alina: - Well, I'll get you a pick-up truck, so you can transport the firewood. Thank you for helping us.

[I have some canned food.]

Me: - I'm sorry, I didn't know that you were in here. #Alina: - No problem, I was almost done anyway. I have a lot of things to do today.

Me: - You're worrying about the town again?#Alina: - Well, somebody has to. I believe it's necessary in order to provide a decent life for everyone.

Me: - I see someone here who is in need of comforting too...#[Alina pulls down her shorts.]

[She has a great ass.]#[She removes her top too...]

Alina: - Maybe not now Denis, we have more important things to do. You'd better first work on what I asked you to yesterday, then we can think about us.

[I browse the web in search of news updates. Bloggers describe the appearance of the military in various cities around the country. No news regarding any other remaining men, and it seems everyone thinks that my attempted capture was a fraud.]

[Inbox is empty. Kate still hasn't replied to me.]

[I open the video chat, Lilu is online.] #Lilu: - Denis, this is a surprise! I was afraid that I would never see you again.#Me: - I'm back. I hope I will not be forced to leave my home again.

** Fight back **

[I found a large stick, now I can defend myself if I need to.]

[I run out of the woods... I see a house ahead.]

[It seems safe inside, I lay down on some boxes.]

[Shit! Well Den, you suck at staying hidden...]#Masha: - Um...

Me: - Don't worry, I won't do anything...#Masha: - Is this a joke? Who are you?#Me: - No joke... I'm really a man.

Masha: - Wow! How did you get into my shed? Are you hiding from somebody? Well... come on inside the house, you're probably cold and hungry. Tell me everything.#Me: - Good idea.

[One hour later, after explaining my story...]#Me: - ... and that's how I ended up here. I have to get to the local New Post.#Masha - I've heard about the New Post, those girls have taken over a large abandoned house on the other side of town.

Me: - Show me where it is on the map.#Masha: - It's right there, you can't miss it. It's a big old house.

Masha: - What are you staring at?

Masha - Hahaha... even in a situation like this, men only think about one thing. But I don't mind if you stay here for a while.

Me: - Thanks, but I really do need to go find the New Post. #Masha: - Well, good luck to you.

[There are a lot of private houses in this neighborhood. It's not clear whether they are abandoned or not.]

[Plenty of abandoned cars, but I can't start one without a key.]

[Yes, clearly it is worse here than in the big city.]

[I can only imagine what is happening in the cities where there's no longer any order. New Post is trying, at least, to maintain some semblance of order.]

[This is the house Masha was telling me about. The windows and doors are barred, and there's a sign at the main entrance' This building is protected by New Post'. I'll look around back for another entrance.]

Me: - Hey... anyone here? #[It seems completely empty.]

[It appears that this was a warehouse for New Post, but they have abandoned it. Where did they go?]

[I'll have to go back to Masha's house until I find out what is going on. I have nowhere else to go.]

[There is a parked car across the road, and the girl inside just noticed me.]

Oksana: - She said you were going to New Post, but there aren't too many roads that lead there so I was sure to find you here. A couple days ago, the girls with New Post closed up shop and moved out. #Me: - Yes, I just found out.

Oksana: - My name is Oksana by the way. Masha told me everything about you, but don't worry, I'm not talkative like her. #Me: - That's good to hear, I don't want any more trouble.

Oksana: - I thought about what I would say if I found you, but nothing came to mind. In fact, I've never approached guys myself, but now during such dire times I could not pass up the chance to meet a man. As it turns out, you're handsome too...

Me: - Well... thank you. You are very pretty yourself. Actually, I have not yet decided what to do next, and I was just thinking of heading back to Masha's. #Oksana: - Don't go there now, let's walk together.

[15 minutes later.] #Oksana: - ... then I moved to this town, and soon met up with Masha. We worked for the same company. Then the epidemic happened, and everything completely collapsed.

Oksana: - There was supposed to be a new road right here. A shopping and entertainment center was even promised, but obviously that isn't going to happen.

Me: - Yeah, but there still might be other men out there... We don't know how far the epidemic has spread. Maybe in Australia, for example, everything is fine. #Oksana: - Well, it's certainly happening in our town, but you being here now is really exciting.

Me: - Well, we need to head back. #Oksana: - I was thinking... maybe you don't need to go back to Masha's? You could hide at my place until you decide what to do next. You would be safer with me than with Masha.

Me: - I'll think about your offer.

Me: - I'll think about your offer.##[Nice boobs!]

Oksana: - Hey!

[I'm too shy and not confident enough...]

Oksana: - Well, if you wish to.

Oksana: - Come by my place, whenever you like. I'll wait for you.

[Inside the house, the lights come on.]#Masha: - Who's there?

Me: - It's Denis. #Masha: - Ohh, it's you...

Masha: - I'm glad you're here. Honestly, I thought you weren't going to come back. Come on in.

Masha: - I was afraid that you weren't real and it was all just a dream.#Me: - No, I'm definitely real. I decided to accept your offer and spend the night here.

[It looks like she really didn't expect me.] #Masha: - Only thing is, I have absolutely no food left to feed you. I eat very little, but you're a man. I don't know what to do.

Me: - It's OK, I'm very tired and just want to rest. Tomorrow, I'll go to the city and find some food for us. #Masha: - That would be wonderful, you can sleep in the room upstairs. Come on in.

##[She forgot about her little friend on the table. How awkward is this...]

[The room is quite simple, but it's better than sleeping on the street.]

[As I open the door, I hear the sound of running water.]

[Masha is in the shower.]

[Better not try anything, I'm not that close with her yet.]

[She really doesn't have any food in the house, I need to find something today.]

Oksana: - Denis, I'm happy that you decided to stay here with me. I figured you'd like it here. #Me: - I'll try not to cause you any trouble. #Oksana: - Well don't just stand there... come inside.

[The inside of the house is nice as the outside.] #Me: - You have a beautiful home. #Oksana: - Thank you, I worked hard for it. Who knew all of this wouldn't matter...

Oksana: - You can have the guest room upstairs. I always get up early to go running and exercise. So you can come and go whenever you like.#Me: - It's good that you're committed to keeping yourself fit.

[She has a nice body.] #Oksana: - You're probably hungry. Go get settled in your room and then come down to the kitchen. #Me: - I haven't eaten anything all day.

[The room is very nice, although a little girly. There are some men's clothes on the chair.]

[Just my size.]

Oksana: - You found my ex's clothes? #Me: - They were in the room, and I thought it would be nice to have clean clothes since I spent the night in the woods... #Oksana: - Don't worry, I broke up with him a long time ago. I was going to throw them away.

Oksana: - I'm sorry, I can't offer you anything but sandwiches. It's difficult to find anything after New Post left. #Me: - I see... I'll try to find something tomorrow.

Me: - I'm going to go to sleep, it's been a long day. #Oksana: - OK. Good night.

[At least there is warm water. I'll feel much better after a shower.]

[The refrigerator is empty. There is no food whatsoever.]

[It seems she is not home. Perhaps she went out for a run like she mentioned yesterday. I will head out.]

[Damn, this sucks! I need to find a club or something to fight back with.... but it's so dark.] ##** Click around on the ground to find a stick. **

[I think I slept for a few hours, but I am awakened suddenly... by a noise as if something fell.]

[News site update: According to our sources, the ring around the city is shrinking, and the military have begun searching apartment complexes. The authorities are asking the public for their cooperation, as it is for the common good.] [Crap, I don't have much time left!]

[There is no sign of Lilu in chat, how strange...]

[News site update: Girls, turn on your TVs. They're announcing that they have found a living man, and will capture him on the live on the air!]

[I think I 'm screwed...]##End of Third chapter.

[How did they find me so quickly...? It must be a mistake, or is there maybe another survivor?]

[Shit. It's showing the front door of my old apartment... So they really do know about me.]#Speaker: - At the moment, you can see our new government's security service has surrounded the house, in which a man named Denis N. allegedly lives.

[It's good that I moved out of the old place, but I wonder who set me up...]#Speaker: - According to our sources, this is the first man to have been seen since the epidemic started, although there are rumors on the street that the government has detained and imprisoned many more men in an undisclosed location.

[Pfft... no one's gonna tell the truth, and I'm not going to check.]#Speaker: - Well, the soldiers are going in! We'll follow in behind them.

[A pair of girls in uniform are heading up to my floor and are about to break down my door.]#Nastya's voice: - Go to hell! I have a gun and I'll shoot if someone tries to enter! #Speaker: - We are going in and we'll see the man soon.

[A pair of girls in uniform are heading up to my floor and are about to break down my door.]#Speaker: - We are going in and we we'll see him soon.

[They're showing soldiers running around my apartment. You're out of luck, I'm not so easy to catch.] #Speaker: - We are told that he is not here. Such a pity, but the city has been surrounded for days and the neighbors are now being questioned. He will certainly be found.

[That sucks! They're going to search all of the houses? It can only be a matter of time before I'm found in such a small city. I did not think this new girl government would have organized everything so quickly. I must find a way out of the city.]

Me: - Hi. Did you see those strange lights in the sky last night?#Lilu: - What lights? There haven't been any planes in the sky for weeks.#Me: - It didn't look like a plane, maybe I was been dreaming.

Lilu: -You're going crazy, maybe?! Haha... Get some sleep. :)#Me: - Yes, I'm going to...

Lilu: - Mhmm, I bet you were with some girls. #Me: - I can't deny it... but I spend every night with you :)

Lilu: - Yeah, you can't resist me :) Okay, I'm just kidding, I'm happy that I have you to chat with.

Lilu: - Not just talk. I will tease you until you're mine.#Me: - I don't think I'm ready for a relationship considering the current situation. We will have to wait until things get better, hopefully.

Lilu: - Okay, I'm going to bed. I'll leave the chat window open ;)#Me: - Haha, C U tomorrow.#[That naughty girl.]

[What the fuck is this?]

[The noise suddenly disappears, along with the strange lights. The streets plunge into darkness.]

Lilu: - Hi. I miss you already. #Me: - Hello. Yes, I'm sorry, there's just so many things to take care of, I just don't get the time to sit at the computer.

[I was awakened by a rumble in the middle of the night. It seems as if it's coming from the street.]

[On the first night, all of the TV channels were discussing the end of the world and what to do now. There isn't a government anymore, and the situation is the same with police and the military. After all, these organizations consisted mostly of men. Similarly, aircraft pilots, truck drivers, ship captains...]

[The economy will plummet and major cities will run out of food quickly. Crucial tradesmen such as electricians, plumbers, and builders are mostly gone. Even organized religions will come to an end; Christian priests and Muslim imams died just the same.]

[On the second day, the riots started. People in the city began looting stores and pharmacies. The third day, all TV networks shut down. Fortunately, I live quite far from the city center and it's relatively quiet here. Today, from my window, I saw maintenance people begin to remove corpses from the streets.]

[I've been hiding inside my apartment for FOUR days, I don't know what to do next.]

[I haven't shaved for a few days, maybe I should grow a beard?]

[I'm hungry... let's see what's left?]

[All networks are off the air, they seem to have other problems now.]

[My girlfriend loved me clean-shaven... I wonder how she is doing in America?]

[At least there is still hot water, but for how long?]

[I'm still worried about Kate, should I call her?]

[I'm almost out of food, just a bit of meat left in the freezer. I guess I'll eat it now.]

[I have no food left.]

[My mobile phone won't connect, I have to find another way to contact her.]

[I can't wait any longer or I'll starve to death. I don't know why those men died but I don't think that I'm infected, and I need get out of the house. The shops are probably empty, and everything I know about survival after the Apocalypse is from watching 'The Walking Dead' show on TV...]

[I should first find food and water, then medicine, and last but not least, weapons and batteries. Something tells me that all men have died. There haven't been any men on TV for two days straight. I better lay low and not let anyone see me until I see how this situation develops.]

[The doorbell!??]

Female voice: - Open the door, I know you're there!#[Damn, what should I do?]

[I open the door, and a girl immediately pushes me back into my apartment while pointing a gun at me.]

Girl: - Are you alone? #Me: Well, yes... #Girl: - Damn! I was hoping for several men, at least.

Girl: - I followed you from the store, I thought you were with the military or government. #Me: - No way... #Girl: - How did you survive? Tell me everything you know, and quickly!

Me: - Please just calm down and lower the gun. Let's talk. I'm just an ordinary guy, I live here peacefully. #Girl: - Why should I trust you?

Me: - My name is Denis, I used to work as a lawyer in a small company and I have no idea what has happened. Come on, I'll get you a beer and we can talk :) #Nicky: - Thank you... I'm Nicky. Tell me everything. What have you been doing from the first day of the disaster until today?

Me: - My name is Denis, I used to work as a lawyer in a small company and I have no idea what has happened. #Nicky: - I'm Nicky. Tell me everything from the beginning. What have you have been doing from the first day of the disaster until today?

[Several hours later...]

[It's already evening. Nicky tells me that she doesn't live too far away and that we'll get there easily, even in the dark.]

Nicky: - Don't make me shoot you, I know how to use the gun and I won't hesitate to make extra holes in you.

[The streets look strange without people. Usually at this time of day, people are on their way to work via bus. But no buses.. I didn't consider that. It's a long way, so I'll need to find a car.]

[For my first outing, I should probably choose the most important thing - to get to the nearest supermarket. I need to avoid being seen, because I don't want to be chased by a mob of girls.]

[I finally arrive at the supermarket, and judging from what I see, somebody has been here already. They traveled by car, obviously, but it looks deserted now. It's all clear.]

[There's a church on other side of the street, a friend of mine got married there. There is a big red cross on the door. Perhaps I can find something useful in there.]

[Finally I'm home.]

[There is an abandoned car in the middle of the road... and my packages are so heavy. Maybe I can try to steal it.]

[Nice car... I would never have been able to afford one like this with my wages. Maybe the end of the world is not so bad.]

[As I try to open the door the alarm goes off. I have no idea how to disable it.]

[It's dark inside and very quiet, It doesn't seem like anyone is home.]

[It is terrible in here, and what's that strange smell... I think I better leave, there is no medication here.]

[Fuck! This is where they put all the bodies from the nearby streets!]

[I'm home now.]

[It's early in the morning, but the Spring sun is already shining.]

[This store is full of products, it doesn't look like anything has been stolen. I see some phones on the wall, maybe I can try to call my girlfriend again?]

[This store is full of products, it seems nothing has been stolen.]

[I can't carry a lot, what should I take today?]

[I dial her mobile phone... After hearing some long beeps, I get through. She doesn't answer, but at least her phone is working.]

[Everything is free now, so why not grab a bottle of good cognac?]

[I look around the rack and find two girls who are also looking for products. I almost got caught.]

Me: - Ermm... Hi! #[They start to run away without even looking at me. Girls have never ran away from me so fast before!]

[I quietly step back and hide, and watch them until they leave. They haven't noticed me.]

[It looks like everything worked out. I have full bags, I should return home now.]

[After an hour we arrived at Nicky's apartment. It's much nicer than mine.]

Nicky: - You can sleep on the couch. Here's the kitchen, and the bathroom is over there. Make yourself at home. #Me: - Well, I hope you're not going to point that gun at me. #Nicky: - I won't, go to sleep. Tomorrow we'll decide what to do with you.

Nicky: - Denis, I can see you're a good guy and I don't want you to hurt you, but I can't leave you here. The military will be interested and will come after you. I have to do my best, so you'll come with me.

[We fell asleep together, but in the morning I could not find her.]

[I finally slept. I hear the sound of water running in the bathroom, Nicky woke up before me and is already in there.]

[Morning. I'm not accustomed to waking up in a strange place. Nicky is still asleep.]

[Morning. Absolutely no sleep all night. Some DVD with music videos was playing on the TV. Nicky asked me not to turn it off, as she's afraid to sleep in silence. She's strange, but I think she slept.]

[Sound asleep.]

[It's a laptop. Maybe the Internet works?]

[I pulled the blanket down and caressed her shoulder. She is asleep.]

[I don't know her very well, so it's better not to do it.]

[I was about to leave when Nicky woke up.]#Nicky: - Hi, I didn't hear you enter. #Me: - Yes, I'm... here...

[Nicky jumps up and is ready to go.]#Nicky: - We will have breakfast soon. #Me: - Okay...

[I go to the bathroom and find Nicky there. She didn't close the door... on purpose?]

[Damn, it's password protected.]

[I can't hack it.]

Me: - Oh, sorry. It was open. #Nicky: - I'm in here! Get out please.

[I need to eat something.]

Me: - It seems the virus got me and I cannot move my legs. #Nicky: - Damn, Den, get out!

[Found some prepared food in the refrigerator, warmed it up and ate it. Where is Nicky?]

[Nicky is doing push ups.]#Me: - Do we have any plans for today? #Nicky: - We will go to the river.

Me: - Why would we go there? Isn't it dangerous? #Nicky: - Don't worry, Most people are hiding in their homes. Up river, there is a military port. If this epidemic is their handiwork, they will be watching from the ships.

Me: - I don't think it's them. #Nicky: - I didn't ask you. We'll go when you are ready.

Me: - These trips have exhausted me, We need to get a car. #Nicky: - I do not know how to drive.

Me: - Why do you even think that the military started this? #Nicky: - My Father is in the military, he was called to the base on the morning of the epidemic and I have not heard from him since.

Me: - I'm sorry. #Nicky: - We will find him.

[Some boats are visible on the horizon, but I don't think they are military.]#Me: - It seems there are no military here. #Nicky: - Next time we will go straight to their base.

Me: - Being here with you it's almost like a date at the beach. #Nicky: - Why almost? #Me: - Well you wouldn't get a sun tan with all your clothes on...

[We get home without incident. Nicky was silent all the way and immediately goes into the bedroom. I'm not very tired, I could go somewhere while Nicky sleeps.]

[We get home without incident. Nicky was silent all the way and immediately goes into the bedroom. I'm very tired, I'm gonna sleep.]

Nicky: - Like that?

Nicky: - That's enough for you, lets go home. #[Really? she's a strange one.]

[Is she sleeping... or just faking it?]

[I need to take a shower.]

[It always feels so good after a bath.]

Me: - Good morning. What smells so delicious? #Nicky: - I'm cooking omelets.

Nicky: - Stop it. #Me: - You talked about the military base, can we go there? #Nicky: - No, I don't want to.

[Nicky prepares an omelet for me and leaves.]

[Tasty food, it's good to have a girl in the house.]

Me: - If we're not going anywhere, can I do my own thing? #Nicky: - Yes, but what are you gonna do?: #Me: - I'd like to go to the city.

[I need to get a laptop. I know a tech shop nearby.]

[I don't really think of it as stealing... There's nobody here to sell anything]

Nicky: - Where have you been for so long? I thought you decided to run away from me.#Me: - I just ran into a few problems along my way. #Nicky: -Join me in the bedroom.

Me: - Just a minute, please, I'll be right there. #[Nicky has Wi-Fi access to the Internet. I might try to write an e-mail to my girlfriend Kate and see what's happening in the world.]

[There are a couple of cute girls on the first page, I could send them messages.]

[Nicky stands in front of the mirror.]#Me: - What is it? #Nicky: - I decided to give you an incentive to stay with me. What should I wear?

Nicky: - This is nice, but not my thing. Maybe something else?

Nicky: - Okay, I will decide myself.

Nicky: - No-no. It's the end of the show, I'm going to bed. #[Well... that sucks...]

[I can't sleep now. Check the Internet?]

[Posted by SexyDoll: Well, you're a fool. #Me: - Pfft... typical.]

[Posted by Alexandra: It's clear that you are a fake. #Me: - You're the fake, beyotch.]

[Posted by Lilu: Haha... funny. Waiting for you in video chat at this link. #Me: - Video chat? Hmm... Well I don't think she can find me by IP.]

Lilu: - Wow! You are really like a guy! #Me: - Like? I am a man. #Lilu: - Wow! Your voice is like a mans too!

[Chat is empty. Lilu is gone.]

Lilu: - Okay, I'm kidding. I can see that you're not a woman in disguise. #Me: - Well thank you. #Lilu: - How did it happen? Everyone says there are no men left.

Me: - I do not know, maybe I am immune. #Lilu: - Where do you live? Are you alone? Can I come over?

Me: - Whoa-Whoa, take it easy. #Lilu: - I know how to cook, and more! Well?

Me: - You can not... #Lilu: - You do not understand, my mother has gone a bit crazy..

Lilu: - She believes that God is punishing us and will not let me leave. #Me: - Well, talk to her. #Lilu: - I can only use the computer at night while she sleeps.

Lilu: - Damn, she woke up. Will you be online tomorrow? #Me: - I'll try. #Lilu: - I have to go, here's a keepsake.

[All is quiet inside and no one is around. Everything is still at its place, girls are indifferent to technology.]

[Here's a laptop that suits me, time to move on.]

[Latest news was 3 days ago. People are leaving the city because of rumors that the virus could mutate and infect the women too. Although there is no confirmation yet that it actually was a virus. Now I understand why I have met very few people and almost no cars.]

[Replies from a dating site arrive. Let's read it.]

[I sent an email to my girlfriend: ''I can't reach you by phone. Are you OK? Kisses. I miss you.'']

[No response from Katie yet, I need to check later.]

[She does push ups again.]#Me: - What are our plans for today? #Nicky: - I thought that since we are now a couple you could invite me out.

[We're now a couple?]#Me: - Well, I don't mind, but where can we go to have fun but stay safe?#Nicky: - I know a place.

Nicky: - I want to go, and you cannot refuse me.

Nicky: - Then I'll go get ready.

[Nicky takes me to a pool hall near her home.]

[There's a light inside, but nobody is around.]

[While we play Nicky keeps asking about me, but I notice that she says almost nothing about herself.]

[After playing for three hours, it's time to go home.]

[After a the walk from the club Nicky's mood seems better, although I still don't understand what's on her mind.]

[I finish off everything that Nicky prepared for me. She is a good cook.]

Me: - Good morning. I hope I'm not interrupting. #Nicky: - Ha-ha, you've already come in.

Me: - Doing makeup? #Nicky: - I'm sure everything will soon return back to normality, so I have to keep myself in shape.

Nicky: - Hey, come on.

[Nicky finishes with the shaving of all her lovely parts and jumps into the tub while I shave myself.]

Nicky: - Hand me a towel please.

[That was fun. We should go and eat now.]

[I put my hand on Nicky's ass and she turns to me.]

[She stands on the balcony.]

Me: - Hi. What are you doing here? #Nicky: - Well... I'm just waiting for someone.

Me: - Someone's coming? You didn't say anything about it earlier. #Nicky: - Don't worry.

Me: - Well, Don't you think we should have discussed this in advance? I didn't want anyone else to know about me. #Nicky: - Where are you going? Wait...

Nicky: - Stay, don't leave me now...

WHAT? AGAIN??! ##End of Chapter Two

[Again the doorbell. Oh, no, I'm not going to fall for this a second time.] #Me: - Nicky, what the fuck? #Nicky: - Don't worry, everything will be fine.

[Nicky tries to get to the door.] #Me: - You already said that.

Me: - Where are you going? Come and sit, I'm not going to let anyone enter.

[Nicky opens the door.]

[I quickly put on my clothes and go to the balcony. I need to leave. I don't know what she wants, but she didn't give me any warning, which is clearly not a good sign for me.]

Nicky: - Denis wait, what are you doing? #Multiple voices: - Surround the house, catch him!.

[I did not think that I could jump from the balcony, nor our uninvited guests, but it was easy to lose them. But just in case I ran towards the river for almost an hour without stopping. Now I'm alone.]

[I cannot go back to my own home, they would probably be waiting for me there. I'm near a large apartment building, possibly a good place for me to hide and not be easily found.]

[Damn, you wouldn't think that after the end of the world all the apartments would be locked.]

[Found an apartment with a shitty door and just kicked it in. Looks as though it was being renovated, but is now abandoned. Well, I think I can survive here for a few days.]

[Damn... It sucks that there is no furniture. But it catches Wi-Fi from next door, so at least I have access to internet.]

Lilu: - I see you changed houses, what about that fashionable place you were living in? #Me: - That was not my apartment and I had to leave, the owner was up to something. #Lilu: - Well, yes, many people want to get you, you're a big shot.

Me: - Yes, I somehow didn't think about it... #Lilu: - Wait! What's this?

Me: - What do you mean? #Lilu: - Turn on the TV, and fast!

Me: - I don't have a TV. #Lilu: - There was a message on all channels that there will be a speech from the President! #Me: - What? I thought all of the government had died?

Me: - Well, what did they say? #Lilu: - It's just starting right now, I'll come back later.

Me: - Hey, wait! #[Damn it, she left the chat.]

[I still have half a day left, I can go and explore the city. I don't know much about this part of town, I need to download the map to my phone.]

[Now I can easily select where to go just by opening my phone.]

[No further news on the site.]

Me: - Well, you're finally back! #Lilu: - Did you miss me? That's sweet :) #Me: - Um... Well, yes... But I still want to know what the President said.

[Lilu has gone. It's interesting what the new President said. Maybe they knew everything in advance and already had a cure. What's more, Nicky mentioned she had that urgent call from her father in the military.]

[Lilu is in the video chat.] #Lilu: - Where have you been? I really thought you were dead. #Me: - Sorry, I was busy and had no time for Internet.

- I need bread!#

- Printer repair#

- Cause of epidemic#

- Contact Kate#

- Get a car#

- Find a laptop#

- Search for military base#

- Former employee#

- Find a boat#

- Home sweet home#

- Find the exit#

- Stolen camera#

- Strangers#



Percentage of secrets found:

If you finish the current version of the game, but have not reach 100%, then you've missed something interesting... :-P

[Well, that was a bad night. Lying on the hard floor is not comfortable, I didn't sleep at all.]

[I need to somehow furnish this apartment just to make my staying here as much comfortable as possible.]

[Something was pushed under the front door. What is it?]

[It's a letter!]

[''If you are afraid to go to the city yourself or do not know where to get things you need, we can help. Our company 'New Post' can provide you with anything.'']

[''Complete anonymity, leave your order and money in the envelope and in a few hours your order will arrive at your door. Do not try to deceive us and everything will be fine.'']

[Next was a large list of possible orders. Prices were high of course because of the situation on the street. No food problems from now on, just 500 rubles per day.]

[Now I must go to the city and look for money.]

Lilu: - Hey, are you awake? #Me: - Well, actually I was sleeping, did something happen?

[Again, I slept badly and did not fully recover my strength. The floor is not a comfortable place to sleep.]

[I think I need to prepare some escape routes in case the government finds me, to collect some food and to check city exits. Ordering a lot of products at home through New Post is dangerous, they might guess it's for me. I will order a breakfast, as usual though.]

[Yesterday I left 500R in an envelope for food, and it really was delivered. Now I will not be hungry.]

[I did not have enough money for food and I'm hungry.]

[I could try to order a sofa. It costs 30 000R in their price list, I don't have that kind of money. I have to figure out where to get them.]

Lilu: - Ahhh... They all died, we have a new government now. #Me: - Too bad, I was hoping they had a cure or at least some answers :(

Lilu: - The new President was one of the female senators. And the new government is mostly made by wives of former congressmen. They said they will cope with everything and will impose law and order in the country. Yeah... right.

Me: - And by the way, are you familiar with ''New Post''? They sent me a letter, some kind of delivery service. Maybe it's the government?

Lilu: - Haha, no. It's kind of a delivery service organized by a group of girls. Two days after the epidemic they started to loot the shops.

Lilu: - Someone said it's women from the prison not far from here. And their boss was the prison's governess. But if you don't fool with them it all works as promised, everyone is afraid to steal money from their envelopes.

Me: - That's good, I was afraid it was a trick. #Lilu: - Well, my mom and I use their services too.

Me: - But they are asking for a lot of money, and I'm broke. #Lilu: - A couple days ago I was given an offer to work at 'PromZone', an underground casino at the old factory. But it's necessary to provide additional services to the clients, if you know what I mean...

Me: - I think all those old perverts died, no need to be afraid anymore. #Lilu: - Well, now there are a lot of horny rich-girls with money to spend. They could fuck your ass with a fire extinguisher! All of mankind will die soon anyway...

Lilu: - Mom wouldn't let me go anyway, it's like I'm under house arrest. #Me: - You could tell me about your problems... #Lilu: - Here she comes, I'm off...

Lilu: -I just had a fight with mom, I need to talk to someone so I can calm down. #Me: - She's probably just worried about you. #Lilu: - Yes, it's her religion, she wants to drag me to the church.

Me: - This is unlikely to help the world :) #Lilu: - And I cannot even find a guy.

Me: - If I decided to take you with me where would we go?- I still don't know where to live myself. #Lilu: - Yes, it's all such a bullshit. Well, we'll see if you can resist my charms.

[Lilu has left the chat. Time for some sleep.]

[In the morning the couch I ordered was waiting for me in the hallway. I pulled it into the apartment and was even able to lie down for a little while.]

[In the morning, the lamp I ordered was outside my door.]

[I bought a TV, I like it.]

[Bought all sorts of accessories for the apartment. Now it is much cozier here.]

[Bought the table. Now it is quite cool in here.]

[I slept badly again last night and did not fully recover my strength. Sleeping on the floor is very uncomfortable.]

[Surfing the web I found a recipe for making explosives from household chemicals. I ordered all of the items needed from New Post for 1500R.]

[News: ''Our sources in the government report that several women confirm they have had contact with a man in the last two weeks. More military forces have been sent to the city.'']

[No further updates on the news sites.]

[Lilu is not here.]

[I need a sofa to sleep properly, it costs 30 000.]

[I should order a lamp, it will make the evenings more comfortable. It costs 4 000.]

[I should order a TV, so I can get the latest news. It costs 30,000.]

[It is necessary to order accessories for the apartment to make it more homey. I think 20 thousand is enough.]

[A table would be nice and convenient. It costs 15,000.]

[I don't need anything else for my apartment.]

[I wrote down on paper what I want, (the sofa) and put it in an envelope with the money.]

[I wrote down on paper what I want, (the lamp) and put it in an envelope with the money.]

[I wrote down on paper what I want, (the TV) and put it in an envelope with the money.]

[I wrote down on paper what I want, (accessories for the apartment) and put it in an envelope with the money.]

[I wrote down on paper what I want, (the table) and put it in an envelope with the money.]

[I don't have enough money.]

[She's in her room.]#Me: - Hey, can I come in?#Alina: - Yes, come in.

Me: - I took some wood to the station, I hope it's enough.#Alina: - Yes, thank you very much, I've already talked to the girls. Payment will be waiting for you right there each time. You're helping us a lot.

Me: - You are so worried about everyone in the area, it's nice.#Alina: - In fact, I think we should arrange a meeting of the city residents. We could discuss the problems and try to find out some solutions. I think we could continue to live kinda normally.

Alina: - Find someone who can look after the crops, who can use harvesters and repair them. #Me: - Well, you know, to make it work you need a leader. The person giving instructions and monitoring their implementation. Many will want to be the leader, but few will want to work.

Alina: - Me too I thought about it. Would you be willing to speak for me? If the girls see a man is supporting me I'm sure to get the most votes. Besides, you can't hide forever. What do you say?

Me: - I don't want to get involved in all this thing, but I wish you good luck.

Me: - I'm a little worried about my safety... #Alina: - But think what prospects lay ahead of us. We could set and be an example for other cities... and I'd be so grateful...

[What have I agreed to...]

[I feel great after a hot bath.]

[I found some food. It looks delicious.]

[I haven't done what Alina asked me, yet.]

Me: - How was your day? #Lilu: - The TV began showing all sorts of programmes about survival techniques. #Me: - Wow, maybe they can really bring order to the streets... I need to get a TV.

Me: - I see I found you in an interesting position.#Lilu: - Yeah, I just lay here and think about solid objects.

Me: - It's hard to see your ass, turn it around a little more... #Lilu: - Hah, maybe another time ;)

Me: - Okay, I'm going get some rest. #Lilu: - CU tomorrow.

Me: - Hi. We now speak every day, like a ritual. #Lilu: - Well I like it, good thing I found you.

[Now I can get some rest.]

Nicky: - Where have you been for so long? I thought you decided to run away from me. #Me: - I just ran into a few problems along the way. #Nicky: - Ok, I'm in the bedroom.

[I ring the doorbell several times but no one answers. I wonder where she's gone. She hasn't any relatives in our city. Maybe she just went out for supplies. I'll come back another day.]

[Better not stay at home. Nicky might think that I decided to escape. Being with her is not so bad, although she is a little strange.]

[It doesn't seem like anyone's been working here since the epidemic started. It's unlikely I'll find anything useful, but maybe there's something valueable in boss's safe.]

[LOL, the password to the safe - her date of birth. But, damn it, there is nothing of value, just a bunch of papers.]

[I don't have enough hacking skills. It is impossible to open the safe.]

[It's just a file with details of all employees, including mine. I didn't really speak with anyone, except our hot secretary Olga. I wonder how she is now? Has she also left the city?]

[Everything seems broken here, it's unlikely I'll find anything useful]

[In one of the rooms I find a medicine cabinet. There's too much to take away in one visit but I can come back here a few more times.]

[After leaving the hospital, I notice some movement in the window on the second floor.]

[Damn. It's girl - A girl in uniform... and she clearly saw me.]

[I walk for about an hour along the river bank until I stumble upon an unspoiled beach. Here, far from the city, a girl sunbathes naked. I would have liked to meet her but I'm too tired today. I may come another day.]

[I walk for about an hour along the river bank until I come to a standstill. I cannot get further along the coast, it is necessary to find a boat.]

[In the box was 2400R.]

[I have traveled far enough, and not seen anything like a military base. I've spent all my energy on this journey, I'll go back.]

[A second girl comes up to her, she is so pretty.]

Me: - Hi, girls! Can I join you? #Girls: - Of course! Where did you come from? We have not seen a man for a long time! #Me: - Yes, I am a long way from home.

[I'd rather not draw attention to myself.]

Me: - Sun, beach, beautiful girls, I can forget what is going on in the world. #Blonde: - Yes, we came here because we wanted to rest, and then there was a man.....

Blonde: - That was amazing, will you come back again? #Me: - I don't know, I hope so. #Brunette: - So not all men have died? I hope to see many more.

[I started sneaking up, but stepped on a twig. The girl heard the noise and was frightened. I'm going to go away. I need to practice stealth.]

Me: - Hello babes, I see you are having fun here. Can I join you? #Brunette: - Wow, of course, it's not every day we get to see a man.

Me: - Then I will not waste time...

Me: - It was nice to meet you :)#Girls: - Can we see you again? Come back often.

[A nice house, and not a cheap one. And a lady on the porch.]

[Found 8000R in a box, it will be useful.]

Me: - Hi. Don't be afraid, I will do you no harm. #Dasha: - Why... should I be scared of you?

Me: - Well, I don't know... #Dasha: - I don't mind if you do something to me.....

Dasha: - I really enjoyed that, can we do it again? #Me: - I can come back sometime. #Dasha: - Leave your number, contact me by SMS.

Me: - Ok, I'll write it down.#[She's hot.]

Me: - I better contact you myself.#Dasha: - Okay. As you wish.

Dasha: - See you soon.

Dasha: - When all the men were gone I realized there's so much I haven't tried... Will you help me catch up?

Dasha: - I will try that, you liked it too?#[She's not wearing underwear, good girl.]

[She wears a very sexy short dress.]

Me: - You have beautiful legs. #Dasha: - Like them? I am pleased. #[She's not wearing underwear again, she knows how to turn a man on.]

Dasha: - Lets try something different today?

Dasha: - It was funny :)

Me: - Hello Dasha, I'm here.

[She walks past me, pretending not to notice me.]

[As soon as I arrived she locks us in, but who would come in here?]#Dasha: - You know I always wanted to meet a rather arrogant man who would fuck me in the bathroom on our date.

[Come on, go ahead, be the man.]

Dasha: - You can punish me.

Dasha: - Hello. What happened to you? #Me: - Did you not see it on TV? They raided my house.

Dasha: - I don't watch TV, and don't know any news. Can I help you with something? #Me: - I need to get out of the city, but I don't know where to go next. And I'm without a car. #[She has beautiful legs.]

Dasha: - I have never been outside of the city, but you can come live with me. We could be naughty every day. #[Dasha lifts her legs on the bench, she's starting her sexy games again.]

Me: - You don't understand, I'm in real danger. They sent soldiers, and I don't think they were even Russian... Dasha!#[She reaches into my pants.]

Dasha: - Come on, you're obviously exaggerating. Nothing ever happens in our city, it's boring.

Me: - Well, I'll move on, I still need to find a way out of the city. #Dasha: - OK. Text if you change your mind.

I was awakened by a noise from my phone, I have a new message.

[In the cash drawers is 6300R. The armored door behind is open, which is strange, but I will be able to go in. There's probably money in that safe.]

[There are a lot of safety deposit boxes, but I can't open them at all. It would take a blast to blow the locks, but where to get the explosives?]

[I placed all of the material right in the center of the room.]

[My ears hurt from the loud explosion, but I can still hear the alarm. I must quickly gather the money and get out of here.]

[I stuff bundles of money from the opened safety deposit boxes into a bag, there is 112 000R.]

[In the car park is a van belonging to the bank. There is a dead man inside but so are the keys. This is just what I need.]

[Now I can drive outside the city.]

#[Shit. Judging by the inscription on her door she has long gone. I think it's unlikely that this Sasha is going to join her.]

[Nice place. I can try to find out where her cottage is located. I'll need to search the apartment.]#Found:

of 4

[This is the deed for some land, I'm guessing it's for her cottage. The address is just outside of town, I could get there quickly by car.]#Found:

[Holy shit, it's huge! Sasha is apparently not so innocent...]#Found:

[I found her stash... 3600R. It will be very useful.]#Found:

[It's just her panties. Nice... but I don't really need them.]#Found:

Me: - Hi.#Girl: - Oh, there's a man here. Come and play with me, quickly!

Me: - I'm sorry, I don't have enough money.

Girl: - I have nothing left to take off, but I can bet something pleasant.

[I can't hold back any longer and fill her mouth with my cum. She swallows every last drop.]

Me: - Come again!#Girl: - Sure :) #[Exit to the map and select the PromZone again to play with a new girl.]

Me: - Hello! #Girl: - What a surprise! This will be an interesting game.

Girl: - Well played, I have nothing more to lose.

Girl: - I like rough guys.

Female voice: - What's the password?

[I'm standing in front of a freshly painted door, and it can only be opened from the inside. It must be the right place?]

Girl: - Oh my god. Come inside quickly.

Girl: - Most of the girls don't believe that there are any men still alive. You're a real man? #Me: - Yes, very real. I can demonstrate... I need the money. #Girl: - Wait here, I'll call my Boss.

[The girl has left... Well, I hope I didn't just dig my own grave, but I can't hide forever.]

[15 minutes later.] #Girl: - We can offer you a job in the VIP poker rooms. You will play with our richest clients, but they are not particularly interested in a money game. Do you understand what I mean?

Girl: - You can choose when to come and go, and we will give you 5000R each time. When you leave, you hand over 6000R, the rest is your winnings. The clients are different, they may visit several times, and only they will decide what you can do with them.

Girl: - We'll give you a 25 thousand advance and even keep you a secret, so you will not be hunted down in the city. And no one would believe our clients if they said anything, as the majority of them are drunk or stoned most of the time. When do you want to start working?

[There is a girl heading for the back door of the casino. Maybe she wants to go out for a smoke...]

[She's noticed me and is approaching. It's too late to turn away.]

Girl: - I knew it was true! #Me: - You mean me? Yeah it's true. #Girl: - It was rumored that there is a guy working in the VIP area, but very few of us are allowed in there.

Girl: - I decided to keep watch here, near the back door. You're not very good at keeping out of sight... #Me: - Yeah, I should be more careful :) #Girl: - My name is Rita by the way...

Me: - I'm Denis... #Rita: - The girls will not believe me. Let me take a picture of your dick? #Me: - Haha, show me your boobs first!

Rita: - It's my turn now.

Rita: - Here's a room.

Me: - Is the photo no longer necessary? #Rita: - Nah.

[I wanted to flip her over, but she goes over to a nearby workshop.] #Rita: - Lets change the scenery...

[The moment I took my dick out of her, she went somewhere else again.] #Rita: - Why are you in a such a hurry, it's not every day I'm with a man anymore.

Me: - Come here already.

Rita: - Now I have something to tell the girls :)

[I think I went to the wrong door.]

[Lila told me that rich girls can get any kind of entertainment here. Apparently this girl is here for them.]

Me: - Uh... Hey. #[It seems that they don't care about me.]

[I'd better go away.]

[I approach closer. Olya is standing on the balcony and immediately notices me.] #Olya: - Wow, Denis, you survived the epidemic. #Me: - Yeah, it seems. Thought you were here all alone and drove up to visit you.

Olya: - Well, I'm not alone here, Sasha is with me.#[Sasha? Another survivor?] #Olya: - Come into the house, I'll introduce you.

Olya: - Sasha, this is my colleague, Denis, he survived! #[Pff... Sasha - is a woman!] #Sasha: - Wow, I didn't expect to ever see a man again.

Me: - I'd probably better go, I didn't want to interfere. #Olya: - Well, I'm sorry.

Me: - I am glad that I'm alive too, and even more so in the company of girls like you. #Sasha: - We should celebrate, how about some champagne? #Olya: - Sure!

Me: - And how are you managing here, do you have everything you need? #Olya: - Good, we have enough food, sometimes we visit the city. #Sasha: - Yeah, it's just that things are getting more scarce in the last two weeks...

Me: - I was beginning to fear that I could only look. #Sasha: - You can look too.

Me: - Thank you for your hospitality, but I probably should get going.

Me: - I guess I've died and gone to heaven.

Me: - That was very cool! #Olya: - Will you stay with us longer?

I must go. If it's possible I will come visit you again.

Me: - They've organized a new government, but in reality the city is under the control of several groups. I think this is probably the situation throughout the country. #Olya: - Yes, our government is not in touch with the people, like always.

Olya: - How are you, didn't you have any symptoms? Have you seen any more men? #Me: - I'm OK, apparently I'm immune to whatever it was. But it would seems very few people are so lucky. Anyway, I have not met any more men.

Me: - I wonder what caused this, everything happened so suddenly. #Olya: - Do you remember that day? During the morning all the guys were acting very irritated?

Me: - Yes, I remember what you're talking about. #Olya: - Maybe it didn't happen so fast after all, and everyone was infected before? #Me: - If there were some scientists, I'd have given some blood for analysis, maybe it would have helped.

Olya: - I heard they built a Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology somewhere in the country. A lot of money was invested in it. So if anyone would know what this disease is, it would be there.#Me: - Yes, I have heard of it, but it's far away. Although it may be worth the trip to get there.

Olya: - Well, it's very late, we should go to bed. You can have the room on the second floor. #Me: - You're right, we have to rest.

Olya: - Come back to visit, if and when you find out something about the epidemic. #Me: - Okay, I will.

Nastya: - Who's there? Get lost. #Me: - It's me, Denis, your neighbor. #[After a short pause, she opens the door and quickly pulls me inside.]

Me: - Hi, I don't have much time, but decided to come visit you. #Nastya: - You surprised me, I wasn't expecting to see you. #Me: - Were you waiting for someone else?

Nastya: - Yes, I have a slight problem with the New Post, I owe them a bit. #Me: - Yeah, I noticed that the interior of your home has become nicer.

Me: - I could help you, how much do you need? #Nastya: - 50 000... I really need the money.

Me: - Oh... I'd better get going then, I don't want to get into any trouble. #Nastya: - That's too bad.

Nastya: - You're the coolest, and came to the rescue again, as usual. #My: - I hope not for nothing? :) #Nastya: - Maybe for something...

Nastya: - Wow... That was great. #Me: - Believe me, I liked it too, but you better not fall into such trouble again. #Nastya: - I'll try :)

Nastya: - Who's there? I don't need anything.#Me: - Hi, it's Denis.#Nastya: - Aah... Well, come on in.

Me: - How are you? How are your problems with the New Post?#Nastya: - Well, partially resolved, but I'm in the crap again. #Me: - Damn, well I can't give any more money.

Nastya: - It's not about money... do you have a weapon?#Me: - I don't even want to know.

Me: - I'll come by again if I can find a weapon for you.

Me: - I only have this one gun, I hope I'm not wasting it. #Nastya: - I don't know how to thank you enough.

[I don't have a gun.]

[I've wanted to fuck her ass for so long.]

[And previously she didn't want it on the face.]#Nastya: - Happy now? :) Come back again later. #Me: - I will come for sure.

[Exiting from the central part of the city, where the streets were cleaned, I can see what happened in the outside world. It really looks like the end of the world.]

[There's no lights on, and there are no guards visible either.]

[Hell, inside it's overwhelmed with all sorts of debris and smashed cars. I can't drive here. I could climb over, but without a car I wouldn't get far. I need to look for back roads.]

[I can see some fires on the horizon. It would be better to leave the car here for now and walk over to check it out.]

[It's soldiers, burning something...]

[Damn, it looks like the corpses of all the dead men. And it looks like they have the whole base here, I don't think I can get past here quietly. I think it will be necessary to go back and find another way.]

Soldiers - FREEZE! #Me: - Fuck!

[They were waiting for me under the building, how did they find out where I am? What am I going to do now?]

I need to run fast, but I'm sure that they won't risk shooting me.]

Girl: - Ata! Atsar! #[It sounds like some other language... something is wrong here. I'd better stay away from them.]

[Their uniforms and weapons are unfamiliar, and just how were they were able to organize themselves so quickly? Only three weeks have passed, I don't want to be their guinea pig.]

[I can hide in the tunnels of the unfinished subway. They started to build it years ago, but they never finished. We enjoyed exploring it as a child.]

[Here at the bottom it's dark and there are a lot of passageways, if they continue to pursue me, I could get myself lost in here and have time to think.]

[A few hours pass...]##[It's probably morning already, I need to to find another way out.]

[I have not slept today, and I have no energy. Perhaps I can't get out the city myself after all. I will need to ask someone for help.]

[I exit out of the tunnel, it's morning now.] #[I don't know who to trust. I have few choices. There's Dasha, Nicky and her gang, the PromZone's bosses, or the New Post with their network of gangs. I must make a choice of whom to turn to.]

Nicky's apartment is at the end of the corridor. I hope she's not very angry at the way I ran away from her, and maybe we can discuss everything.]

[Oh man, her door is broken in... Someone else obviously wanted to talk to her too.]

[Someone turned her whole apartment upside down. It looks like the house was searched. Maybe she wasn't really associated with these military bastards, but maybe it's that they found out that I had been here.]

[There are some figures written on the mirror... what the hell...?]

[Nicky's house is cleaner than my old one.]

[Someone moved something here.]

[Under the sofa I find a radio. Interesting... was this forgotten by the soldiers, or by Nicky?]

[On the floor there's a pile of cards and love letters from some guy.]

[Everything is thrown upside down. I'm not finding anything useful.]

[I remember watching Nicky in this tub.]

[Nicky spent a lot of her time involved in sports, and keeping fit.]

[There is a lot of stuff that has fallen on the floor, but I don't see anything useful around.]

[There's a toolbox. And in the corner of the room on the ceiling is a hole and some wires. Damn! It seems that there was a surveillance camera, but it was removed.]

[In the cabinet is a safe. It doesn't appear like it's been opened. What kind of interesting stuff could Nicky have hidden in there, and what would she have used as a code?]

[Success! The surveillance camera, and discs with the recordings! Excellent.] ##[I hear a noise from behind me...]

Girl: - Missed me?

Girl: - I want you.

Girl: - Yes...

Girl: - How will you cum, if...

Girl: - You don't have a dick.

[Shit! It was a fucking dream.]

[Everything is OK, it's still in place.]

[Some bitch knocked me down. She took the camera and my money. Fuck, how could this happen! I have to go, no need to stay here.]

[On the left wall hangs a sign reading 'Order Table'. On the bottom is appended: Do not forget to leave money and delivery address. The emblem of New Post is on the right, apparently that is the doorway to their office.]

[There is no time for this.]

[I could make an order for goods and have it sent to a different home address. I could order a gift for Dasha.]

[I hope she'll like it.]

[I better not go there, it could be dangerous for me.]

[I walked, following the signs through a storage room and to another building. Descending to the basement level I was met by an armed woman.] #Girl: - Haha, the boss was right, that you would come to us for help. Follow me.

Natasha: - Well, hello. I really thought you had already been arrested. Because of you, we have had so many problems. #Me: - Why? I didn't do anything. #Natasha: - Not anything you have done yourself... but access to the city is now blocked, and the city is teeming with soldiers.

Me: - Then you've probably already guessed that I need help. I just need to leave the city. #Natasha - I'm afraid I can not give you any help. We have constant skirmishes with the soldiers. I can not risk my girls for you, even if you're the last man.

[She is cute, I would go out with her, but the current situation is not conductive to romance.]#Natasha: - I know there are a lot of rumors about me on the streets. But I just want to help the people of the city. Somebody needs to bring order.

Natasha: - I am constantly picking up new girls to add to the team, but few of them have any experience or training for a given situation. You stayed unnoticed for several weeks, you're a smart guy. Maybe you would like to work for me?

Natasha: - Excellent. Then I will send jobs to your phone. If you don't act stupid, then you can earn. Also, I'm giving you my assistant's contact info, so your orders will be executed faster. Now get out, we still have to fight, to get the soldiers out from our city.

Natasha: - Well, I guess I was wrong about you. I'm not going to hand you over to the military, but you better not let me see you anymore. Get out.

[Large painted emblem. It's obvious there is an office of the New Post here.]

[This shop has got serious problems.]

[Though it's a mess inside, most of the products are still in their spots. But without new supplies there is no way to feed the entire city for very long. Let's see how it ends.]

[Although she looks friendly, it appears that she recently got into some kind of trouble. I wonder what happened.]

[She has beautiful and modern office, not at all like the devastation in the store. I wonder what it was before?]

[Lilu said that everyone is afraid of New Post's boss and it's best not to get involved. It's probably best not to aggravate her.]

[It's not clear what she's thinking by her face. I hope she will not give me over to the soldiers.]

[Damn. It's unlikely this offer is for something good. I hope I will not get myself killed in one of their skirmishes.]

Girl: - You haven't been caught, that's good. #Me: - It seems that my capture - is the main topic of conversation in the city. I need help. #Girl: - Come with me.

Girl: - Wait here, I'll get in touch with the boss. #Me: - Well, I can't go anywhere anyway.

[I pull over the plywood and see the dressing room through the slit. It seems that the girl did not see me.]

Girl: - The boss has agreed to help you.

Girl: - Hey, what are you doing there? #Me: - Nothing, just looking around. #Girl: - The boss has agreed to help you.

Girl: - There is a road through the forest through which we carry supplies. Patrols have not found it, and you can quietly leave and return to the city. You will be allowed to use it, the fare is 3000R one way.

Me - I agree. #Girl: - I'll show you on your map the place where you will be picked up.

[I came early, there are no visitors yet.]

[The casino is in the hangar, there are no windows.]

[I went behind the bar, from there I can see how hastily the walls were thrown up. All shaky and with slits showing through.]

[Nearby is an old Ford van, apparently it's for me.]

[I was approached by two girls and they instructed me to climb in the back.]

[I sat down against the wall on a hard floor, I hope I don't give myself a headache.]

We're travelling on some dirt road, the car shakes so much I can not sleep.]

Girls: - Here we are, we can't go any further. Via the radio we were told that the road is being patrolled nearby. Keep going south, and there you will find the village. Our girls are there too. #Me: - Well...

[As usual, people litter in nature.]

[Damn, it has become quite dark, and I've wandered away from the road.]

[I seem to be completely lost. I will have to spend the night in the forest.]

[It's cold and damp in the forest. It's good that I was able to make a fire, but it's starting to drizzle. I have that piece of rope... If I tie it between the trees and drape the oilcloth over top of it, this will shelter me from the rain.]

[It's cold and damp in the forest. It's good, that I was able to make a fire, but it's starting to drizzle. I will have to sleep on the wet ground.]

[A cargo van is not designed to carry passengers!]

[There are no windows in the van and it's quite dark in here.]

[The sun is going down. Soon it will be dark, I must hurry.]

[I have to stay on the road so I don't get lost.]

[Fue! It's just a bunch of garbage, there's nothing useful.]

[I found a couple of yards of crumpled oilcloth. I'll take it to hide in in case of rain.]

[Hell, it's Nastya, my neighbor!]#Me: - Hello, what a chance meeting, how did you get here? #Nastya: - After our house was raided by the military, I had to get away...

Nastya: - Then I met some girls from New Post. Now I am working with them. I learned that they were going to send a car for you and I asked for the assignment myself. I wanted to see you. Ready to go? #Me: - Of course. Do you mind if I drive? I have not driven for a long time.

Me: - How it is at home? What's going on with the military? #Nastya: - The situation was tense there for a bit, but now everything is calm. I try not to get involved in the politics, but I know that our boss was up to something big.

Nastya: - I worried about you, you helped me a lot and I did not want you to get caught. Many girls were jealous of me, that I was close to you, well, you understand. Not any men for a month already.

Me: - I like you too.

Nastya: - Once I saw you, I immediately became wet. Will we continue our close friendship?

Me: - Agreed!

Me: - Maybe we shouldn't? #Nastya: - Yeah, I see it on your face :)

Nastya: - Stop the car, I think we could delay for an hour.

[Nastya puts on her shoes and gets out.]

Nastya: - Well, why are you just sitting there? There are almost no people left, we are alone here...

[Nastya gets up and walks to the car.]

Nastya: - Waiting for an invitation?

Nastya: - We can go further... :)

[It turns out to be even bigger inside. There is some light and it has reinforced walls. I vaguely remember stories about some catacombs beneath our city.]

[Another large room with a bunch of passageways. On the other side of the cave are some boxes.]

[Now it doesn't look so much like a cave. Maybe it's some sort of military bunker, but it was not fenced off, and the entrance did look like an ordinary cave. Clearly done so as not to attract attention.]

[A whole bunch of boxes. It's interesting that they were stored here, and most importantly, by who.]

[Wow, in one of the boxes I found an old pistol. It's a pity that there is no ammunition. I don't think anyone would mind if I take it for myself.]

[I have not found anything useful.]

[On the far wall there are a whole bunch of crates stacked on top of each other.]

[It is too dark in here, I can't see into them through the cracks.]

[They're too strong, I can not break them open.]

[I am pretty deep in, there were no twists and branches to the path. I would guess that I'm below the city now.]

[At the end of the tunnel there is an iron door. It's locked and there is no way to unlock it from the outside. My radio beeps, it seems there is a signal.]

[At the end of the tunnel there is an iron door. It's locked and there is no way to unlock it from the outside.]

[I bang at the door several times with my hand. A loud echo reverberates through the tunnel, but there is no answer.]

[...phi rho omicron jeta epsilon chi theta sampi sigma tau alpha rho theta epsilon delta...]

[She's not at home. I wonder where she would go so late, it's unlikely that this city has any nightlife.]

[She's not at home. I wonder where she would go so late, it's unlikely that this city has any nightlife. I have the canned food, I can leave it for her, or would it be better to keep it for myself?]

[Ugh... There was only cold water.]

Oksana cooked food, and left me a plate. But she's not home, probably went running as usual.]

[She noticed me and comes over to meet me.] #Oksana: - Hey, I did not expect to see you. #Me: - I went to your house, but you were not there. I was a little worried.

Oksana: - There were some things that I had to take care of. And I'm not used to going to bed early. #Me: - Do you like the nightlife? I noticed that you have an expensive house and car, you and Masha must have worked somewhere in a good company for such a small town?

Oksana: - We had been working at the Center for Virology and Biotechnology, out on the outskirts of the city. #Me: - But if it was run on a government budget, where did the good salaries come from? #Oksana: - In the last year we had a significantly increased budget.

Me: - So maybe it had something to do with... #Oksana: - Ohh. They most likely were cutting the budget funds. You'd be better off learning more about it from Masha, she was an assistant in the lab, I was just a secretary.

Me: - Are there maybe any women scientists or doctors left? #Oksana: - I don't know. After all this happened, I didn't go back there anymore.

Oksana: - And do you like me? Or did you only come for a safe place to spend the night?

[I am not close enough with her.] #Oksana: - Okay, I'm going home now. See you later. #[I'm a loser...]

Oksana: - Yeah? And what is it you like about me?

Oksana: - Okay, I'm going home now. See you later. #[I'm a loser...]

Oksana: - It's good that not all men died.

Oksana: - Lets not rush into things.

Oksana: - Ok, I'm going home. See you again.

Me: - No, I'm not... #Oksana: - I just wanted to say that I'm glad I met you.

Oksana: - In our town there were only a couple of shops and New Post cleared them out. You're helping me so much.

Oksana: - And I like you, so I decided to come.

Me: - Come, sit with me. #[She has obviously been preparing for this for a long time.]

[She slides her hand into my pants.]

Oksana: - Sweet dreams to you now.

[She's not home, looks like she probably went for a run.]

[I thought she was out on a run as usual, but instead she is training in the house.]

Me: - Good morning! #Oksana: - Hello, did I wake you up? There was rain this morning, and so I decided to stay home.

Me: - No, I usually get up early and was going take a walk around the city.

[Nice ass.]

[Better not.]

Oksana: - What are you doing back there?

Me: - I like the results of your training.

Oksana: - And you decided to distract me?

Oksana: - Okay.

Oksana: - Apparently my workout is done for today.

[I came back late, Masha has apparently gone to sleep already.]

[I came back late, Masha has apparently gone to sleep already. I have this canned food, shall I keep it to myself or give it to her?]

[There was no hot water today.]

[I find some food in the refrigerator, at least it's something.]

[I think she's still in her bedroom.]

[I knock, but there's no response, maybe she's still asleep.]

[From her room I can hear strange noises.]

[She's obviously not asleep...]

Masha: - Hey, what are you doing here?!

Me: - Love vibes called me here I guess. And I couldn't pass by such a lovely spectacle. #Masha: - Did you see all that you wanted?

Me: - Just passing by, wrong door. #Masha: - Get out immediately.

Me: - I'm sorry I interrupted you, I would have liked to admire your beauty more.

Me: - Yes, it was not bad at all. #Masha: - Now get out of the room.

Masha: - And what else would you like to see?

Masha: - Well, look, probably very few people would be interested in it now.

Masha: - I think you've seen enough, get out of my room.

Masha: - Well enough of this, I still have a lot to do today. Get on out, I'll see you later :) #Me: - Well, see you soon.

Me: - Hi, what are you doing here? #Masha: - I love to come here to think about things.

Me: - Maybe something happened, tell me? #Masha: - Yes, it's always the same. I wonder what will happen next. This replays on the TV from the new government. Promises to clean up, asking for cooperation with the local representatives in the cities.

Me: - We can go to a nicer, cozy place, and come up with something more interesting to do? #Masha: - Oh, come on... Even if you're the last man, that was such a weak attempt...

Masha: - The stories are about an in vitro fertilization program, that they have doctors working on it. That they will return everything back as it was. But in fact, look at our town, they'll never get here. Even our hot water is gone and there is nobody to fix it.

Me: - Well, I could help with the kids, maybe with hot water too. #Masha: - I did not want children anyway, and now I need them even less. But if you can fix the hot water, I would be very grateful. The problem seems to be with the boiler house.

Me: - I'll fix it! #[I have no idea how to do this...]

Me: - Hello. I figured out what was wrong with the boiler house, the hot water should now be fixed. #Masha: - You're good, I didn't think that you could handle it. You give me hope.

Me: - I would like to talk with you about the Science Center, what do you know about it? #Masha: - Yes, I worked there in one of the laboratories, what do you want to know? #Me: - Scientists from there, maybe they can help. Maybe you have the answers to what happened?

Me: - I could finish with the rest of the promises... #Masha: - In fact, I did not have a lot of boyfriends, I had too much work.

Masha: - Look, I was just an assistant and was not privy to all developments. But we didn't work with any viruses or anything like that! #Me: - Don't be nervous, I'm not blaming you. But maybe it's worth it to go look around there?

Masha: - There's nothing to do there. Most likely everything was closed up and there's no one left. #Me: - Well, ok. #[I think she's hiding something...]

Me: - So maybe I should just drop it and enjoy the current situation? #Masha: - You know... you're right! I want you!

Me: - I wanted to say... #Masha: - Enough talk, get into the bedroom.

[Before I knew it, Masha was already naked.] #Masha: - Come on, what are you waiting for...

Masha: - Wow, that was great, maybe we can repeat it later. But I'm not used to men in my bed, so go to your own room now please.

[It was good day. I can relax now.]

[It was good day. I can relax now. I have canned food, should I keep it for myself or give it to her?]

[I went into the bathroom and found Masha there.] #Masha: - Damn, were you not taught to knock before entering? #Me: - But the door was unlocked...

Me: - And you don't seem very shy. #Masha: - I'm in my own home...

Masha: - And I can see by the tent in your pants, that you're glad to see me.

Me: - Still... #Masha: - Ohh, get on out, I can manage here without you. #Me: - Well, ok-ok.

[I went into her room, as she was still in the bath. I looked over at her desk and noticed a key card. I took it for myself, I think it may be useful to me.]

[Very encouraging.]

[I found Masha in the kitchen.] #Masha: - Hello, I was just thinking about you. You've so helpful with the food, thank you. #Me: - Not at all, since we are living under the same roof, we have to help each other.

Masha: - Yeah. It's a pity that we have had so little time together. #Me: - We could go for a walk, I would like to talk with you more too. #Masha: - Great idea, let's meet in the afternoon.

[Masha fed me and pointed out a spot on the map where we could walk, and we wouldn't meet other people.]

Me: - I met with Oksana... #Masha: - I was in such confusion, I called her... And she, that bitch, immediately went to look for you?

Me: - It's okay, I do not think she will give me any problems. #Masha: - She'll certainly try to lure you, she loves the attention of men. And who do you like more?

Me: - You shouldn't talk about her that way, you're not acting reasonably. #Masha: - I have lost the desire to walk, I'd better go home.

Me: - You, of course, I'm with you now. Come on, let's walk. Tell me about yourself, were you born and raised in this town?

Me: - Oksana is cute, it's nice to be with her too. #Masha: - You are such a male... go to your Oksana, and I'm going home.

Masha: - No, I moved here recently, because of the job. But I don't want to talk about it. What are you planning, will you stay in our city for a long time?

Me: - Honestly, I do not know. I think I'm safe in your town, but there's a lot of challenges waiting for me. There are things that I would like to find out more about. #Masha: - What, for example, maybe I am able to help you?

Me: - I could stay with you, you're pretty, and we could start a family. #Masha: - Oh... that was so not sincere. Do you take me for a fool? We'll walk another time, I better go home now.

Me: - I would like to know more about the research center where you worked. I know there was strange things going on... #Masha: - You're talking about that again, I have a better idea...

Masha: - How about... #[She once again tries to steer away from this topic of conversation.]

Masha: - I know what you like.

[She deftly avoids talking about her work.] #Masha: - Can I take a selfie and send it to Oksana? She will be so jealous.

Masha: - Now she will know that you're mine.

Masha: - Well, I'll keep the photo as a souvenir.

Masha: - That was wonderful walk today. Let's do it again sometime.

[I tried the door, but it was locked. It doesn't seem as if there are any lights on inside, there's probably no one there.]

[On the side of the building I found the rear entrance. This door is also locked. The building looks quite new, there is even packaging film still not removed from the handles, it's strange.]

[I went on around the building, but noticed I movement.]

[I think this camera turned to watch me. Or maybe I'm just being paranoid...]

[I have not found any other entrances. The doors are strong enough, I can't get inside.]

[The door opened and I was able to enter. Inside is a large spacious room with a bunch of hallways. I probably will not be able to explore all of it in one day. And I must be careful not to stumble into more problems.]

[On the first floor are a bunch of rooms with computers. It looks much like an ordinary office building. Only at the end of the corridor, I see a large iron door, and it has a combination lock.]

[If that warship and the laboratory are somehow connected with everything that's going on, maybe there was a clue... I must try to remember anything that was unusual.]

[Behind the door a staircase descends into the basement. There is clearly something very wrong here; the walls have been seriously scorched.]

[At the end of this corridor is another embossed door. I wonder what they were were up to here.]

What's that?! #[On the table lies a mummified corpse. He certainly did not die from the epidemic. I'd better get away, you never know what you could become infected with in here.]

[On the second floor there are many rooms, each with various equipment. I don't understand any of it, it's not clear what they were doing here.]

[While walking down the hallway, I hear loud footsteps, heading in my direction.]

[I quickly squeezed into one of the open cabinets and carefully peeked out through the crack of the slightly open door. Oh hell, it's Alina!]

[She walked past without noticing me. I'll try to follow her and find out what she's was doing here.]

[Damn, she turned into some other corridor, and I lost her. It will be necessary to question Alina and Masha about this building. I can't find anything here myself.]

[There is a dead man in the middle of the corridor. Interestingly, I can't tell if he died of the epidemic or of an explosion?]

[Judging by the warning signs, maybe someone infected was here.]

[The code came up and I was able to go into a nearby corridor. There are many automatic doors, one of them buckled like from an explosion. I need to check it out.]

[Everything is so new in here.]

[I tried the handles, all the doors are locked.

[And this area has probably already been worked over.]

[I do not need to go there.]

[At the end of the corridor is a large room with a lot of monitor screens. I've never seen such a thing before.]

[It seems as though they could observe the workings of the entire building from here.]

[I press different buttons on the touch screens. I don't understand what they might do.]

[I press different buttons on the touch screen. It seems I managed to turn off the warning. Perhaps the doors will open now.]

[I open a bunch of documents. Lots of pictures of some girl, x-rays, results of tests, autopsy... Nothing of interest to me.]

[I repeatedly press on this menu, but the result is always the same - access is denied.]

[I go to the records, there are plenty of voice recordings. I play a few recent ones. A couple of men report on completed experiments, something about plants in zero gravity. Never thought I would be so glad to hear male voices again, it's a pity that it's only a recording.]

[Apparently from here I may be able to contact other centers, or maybe even with someone else, but I need to know the correct frequencies to transmit a message.]


[They didn't even have time to unpack the equipment. I now wonder if it was a coincidence that such a center was built just before the epidemic, maybe they knew it was coming and were trying to prevent it?]

[Here is an interesting report: four thousand year old remains from Antarctica. The dead cells of another organism were found that partially mimic the host cell. Then there is information on the attempts to restore the DNA of the parasite... Holy shit.]

[All the doors have electronic locks. I wave Masha's card near the numeric keypad, but nothing happens. And I don't know the code.

[A sealed observation room, for something or someone. I've only seen such a thing in films.]

[A lot of research reports in boxes. Nothing of interest to me.]

[These cabinets are empty.]

[This is a sample repository. It looks like containers of blood and pieces of bodies. Ugh...]

[I turn on the computers. There are many documents with all sorts of graphs and reports.]

[There are many obscure graphics on the screens.]

[On this screen it looks like a floor map, showing all the laboratories. Above this in bold text: ''Biohazard - Lockdown''.]

[This monitor appears to show something like a radio control station.]

[Looking at the condition of the pipes, everything looks in better shape than I expected. This was probably repaired not long ago.]

[I look at the panels and push some buttons. Nothing happens.]

[I try to twist the valves on the pipes, but I'm not strong enough. It would need at least some tools. I have no idea what to do here.]

[Many of the items are untouched and will never be delivered to their destinations.]

[I only find a little bit of canned food. I can't carry a lot anyway.]

[Lovely girls, but I don't have the time for them right now, I need to move on.]

Alina: - Oh, you scared me. You-you... where did you...#Me: - Don't worry, I'm not contagious, and I'm not going to die here in front of you. #Alina: - I thought that someone from New Post caught me here, I did not expect to see a man.

[I can't just walk away, I promised Masha that I would fix the hot water.]

Alina: - Shouldn't you be in some laboratory, what are you doing here? #Me: - I am here alone. Looking for tools to repair the boiler house, but I don't know what I need. #Alina: - Actually, I also want to do that same thing. I worked with my father in the repair yard, so don't look at me like that.

Alina: - There's just some burned out fuses due to power surges. #Me: - You obviously understand this better than me. #Alina: - Here, I have found what we need.

[These boxes tell me nothing.] #Alina: - I will go there right now, I think I can have everything working by the evening. #Me: - Many people in this city will be grateful to you.

Alina: - If you want to thank me, come to my place, I live near the center. #Me: - I will check in on you.

Me: - Hi, what are you doing... #Alina: - Oh, I was just curious, and I could not resist :) I came to say that I have to leave. See you at the train station.

[She has such a gentle hand, I got an immediate erection.]

[I could not hold back and finished in her mouth. I love to wake up this way.]

Me: - That was great. #Alina: - Oh, I was just curious, and I could not resist :) I came to say that I have to leave. I'll see you at the train station.

Alina: - Who's is it? I'll be there in a second. #Me: - It's me, we met in the warehouse.

Alina: - It's you Denis, I was waiting for you. Come into the house, I'll get changed quickly. #Me: - Ok.

[Alina shows me into the living room. The house is nice and neat inside too. Not any men's things to be seen, she probably lived alone.]

Me: - I wanted to thank you for the repair to the boiler house, it has helped many people. #Alina: - I used to fix many things, my father taught me a lot. Many of my friends gave up, after what happened, but I believe that we need to continue to live.

Me: - I think so too, although it still wouldn't be bad to know what happened, maybe we can somehow fix the situation. And I could help, though I do not want to be a lab rat. #Alina: - I've noticed a lot of strange things since the day of the epidemic... as if someone was ready for it.

Me: - Tell me more. #Alina: - You know about the military base in our area, down near the river? So on the day of the epidemic, I saw a huge ship there. I didn't even think that a huge vessel like that could come up the river.

Me: - I've had the thought that the military might have been behind this too. Some of them are after me even now. #Alina: - We could try working together to find out, I don't want to leave everything to chance.

Me: - With such a beauty I am ready to tackle any obstacles. #Alina: - Ahaha... Wow, you're fast.#Me: - I can't thank you enough.

Alina: - I have not had a man in such a long time, I think I've forgotten how to do it.

Alina: - Like this?

Alina: - Perhaps another time, I don't feel very comfortable with that because we hardly know each other. #Me: - Well, I understand. #Alina: - You can stay here for the night though, there's a spare room.

Me: - Why do you think that the ship means something? #Alina: - Soon you'll understand, I have never seen such ships before. I was very much surprised it was here, and after the epidemic often thought about it. Something is not right.

Me: - I just don't think that our military could have done something that affected the whole world, and so fast... #Alina: - I don't know...

[After a couple of hours we came to the pier. It really is a huge warship. Usually, they don't come up the river, apparently it must have been something important.]

[There are a lot of cars around, but I don't see any security or any other people. Let's try to get inside.]

[We boarded. There was nothing but silence. All the doors are open.]

Alina: - Come quietly, we do not want to run into an armed guard.

[We passed through several corridors. It looks like the ship is empty.]

[Now I do not know what to think.] #Me: - We need to know why they came here.

Me: - Let's go to another deck.

Alina: - Help me.

[I help Alina up the ladder, supporting her ass.]

[This is like some kind of warehouse, lots of shelves and drawers.]

[There is food and medicines in the boxes. A lot.] #Alina - I told you... they all knew in advance and were prepared. #Me: - I'm not so sure about that. Think about it... no one came to take it all away.

[The pocket radio begins making some sounds, and I take it.]#Radio: - ...phi rho omicron jeta epsilon chi theta sampi sigma tau alpha rho theta epsilon delta...#[message repeats several times]

Alina: - What does this mean? #Me: - I don't know.

Alina: - Help me take some boxes to the car, this will help us a lot.

[Nothing useful here.]

[This is not an easy job.]

[I'm too tired.]

[It seems quite abandoned. This was clearly not a very popular town.]


I earned:

The more firewood delivered, the more money.

[Everything is so modern inside. Well, at least some of the money allocated from the budget went to the right place.]

[This appears to be a room for training or briefings.]

[Whatever they kept stocked here, someone has already cleaned it out.]

[There is nothing at all, it seems they did not even finish the repairs.]

[And here is the dispatcher's place.]

[There is more storage. The lockers have magnetic locks.]

[I disengage all the circuit breakers and the lights go out in the room. But a few seconds later I hear a buzz and a few bulbs light up again. Apparently there is a backup generator for the main systems.]

[The lights come on again everywhere, and the sound of the generator can no longer be heard.]

[A meter is mounted on the wall.]

[A map of the city, a list of patrols, and a lot of code that I do not understand shows on the screen.]

[The unpowered locker is easy to open. But it is empty inside.]

[I try to pull at it with all my strength, but I can't open it.]

[The unpowered locker is easy to open. There is a radio inside, this is a useful thing to have found.]

[I try the handle, it's locked.]

[The unpowered locker is easy to open. There are all sorts of personal belongings. I find a wallet and take 4000R from it.]

[The door is locked, I can't open it.]

Girl: - I am unable to answer your questions, I only know that the boss wants to see you urgently. Here is the location our team visits regularly, they will take you to the boss. #Me: - Well, I will go there tomorrow.

[At the entrance I am met by armed guards and led to Natasha.] #Natasha: - Hello. It is good that you got here without incident. #Me: - There was something... but everything is fine.

Natasha: - Then straight to the point. You've seen our new government and the army, but this was all faked by the Israeli Defense Force. Only, of course, that they were all women. They have retained their whole structure of command, intelligence, and military technology specialists.

Natasha: - They were able to keep order in their country and also sent their forces to neighboring countries. Now everything is under their control. I don't know how they found out about you so quickly, but apparently they really want you, and so they came to our city.

Natasha: - I had to show them that we already have a force capable of controlling the city. Although they are well armed they are small in number, while every day we have more and more. So you can only be captured under my command.

Me: - But I actually... #Natasha: - This is not all. We captured one of their girls, and she told us that you are not the only man with whom they have established contact. She doesn't know the details, but reports that there are at least two more.

Me: - That is some news! #Natasha: - As a man, it would be easier for you to gather info from the girls. I want you to find out all you can about them. We need these men for ourselves. Get going right now.

[In the morning Olya wakes me up.] #Olya: - Good morning. I was thinking that you must leave soon... so I decided to drop in. #Me: - I'm glad you came :)

Girl: - Hello, dear.

[Finally we stopped.]

[I walk around awhile and I seem to come back to the same place. I'm walking around in a circle.]

[I have just laid down, and I was awakened by a knock at the door.] #Oksana: - Hey, are you asleep yet?

[So, Nicky said that the military base was upstream. But I have no idea which way the river flows. Which direction should I go?]

[I have already been there today, I'll come back to the river another day.]

[I sent Dasha a SMS requesting a meeting. She replied that she's waiting for me in the park. This is near my work. It's pretty far by foot, but what can I do. I hope I don't get caught by a military patrol.]

[I've already been here.]

[Walking along the beach I see two girls.]

[Walking along the beach I notice a girl in the water.]

[This time I travel far along the shore, without meeting anyone. I can see some cottages ahead.]

[I have already been here recently, I better choose a different location.]

[It seems someone has already been here. Oh well, everyone need drugs.]

[I need to ask for help. There is nothing I can do here.]

[My own apartment block. It looks like nothing has changed here, as if all the events of recent days was just fiction. Maybe I should visit Nastya? I'm sure she has not forgotten our last evening together.]

[Maybe I'll catch Nastya at home this time?]

[Should I visit Nastya, and find out how she's doing.]

[It is dangerous here, it's better not to go there.]

[Abandoned factories in the city. There was no one around here back in more normal times, and now it is even more empty. A good hiding place, but I still have nothing to do here.]

[I'm not familiar with PromZona's boss, but maybe she can help me get out of the city.]

[So... where would I look for an entrance to an underground casino?]

[They could have opened the casino in a more convenient location.]

[This is the biggest store in our city.]

[I never did come to work on time, and there was always a lot of people already. How many years of life have been killed here.]

[I'm here in the park. I was here with Nastya recently, but it seems an eternity has passed. Dasha is waiting for me.]

Dasha: - It's great that you decided to stop by. #Me: - Hi, I wanted to see you too.

Dasha: - There is a cozy atmosphere and a beautiful view from the window. #Me: - You look beautiful too...

[Dasha is here, she looks wonderful.]

Dasha: - Hello, professor. I've been a bad girl and forget about my homework.

[Seeking help from Nicky may not be the best option, but I think she knows something about this situation. And it will be easier to negotiate with her, especially since we have become closer.]

[I'm at Nicky's home right now.]

[I better not go back there right now, I'm afraid that there might be an ambush.]

[I was in the city the whole day and have now realized that I haven't eaten a thing and I'm very hungry. I must do something about it tomorrow.]

[Today I walked around the city a lot. Now I can relax.]

[Today I earned some money. Maybe I can order a sofa?]

[The chemicals I ordered are waiting for me at the house, I can now make explosives.]

[I need to quickly solve my problem regarding getting out of the city.]

[It's too dangerous to go back there.]

[I'm not tired, there is no need to hurry home.]

[This is the biggest bank in our city. I used to come here to withdraw my money.]

[Now that I have explosives, let's see what is stored here.]

[According to the documents, Olya lives here. It will be nice to see a familiar face... and not just her face :)]

[Here is Olya's cottage. It's a nice one, clearly not something from the salary of a secretary. Apparently this Sasha is rich man.]

[The exit out of the city is littered with sand and concrete blocks. I can see that it was done in a rush. Even though there are no soldiers in sight, it is better not to go there.]

[I'll try to get out of town through a tunnel in the northern part of the city. There are no residential buildings and few people used this way.]

[I can try to travel on country roads. But I must be careful not to get lost.]

[I need a car to be able to get out of the city.]

[I went to the specified location, not far from the Industrial areas. It's some abandoned parking lot. I hope they will get me out of the city without incident.]

[I don't have enough money for the fare.]

[I found several dead men piled up in a doorway. I dig through their pockets and find 5000R.]

[Went to the new part of town, but did not find anything useful and wasted time.]

[Found a broken ATM on the way, unfortunately, it is already well cleaned out. Only found about 1000 rubles.]

[On the road I found a broken vending machine, pulled a bottle of Burn from it, I like this swill.]

[On the road was a car with dead cops. The scent was not very pleasant, but they had a gun. A pity there was only one gun and one clip.]

[In one of the courtyards I cut down a clothesline. I don't know what for, but in the end of the world, who knows what might be useful.]

[While walking around, I become so hungry that I had to buy a candy bar from a vending machine for 100R.]

[Climbed over a fence and fell off. I think I sprained my leg.]

[Found a dead beggar at the bus stop with 2500R in his hat. His daily salary was more than mine - and I was a lawyer...]

[Saw a group of girls gathering drug products from the store. I guess this is the 'New Post'. Had to hide, I don't want to be noticed. (Stealth +1)]

[Passing through the arch I came across closed gates. Nearby was lying a piece of rebar, and I managed to break the lock with it. (Break +1)]

[I have not yet fulfilled my promise to Masha.]

[Alina asked me to meet her by the train station.]

[I have nothing to do here yet.]

[I wandered around the city for a few hours, but found nothing useful.]

[I walked through the deserted stores. Almost everything has already been pilfered. All that I could find was a bit of canned food. But any food is handy now.]

[Stumbled upon a hacked ATM, there was 1200R in it.]

[In one of the drink machines was my favorite, Burn. It will give me strength when things get really bad.]

[Climbing over the fence I severely hurt my hand. I had to apply a bandage to stop the bleeding. (+1 First aid).]

[While walking I sprained my leg pretty bad. So today I can not walk a lot.]

[Message from Dasha: Come visit me at my beach house.]

[Message from Dasha: Hurry, I'm at the café. It's near my beach house.]

[Message from Dasha: Meet me at the Tres Francais restaurant in 30 minutes, I'll be waiting for you there.]

[Message from Dasha: Hurry, I'm at the café near my beach house.]

TV: ЕPIDEMIC. Nearly two hours ago, men across the country began passing away from an illness. The still unknown illness targets both the old and young male population. Within a few minutes after the first symptoms appear the afflicted pass away.

[There is a man blocking my pathway.] #Man: The end is nigh!

[Been a while since I fought someone. Still got the golden touch.]

[Fortunately, there are no more crazy men on my way to work.]

Hoodlum: What are you looking at, eh? Get outta here! #Me: You threaten the residents and vandalize the building all the time. You need to leave, now! #Hoodlum: Who do you think you are, a rocket scientist?

[They're leaving.]

Me: Have it your way, morons! Get ready to meet your maker! #Hoodlum: Uh, wait a minute! We were just kidding! We're leaving! We won't be bothering anyone more!

[I'm not alpha enough for this and am too afraid to step up to these hoodlums.]

[Damn, I almost got myself hurt.]

[Wow, look at the things the hoodlums dropped!]

[Several hours later...]

[I think I overdid it at yesterday's party, my head is killing me. I need to take a cold shower and I'm sure I'll feel better.]

[There is nothing better then a cool shower in the morning. I really feel refreshed now. This was exactly what I needed!]

[I'm really late for work, I only have time for a sandwich or coffee for breakfast.]

[My mobile beeped. Hmm... It's a MMS from my girlfriend. She's away on a business trip.]

[Where did I put my suit last night?]

[A quick shower, fix my hair, brush my teeth. At least I somewhat resemble a human again.]

[Fuck, this bread is quite stale. I should go and buy some at the supermarket after work.]

[It's nice to have fresh bread.]

[Ah! There is nothing better than hot coffee in the morning. Now I'm ready for work.]

[MMS: A photo with the words 'To my Tiger! I really miss you!']

[Where did I leave my suit last night?]

[My reply: I really miss you too, babe. You're the sexiest girl ever. Send more photos.]

[Ah, here are my clothes. They're just a little rumpled, but I don't really care.]

[I've got to hurry to the bus station. I'm already late.]

[I really need to cut down on my drinking. Idiot! I almost went to work in my underwear.]

[On my way to work, a strange man approaches me.] #Man: - Repent before it's too late. The end is nigh!

[After yesterday's party I wouldn't mind some mineral water, but I have no time for that now.]

[Hmm, I'll go shopping after work. There's no time right now.]

[Thank heaven, I'm finally at work... late as usual.]

[I don't need to go back home. I hope I haven't forgotten anything.]

[At the reception stands our cute secretary Olga.]#Me: - Hi, how are you today?#Olga: - Hi, Denis. I'm fine, thanks. Our vice director is waiting for you.

[Olga is already at work. She's always the first to arrive.]#Me: - Hey, how are you? Ready for the workday?#Olga: - Hi, Denis! Everything is super!

Svetlana: - Well Denis, how long will this continue? You're late for work yet again. Do you think you're that special?

Olga: - If I were you I would not make her wait, so it is better for you to go to her now.

[Oh, my work is so boring. Time passes very slowly.]

Me: - Well, what is it she wants from me this morning?#Olga: - I don't know. Good luck!

Me: - But...#Svetlana: - No, you're just a worker like everyone else in this office. And, I should point out, with not the highest productivity either. Should I leave you without your bonus this month?

Svetlana: - Ok! This month you work without receiving a bonus!#[I'd rather work with you in another way...]

Svetlana: - This month you work without a bonus!#Me: - Ok...

[Oh, my work is so boring. Time passes very slowly. And I'm so very hungry. I should eat something in the cafeteria.]

Me: - Mmm...#Svetlana: - What are you doing? Are you even listening to me? Get back to your cubicle right away.#[Phew... almost gave myself away.]

[Oh, I promised Olga to check what's wrong with the printer. I need to do something about it.]

[I really should type at least 20 pages today.]

[My girlfriend sent me a new photo. What a beauty. :)]

[The end of the workday arrives soon. I'll surf the net to kill some time.]

[My reply: You're the best!]

[Wow! It says that some terrorists occupied a military laboratory in England and are threatening the world to release some viruses, if the USA doesn't withdraw its troops from the Middle East.]

[The terrorists occupying the military laboratory in England, presented an ultimatum. If their demands are not fulfilled by this evening they are threatening to release the virus. The Police are preparing to stage a raid.]

[I've completed my work, it's time to go home. On the way out I see Olga, she's still at the reception desk.]

Me: - Finally, spring has come; the sun, warmth, great weather.#Olga: - Yes! I am so tired of winter, the snow on my front yard never melts.

Me: - I'm starting to like working in this office :)#Olga: - Yes, today was defintely a fun day! :)

Me: - Let me escort you to your home. And in the morning I'll bring you coffee in bed!#Olga: Mmm... You're funny. But not today. I have some things to do. Maybe another day.

Me: - You look lovely today!#Olga: - Thank you very much! :)

Me: - Now, I should behave like a gentlemen, and I should invite you out to dinner. #Olga: - Mmm... Ok. I think we could do that soon.

Me: - Oh, it only happens once in a million, but you're even more beautiful today than yesterday :)#Olga: - Thanks, you look pretty good yourself :)

[I move closer and try to take her hand. Olga immediately steps back.]#Olga: - Hey, what are you doing? I don't want to hear gossip about me in the office.

[I take Olga's hand. She smiles warmly.]

[I try to take Olga's hand, but she immediately steps back.]#Olga: - Denis, stop that! People are looking!

[Had some luck with the bus, and I got home quickly. But, near my house are those hoodlums again. Maybe I should drive them away?]

[I got home quickly. Near my house there are some hoodlums.]

[I'm home. Oh, what to do with myself now?]

[I'm very tired today, best to go straight home.]

[Oh, I'm short of money and I won't get paid any time soon. I should shop economically.]

[Fresh bread for sandwiches in the morning.]

[I have enough bread for now.]

[I'll be able to prepare good food for myself for a few days.]

[I have enough meat for now.]

[Some beer for the evening. That'll be nice!]

[I have enough beer for now.]

[That's enough shopping for today.]

[The doorbell rings. Who's there?]

[The TV is boring. There is nothing but commercials on every channel.]

[The ringing of the doorbell has stopped. Oh well... And the TV shows nothing but commercials on every channel.]

[An astronomer in Australia has predicted that we should expect very strong solar flares tomorrow. This may cause some people to feel unwell.]

[It's very late. Shall I go to sleep or call my girlfriend?]

[I wanted to go to bed early, but the mobile beeped. My girlfriend is calling.]

[It's still too early to go to sleep. Let's see what's on the TV.]

[It's my neighbor Anastasia. She always flirts with me and then borrows 50 rubles for cigarettes...]#Me: - Hi! What do you need this time?#Nastya: - Hi! Do you have any bread at home? It's my birthday tomorrow and I'd like to cook cutlets as appetizer.

Me: - Sure, no problem! You're in luck, I just bought some fresh baked bread.#Anastasia: - Thanks! You're great!#[Again no bread for sandwiches tomorrow morning!]

Me: - How about inviting your favorite neighbor? I'll make a feast and organize the after party.#Anastasia: - Interesting idea, but my boyfriend would not be happy about it.

[I move in closer and place my arm around Anastasia's waist.]#Anastasia: - Well, I've got to run. Still have a lot of dishes to cook.

[She's so lazy, let her go to the shop herself, it's not far away.]

[It's late, time to go to sleep.]

[No answer. She's probably busy. Well, I'll just go to sleep.]

[Sleep tight all night...]

Me: - What news in the office? #Olga: - Oh, the printer in the next office is broken. Can you check it, and find out where the problem is?

Me: - What's interesting today in the office?#Olga: - Something strange is happening! All the men are somewhat nervous today... Do you know what's happening?#Me: - Strange... I don't know anything.

Me: - Of course, I'll check what the problem is!#Olga: - That would be great!

Me: - My technical skills are poor, it will be necessary to call in an expert.#Olga: - That's a pity, but okay.

[Stupid printer... Come on! Work!]

[The paper tray is full.]

[Is it connected? The light bulb shines...]

[Someone pulled out the network cable. Probably the cleaner with her mop. I have it hooked back up now. I'll go and tell Olga about it.]

[Hmm... I can't figure it out.]

[I find Olga at the back of the office, near to the coffee machine.]#Me: - It was though, but I've solved the problem. The printer is fully functional now.#Olga: - Wow, well done.

Me: - From now on you can call me Repairman Jack!#Olga: - Why is that, Denis?

Me: - If this was a porno movie, I would be Repairman Jack, and you the sexy secretary.#Olga: - Ha-ha. But this is not a porno unfortunately. :)

[Olga finishes her coffee and goes to the WC. Was that a glint in her eyes?]

Olga: - Well, if we are imagining that we are in a porno movie, and that you are repairman Jack, I suppose this is where I should pay for the printer repair... :)

[Oh, shit! I didn't take a shower today, I better not go with her, because it'll be embarrassing.]

[Olga turns and slowly starts pulling up her skirt. Mmm... She has a fantastic ass!]

Olga: - Like that? Ok! And what about this?#[Olga sits down and is holding my dick is in her hands in no time.]

[I start stroking her butt.]#Olga: Do you like it? Ok! And what about this?#[Olga sits down and before I know it, my dick is in her hands in no time.]

[I take her by the hair and direct her mouth to my balls. She begins to suck them.]

[Olga swirls her tongue around my dick.]##*Press the button several times, if you see this icon (>>)

[A stunning view.]#Olga: - Well, have I paid the approriate compensation for your work, repairman Jack? :)#Me: - If you ever have something broken, please let me know! :)

[I wish every workday would be like this. Oh, it's time to go home!]

[Olga has already straightened herself up and is at her place at the reception.]

[Olga is not in her usual spot, she probably had to go out somewhere.]

[I got home quickly. There are some hoodlums near my home.]

[In the park near the office, I see my neighbor Anastasia on a park bench. Didn't expect to see her here. It's her birthday today, I should go and congratulate her... or would it be better to go home and rest?]

Kate: - Hi, how are you?#Me: - I'm fine! Tell me how are you doing there in America?#Kate: - It is interesting! Today on TV they said that they had detected a UFO near the city.

Me: - Oh geez, that's nonsense! You shouldn't watch so much TV!#Kate: - Well, it's very late for you there, I'll say goodnight then!#Me: - Thank you! See you soon!

TV: Because of the mass deaths of the male population there are a lot of accidents happening on the streets: hundreds of car accidents, plane crashes... In some cities the power supplies are broken. According to some Internet reports, the same events are occurring all over the world.

TV: At the moment the main task is to find the cause of the catastrophe. A lot of different versions of what happened have been proposed: natural and military viruses, chemical weapons. Several religious sects have already announced that this is the start of the Biblical Judgement Day. The intervention of UFOs is even been considered.

End of Part One.##Game Saved

Three days before the event...

[Another morning, four days after the epidemic of unknown origin killed the all men. For the first two days, I could not sleep... was waiting for my own end. But I'm all right, apparently I'm immune, and there should be more survivors.]

[The cold beer went down well.]

[I took Nastya by the hair and pushed my cock deep into her throat.]

[Wow, she has awesome boobs.]

[They feel even better.]

[Awesome view.]

[Nastya leans back on me, and I place my hands on her breasts.]

[I sit down on a bench next to Nastya. She clearly looks frustrated.] #Me: - Hi. Fancy meeting you here, I work nearby. What are you doing here? #Nastya: - Hello. I'm waiting for my boyfriend, we agreed to take a walk. He is very late.

[I was too stingy to even to give her bread, how can I approach her now?]

Me: - Happy birthday, I wish you the best to quickly finish your studies at the Medical University. #Nastya: - Oh, yes, thank you. I've already found a place where I can work after I'm done.

Me: - So, what happened to your boyfriend, did you call him? #Nastya: - He won't answer, and I'm getting bored waiting for him, and I'm already hungry.

[As we pass the next stall I buy her a large hot dog. Nastya eats it with pleasure.] #Nastya: - Thank you, it was delicious :)

[In the next stall I buy two large hot dogs for 200R., I'm hungry too. Nastya eats it with pleasure.] #Nastya: - Thank you, it was delicious :)

Me: - You need to smile urgently, or we'll drive the pigeons into depression. #Nastya: - Haha, I'll try :)

Me: - I see your mood has improved. #Nastya: - Yes, can you still take a walk with me, while I wait for my boyfriend. It's very boring to be alone. #[We could go on some rides, but I don't have much money. Maybe it is better to slip away home?]

[After a couple of hours of amusements...]

Me: - It turned out that we had a nice festive evening :) #Nastya: - I have not been so well entertained in such a long time, thanks :)

Me: - It will be dark soon, we better get home. #Nastya: - Well, we are neighbors and we live nearby, can you call us a taxi?

[We get home quickly, and I escort Nastya to her apartment.] #Me: - I have not been in your home, it's cute. #Nastya: - Now that you've seen it, we really are neighbors :)

Me: - Well, now I'm going to come back often. #Nastya: - Come on in, I'll treat you to some tea. #[Nastya sits on the bed.]

Me: - Didn't you, by the way, mention you prepared some treats? #Nastya: - I've got a special treat for you ;-) #[I think this is the last chance to go home.]

[I sit next to Nastya and start to pull off her T-shirt.]

[I have not had a bath today, I'd better leave and avoid the embarrassment.]

Nastya: - Please... not on my face.

Nastya: - Great birthday ;-) We'll have to do it again sometime. #Me: - Believe me, I liked it too, I'll be sure to 'visit' again. #Nastya: - Agreed :) Come on, I'll walk you to the door.

[I kiss Nastya. She looks very happy.]

[I was lucky to have run into Nastya.]

[I get home quickly.]

[Holy Shit! I've overslept!]

[It's morning. Time to get up for work, but I'm feeling so lazy.]

[I'm awaken by my mobile. It's a new MMS from my girl.]

[It's the end of the working day, and time to go home.]

[The workday is quickly coming to an end.]

[It's Monday morning and the sun is shining through the window. I have to get ready for work.]

Look around

Open laptop

Go to sleep

Wake up



Go to the bathroom

Go to the kitchen








To the neighbors

Get dressed

Let's go

Follow her


To the cave

Look for Alina

Look for Masha

Look for Oksana


I'll try

Go to my room

Keep it for myself

Leave it for her








I'll think


Blowjob >>

Fuck >>

Lie down

Lay her down


From behind >>



Go home

Open map

To cottage



Flirt (16A)

I need to go

Keep going


To Olga

Sasha >>

I want both (17A)


I want Olga

Caress Sasha



I want Sasha >>

I want Olga >>

I want Sasha

Cum on her face

Cum in her mouth


I'll stay

I need to go

Go to sleep

Pull out dick

Get on

Turn her around >>

Fuck her from behind >>

Bend over>>

Say goodbye


Touch the brunette

Touch the blonde

Give it to them

I want the brunette >>

I want the blonde >>

Good girls

Fuck the blonde >>



Fuck the brunette >>

Fuck some more >>

Give it to the blonde

Fuck the blonde


I want the blonde

To the blonde

To the brunette

To the left

Straight ahead

To the boxes





Straight ahead


Sneak (1)

Do it now

Titfuck >>

Fuck the brunette

Give it to the brunette

In the ass >>

Find out

Come closer

Dig in the boxes

I can do it

Turn around

In the ass

That's settled


Take off your dress

You're a cutie

Sit down


Wank off >>

Where is she going?

Tear off panties

Pop it in


Turn around

On her ass


Look back


Move over

Go up

To the bedroom

Leave her alone



You are the best

Closer (19A)

Fuck her

I'll cum



Check my dick

To order desk

Flowers (1000R)

Jewellery (5000R)

To New Post


I don't mind

Better not

To back entrance

Move loose board



Go around

Take a nap

Move on

Light a fire


Open sesame?

Looking for work

I am a man!

Look around







Bid 500R

Bid 1000R

Bid 750R

Bid 800R

Her hair (16A)




You first

Lets go inside

Sit down

Turn her around

My turn

Change position

Come here already



Second girl


Look >>

Hack cash

Go further

To vault

Plant the bomb


Take money

To exit

To car

Break down the door

Go further

To tunnel

Go in the tunnel


To fire

To the yard

Run away

Give up


To old metro

Get down

Order sofa



I can't


To the dock

Take a boat

Visit Nastya

Go home

Knock on the door

Offer to help


Give money

Take off pants

I want her


Get on top

Lay down

On her

I don't have it

Give her the gun


Help her


Lick my balls

From behind



Go home quickly

Go inside

Find meds

Look closer

Use RFID card

1st floor


Look in

2nd floor

Push buttons

Program: Alice

Project Sampi

Project Antares



Tune >>

Try to turn

Find food

Find the tools

Calm her down



Enter (20A)


Not enough

Your ass

Your boobs


Serious talk

To Masha

Take off pants

Enter her


Well, yeah


Is it true?




Tell the truth


About the job





More >>

Just for yourself


Seat her

Drive on


Stop the car

Go to her

Keep going

Chop wood (-1AP)

To the station

Leave firewood

Another room

To the warehouse

To the basement


Turn off

Turn on





Want to go for a walk?

I get it (5LP)

You are beautiful


Your eyes

Big boobs

Undress her



That was cool

Lean on her

Touch (15LP)

Take it off


Grab the radio


Go to Alina

Sit with her

Ask her

Keep silent

Feign sleep

Yeah >>

Chapter 5

Show me

Go to the city

Watch out

To Masha

To the car

Flirt (20A)

Go deeper







Sleep some more

Go to the living room

Take a shower

Eat a sandwich

Drink coffee

Open MMS

Cancel and exit

Reply to MMS

Go to the living room

Get dressed

Go to the street

To the market

To work

Enter office







Go to the boss

To the workplace

Make excuse



Eat and take a nap

Forget about her

Don't answer

To computer

Read news

End of the workday

Go home

Buy beer

Buy bread

Buy meat

Watch TV

Drink beer

Open the door


Answer the phone


Check the paper

Check the outlet

Check the connection


Attack (4A)


Grab their stuff

Give bread

Refuse and leave

Say bye and leave

I'll fix it


Follow her

Oh yeah

Ohh, Olga

In her mouth >>

Balls (3A)

Cum on her face (6A)

That was cool

Time to go home


Go confront the gang

Go outside

Go to Natasha

Go home rest


Say bye and leave

Buy some food (-100R)

Go on attractions (-600R)

With Natasha (-300R)

Sit down

Remove her top

Touch (6A)

Undress more

Turn her around (6A)

Look (7A)

More (8A)

Blowjob standing >>

Deep (7A) >>

Blowjob lying down >>


Touch (8A)

From above

Touch (7A)

Look (10A)

Look (9A)



Look (6A)

On tits

Oh yeah...

Exit home

Hey, back off


Change the channel

And what about me?

Chapter Two


Time to wake up

Second channel

Third channel

Turn off the TV


Open the fridge

Call girlfriend


Go to the street

Wait for the evening


Search for food

To the phones



Canned food



Time to leave


Approach church

Go inside

To the door


Calm down

Give her a beer

Talk about

Go with Nicky

Wake her up

Pull it off more

Use the computer

Hack it

Get breakfast

Find Nicky


Oh, really?

Ok, let's go

I'm sorry

Pull it off

Pull it off some more (9A)

Touch (11A)

Fuck her >> (12A)

To the table

Eat and then go out

To the city

Choose a laptop

Go to Nicky

Unpack laptop


Last Man

Cool guy





I like it

One more...

Turn off the light

It's time to join in

Okay :(

Read messages

Open videochat

Let her finish

Finish shaving

Hand her a towel

Flirt (12A)

Suggest a blowjob

A date?

I agree

Go to the club

Play more

Undress her

On the sofa

Touch (13A)


Go to her


Look out the window

Time to leave!

Fuck her

Time to get out, now!

Chapter 3

No way




Run away

Look around

Enter building

Try again

Move in





What now?


Get up

Wake up


Discuss delivery

Yeah, it's clear

I see...


Look around



Me too



Chapter 4

Turn on the TV


** Look for a new version of the game: **#** New updates every week **

Game Saved

[I am too tired today. I need to rest.]

* Press the button several times if you see the icon (>>)

Translation: 100% complete

[On my way to the warehouse I run into Alina. She was on her way back from there.]

Alina: - Oh... Hey there Denis.#Me: - Hey... I seem to run into you quite often these days.#Alina: - What do you mean?

Me: - Well, I went to the Science Center...#Alina: - Are you stalking me?#Me: - No, I just coincidentally saw you there. But since we're talking about it... what were you doing there?

Alina: - Well, it does not concern you.#Me: - You know, it's very suspicious. They were clearly engaged in research for some kind of virus...#Alina: - Denis, do not be silly. Do you really think that all this happened because of some virus?

Alina: - Think about it. Any disease has symptoms, and someone would have noticed that something was happening. But all the men were killed in one night, all over the country or maybe even the world. Such a deadly virus could not have spread as quickly as it did, even on airplanes. And even small isolated towns also suffered.

Me: - Maybe you are right, I didn't think about it that way.#Alina: - Of course I'm right, it was something completely different. I don't know specifically what happened so you should stop following me around.

Me: - I didn't intend to upset you.#Alina: - I have to go, Denis. Good luck.

[Now I have even more unanswered questions.]



I. Begining.

II. Unknown girl.

III. New life.

IV. Under the gun.

V. No Sanctuary.

VI. Them.

[I went up to the floor where Nicky used to live. The door still had a broken lock and was slightly open. It doesn't seem like Nicky has returned to her home. I can hear music from next door, maybe I could try to ask them if they have seen anything.]

[It seems that no one is here except for me.]

[I'm pretty far from the city limits, but the road is blocked with mounds of dirt and debris. I was going to go back, but I see a cave behind some bushes. It's dark inside and there might be some animals living there... I'd better stay away.]

[It's too cold to sleep.]

[A shack with boats for rent. A friend once told me he used to rent a boat for fishing near the beach.]

[This is the Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology that was talked about. It's a large and impressive building, very different from what I've usually seen in this town.]

[If Masha worked here, then I should be able to go inside using her card.]

[I've reached the third floor. There's a long corridor with many doors. The doors are marked only with numbers, no names.]

[After half an hour we have gotten ourselves up and I sit chatting with Olga in the yard.] #Olga: - Well, how is it in city now? I left in the early days, when everyone else stayed at home, afraid to get infected. #Me: - Not many people on the streets even now, also many of them have left the city.

[On the outskirts of the village stand a few houses. I guess I had better not show myself, I'll hide in the barn for a rest and then go on. The sun is rising already, but I really need to sleep.]

Oksana: - So Masha did not lie to me... you do exist! #Me - Oh, those girls... #Oksana: - As soon as you left she immediately called me, but I did not believe her.

[I decided to spend the night with Oksana. She has a large private house. The outside is prettier than Masha's home.]

[I went back, to sleep at Oksana's house.]

[The morning sun shines through the window.]

[I decided to meet Oksana during her run. Finding her was not difficult, there are only a few roads.]

[I have some food that I can share with Oksana.]

[Finally, it's a new day! But I am hungry and not fully rested.]

[I went back to Masha's place. I think I will be able to spend the night in safety.]

[Exploring the city, I came across Masha.]

[We quickly arrived at Masha's home, while chatting about all sorts of little things. What to do now?]

[I arrived at the place which Masha had recommended. She was already there.] #Masha: - I did not even hope to think that I could still go on a date with a man after all that has happened. It's a pity that I can't boast about it to my friends.

[The boiler house heats water for the nearby houses. It's an ancient building.]

[Their city police station is in a large, beautiful building.]

[Approaching the house, I come across an armed girl.] #Girl: - Wait, don't be frightened. I'm from New Post, Natasha sent me. #Me: - I looked for you in the city, but you disappeared somewhere. I have so many questions.

[I've arrived at the place where I was supposed to meet someone who was to take me back to the city... but there is no one here.]

[Nastya brought me to the New Post office. It's a small but modern building. Nastya said that their boss is stays here almost all the time, she even spends the night here.]

[At the meeting place there is a girl with a car. I think I'll be able to return to my city.]

[One of the Customs warehouses. I can find a lot of loot here, but the bad news is that it's far away and I've already spent lots of time getting here.]

[While on my way I came across a couple of naked girls. Looks like they are just taking pictures of each other. I don't think they expected someone would discover them in this remote location.]

[Walking through the forest, I came across a small building. Apparently it's a sawmill.]

[The railway tracks go past the town, so the station should be somewhere near here.]

[I found the tool section and met a girl who was also searching for something.]

[It's getting dark, I better go to the house Alina had pointed out to me. It looks like a cute little house.]

[I met with Alina near the train station, and we went to the river in her car. It's quite far from the town.]

[I was awakened by the feeling that someone was standing over me. It was Alina.]

After running around, and enjoying the amusement rides, we sit down for a rest.

[My clothes must be lying here somewhere on the couch... Kate?]

Kate: - Oh, are you already awake, sleepyhead? Your partying with friends will finish you off.

Me: - Shouldn't you be in America? #Kate: - Very funny, you picked me up yesterday from the plane. Have you forgotten?

Me: - Yeah, I am feeling very confused... #Kate: - I was so lonely without you there. Didn't you miss me too?

Kate: - Certainly you missed me, I can see it in your eyes. How can you be without your appetizing kitty?

Kate: - I see someone else that is happy to see me...

Kate: - Why did you freeze up... say something.

Me: - If only all mornings were like this...

Me: - You seem to have become even more beautiful since you've you've returned...

Me: - Yeah, baby, don't stop...

Kate: - You are forgetting something, you're already late for work. #Me: - Damn! My boss, Sveta, will scold me again.#Kate - It's OK, we can continue this evening.

[The road is blocked by some crazy guy.]#Man: - Repent, the end is near!

Me: - Well shiiit... It was just a dream. Kate... I hope she's all right.

[Nothing new at home.]

[That's strange... the Internet is not working.]

[There may be more cabinets that I have not tried.]

[This cabinet is locked.]#* Requires Break:

[I found a little bit of cash:

[I've failed. The lock is too complex.]

[I've spent the night with her too often, I'd better go somewhere else.]

[I think I should contact this girl Lisa, that Ira spoke of. Perhaps she knows something about the people that were at Nicky's home. I can send her an SMS from my phone.]

[I write a SMS to Lisa: Hi, this is Denis. I would like to meet with you, I have a few questions.]

[A SMS reply from Lisa: I'll wait for you in the city to the north, in the park. Come alone.]

[I have arrived at the park, there's a girl sitting on a bench not far away. There's only this one park in the entire city, so I assume it's Lisa.]

[I look around and don't see any other people, so I don't think we will be interrupted.]

[She is typing something on her phone, not even paying attention to me.]

Lisa: - Hey, Denis. I wasn't entirely sure that this wasn't a trap. But it doesn't seem that anyone is watching you, so you did not get caught.#Me: - Yeah, I came alone. I try to be careful.

[Lisa is again buried in her phone.]#Lisa: - I'm sorry we watched you, and didn't warn you. I could see that Nicky was up to something... #Me: - It's OK, everything ended up fine. But, I would like to know more about those people.

Lisa: - We followed them to the river, but then lost track of them. I tried to search the web for information about them, whether they were military or any government agency. But all that I could find is the discussions of radio amateurs on one of the forums.

Lisa: - They discuss some radio signal that appears regularly, several times a day. If I'm not mistaken they talk about the frequency of 442 MHz. But I do not have access to the appropriate radio equipment.#Me: - I think I know where I can find the necessary equipment.

[Lisa begins to leave.]#Lisa: - Look, I've got myself in too deep. If you need help with any computer, you can ask me. But if you want to continue looking into these people... you'll have to deal with it yourself.

Me: - But I never knew what happened to Nicky, how is she involved in all this?#Lisa: - I don't think that the people who met up with her, and the soldiers who raided the place after you left were connected. Although all of them are definitely looking for you.

Lisa: - I also tried to find online reports of any other male survivors. And I have not found any mention other than absolutely fakes. So I think you're really the last one left...

Lisa: - So... take care of yourself.

[After Lisa's story about the mysterious signal, I think that I should try to listen for it here, at the Research Center. In the control room on the third floor was a remote control for the radio.]

[Whenever I come here, I always get the uncomfortable feeling that someone is watching me.]

[The control room is at the end of the corridor.]

To radio console

[Now, I need to tune in to the frequency. Lisa mentioned the 442 MHz band.]


[The frequency is correct, but it seems that it's just not receiving any radio signals. Maybe it's broken? I think it may be worthwhile to climb up to the roof to see what's going on with the antenna.]

[Meanwhile... somewhere far away...]

[I run up the stairs to the top floor. There is a hatch to get up to the roof.]

[Damn, it's locked. The lock seems magnetic, and maybe I only need to push harder.]

[Nothing works, I need some kind of tool. I need to think where to go get it, and then come back again.]

[I insert the crowbar into the gap and hang on it with all my weight... the hatch opens!]



[On the roof there are a of lot antennas. All quite large and modern.]

[I walk around and find a control panel. All the breakers are switched off. Perhaps that's why nothing worked.]

[I run up the stairs to the top floor. There is a hatch to get up to the roof.]

[I look behind the machine and see a small crowbar. I'm sure it will be of use somewhere. Pity it's not red.]

To the roof

Go up

[On the outskirts of the city, I come across a crudely made shelter, a hovel really... I don't know if children or homeless people made it. It smells really bad here, but it's a place to spend the night if need be.]

[It was not a comfortable place to sleep, I didn't get very much rest.]

[I try to call Kate. Her phone is off.]

[I try to call Olya. Her phone is off.]

[I try to call to Nastya. She dropped the call and sent a SMS: I'm on a mission for New Post, I can't talk right now.]

[I send an SMS to Dasha that I missed her. No reply.]

[I send an SMS to Masha. She replies: Come by whenever you like, I would be happy to see you.]

[I send an SMS to Oksana. She replies: Your room is still waiting for you :)]

[I send an SMS to Alina. She replies: I'm doing something right now, I'll need your help later though.]

[I have a gun, but I don't really know how to shoot. I decide to walk out into the woods and practice.]

Shoot >>

[I found the well. The bucket is new, so it is used to get the water. I'm just thirsty.]

[I hang the bucket over the well.]

[I began to turn the handle, but it does not lower the bucket. It seems the chain is tangled.]

[I undid the chain, but I pinched my finger and drew blood.]

[Now the bucket drops normally, and I was able to get some water.]

[I have attached a plantain to my finger. Just like my grandmother taught me.]

[I push the buttons, but nothing happens. It seems that there is no electricity.]

[It seems to be properly connected to the outlet.]

[There is a broken wire, I twist it back together and then turn on the switch.]

[I thrust some money into the machine and press the 'Burn' button.]

[The buttons all seem to be broken, someone was trying to break it open for the money.]

[I lift the ceramic lid and hit the machine with all my might, I hear a click.]

[The machine didn't open, but it spills out 200R in coins.]

[I come to the library. It looks like it was probably not in the best condition even before the cataclysm.]

[I find a book on martial arts. A couple of the moves seem not to difficult.]

[I find a book with a description of different knives. Very interesting.]

[I find a book with examples of weapons from different countries. I did not realize that there are so many of them.]

[Manuals for First Aid. This is very useful.]

[Found drawings of Soviet units. This book is very old.]

Me: - Hey, anyone there? #Man: - Control?!

Man: - What the fuck is going on? No one has been in touch with me for a month!

Man: - No personnel arrived, no new orders... #Me: - Dude, where are you? We'll come for you. #Man: - What are you talking about? Who is this?

[Maybe I'd better not get involved in this....]


[Apparently these are the men that Natasha from New Post spoke of. I need to tell her how to contact them, let her deal with it.]

[I still have nothing to report to Natasha.]

[I arrive at New Post's office building. But the guards do not want to let me in, saying that the boss is busy.]

[I go up to her office. She is getting a massage.] #Natasha: - Well, have you found out something?#Me: - Yes, there is something important...

Me: - I got in touch with a man on the radio. He talked about some deliveries. Maybe he's one of those you were talking about? #Natasha - Mmm... Do you know where he was?

Me: - No, not really. I asked him, but he become suspicious. I wouldn't say either in his place. #Natasha: - No problem, my girls will find out everything... Yes... Lida, just like that...

Natasha: - Don't get lost, we may need your help with this guy. We have to bring him to us. #Me: - Well, I'll stay in touch.


Natasha: - Before leaving go to speak with my girls, tell them how to contact this man and then get your reward. I think 30 thousand is fair enough for your first time.

[Going about my business, I notice a private house standing off the side of the road. The area around is overgrown with greenery, perhaps it is empty and I could stay there.]

[I move closer to the house. It's quite large. It may not be an easy job to get everything working again.]

Find entry

[Inside the house it doesn't look deserted. Things are stored tidily, no dirt or dust.]#Me: - Anybody home? #[No answer.]

[It looks like someone still lives here.]

[In one of the rooms I find a cache of items, boxes and packages. Now this is getting interesting.]

[Good, a new T-shirt. Mine is already worn out.]

[A bag with a bunch of different household items. Nothing useful to me.]

[In the boxes are different dry foods, semi-finished products, etc. I grab a little canned food for myself.]

[I wonder who brought so many things here, and where did they get them from. The warehouse outside the city is too far away. Even with a car it would have taken many trips.]

[Some very fresh Oranges.]

[A box full of documents. Some checks, and what look like invoices for storage.]

[On the computer I find a whole bunch of documents marked by New Post. Is it possible that some of their girls lived here? Maybe I should pay another visit to their office in this town.]

[The New Post office in this city. All the doors and windows are still boarded up. Hopefully no one has yet found out that I broke in.]

[It's empty inside. Nobody has come here.]

[There's a big hole in the middle of the floor. The area down there is very dark, apparently there is a cellar, but no ladder leads down there.]

[I wonder why they broke into the wall, maybe they were searching for some hidden stash?]

[I can't find anything like a ladder.]

[There's a coil of rope on the table. It might be useful to me.]

[I don't see anything else of use.]

[I tie the rope, it should hold well enough.]

[It's not just a normal basement, it's a huge room with several rows of shelves.]

[I start to open boxes, inside I find lots of food, bottles of water, and daily necessities. The kind of things New Post like to get hold of and sell on. A large warehouse like this right in the city could be very helpful to many people. I need to find a good way to distribute it.]

[I'll come back here after deciding what to do about this.]

[Alina is in the kitchen preparing some food.] #Me: - You are so beautiful today, is that for the holiday?

Alina: - Nope, I just met some girls from the group. We discussed what more we could do to help the city. #[I have to decide whether to tell Alina about the warehouse under New Post's building...]

Me: - I found something I think could greatly help the city. And I think it's worth entrusting it to you.#Alina: - Yes? What did you find?

Me: I found New Post's warehouse. It's abandoned now, but there's still plenty of food, medicines, and daily necessities. They left without taking anything.#Alina: - And you're going to show me where it is without asking anything in return?

Alina: - I think I know how to properly thank you.

Alina: - When you talk like that, it makes me even hornier!

Alina: - Thank you for that information, it's really helpful.

Alina: - Please come to me again if you find any more interesting information.

[I enter the house and immediately hear noises and people talking. The sounds seem to come from the kitchen.]

[There are two girls in the kitchen, busy cooking something. They look harmless enough. They apparently live here and probably haven't even noticed that I came around earlier.]

Me: - Ahem.... Hello girls... please don't be afraid... #Girl: - Oh, hello Denis. We've heard about you, although I admit that I thought it was just a hoax. #Me: - Who told you about me?

Girl: - We were working for New Post, but we decided to stay here when the order to evacuate came. #Me: - So that's how you knew about the warehouse... You know, you could help out others with those supplies.

Oh... everyone in the world is out for themselves. But you better tell me why you came to us. :) #Me: - I was looking for a place to spend the night, but I realize now that this house is already occupied.

[I notice that they aren't wearing any clothes under their aprons] #Girl: - I'm not against you staying... what do you say?

Girl: - Damn, I'm completely covered in flour.

Girl: - That's better.

Girl: - Don't be shy Denis, in our home we often walk around like this! #Me: - I don't mind at all...

Girl: - That's great, so it will be even more fun.

Me: - That was cool, I will come back again sometime.

Other girl


I want

Lilu: - Hi, are you there? #Me: Yes, what's up? #Lilu: Oh good, I really need your help.

Me: - What's wrong, are you okay? #Lilu: - I'm OK, but my mother is in trouble. Girls from the New Post came this morning and took her away somewhere. And I haven't heard from her since...

Me: - Does your mother owe them money? They don't usually engage in such ruthless tactics... #Lilu: - I don't think so, we try not to use their services often. You said that you have a working relationship with them, so I hoped that you might be able to find out where she is...

Me: - I will ask around, but their organization is very large so it may not be easy to find her. #Lilu: - I'm so grateful for whatever you can do... I'm very worried about her.

Me: - And you said you wanted to get away from her... #Lilu: - That was just talk... #Me: - Don't worry, Lilu. I'll do what I can.

SMS from Ira: I've spoken with Lisa, and she's given me an important message about the signal that you found. Come and visit me.

[The door to Ira's room is open, so I go in.] #Ira: - Denis, is that you? Come in.

[Ira is sitting in a large room, only partially dressed.] #Ira: - Hello, I'm so glad that you came :) #Me: - You did say it was important...

Ira: - I did! Lisa said that she managed to briefly overhear a conversation inside the New Post HQ. They said they made contact with a man, and it seemed as if they were going to bring him to our city but she couldn't find out exactly where he is.

[With deftly subtle movements, Ira unbuttons her top. It falls gracefully to the floor.] #Me: - Well, that doesn't sound like bad news... #Ira: - She also learned that the soldiers who were in the city are after him now too.

Me: - It may end badly for me if they bring more soldiers here.#Ira: - That's why I decided to tell you about it. Perhaps you can influence them... But I can't wait any longer. Follow me.

[Ira goes to the bedroom and lays down on the bed.]

Ira: - Do you like me? #Me - Of course I do, you're incredibly beautiful.

Ira: - That's good.

Ira: - Come see me again soon, please.

[This time they let me in to see Natasha without any delay. It seems they are beginning to trust me.] #Natasha: - Hello, Denis. Did you want something?

Me: - I heard that you are tracking the other man, and I'm interested to know if you're making progress. I'm also looking for a woman who I believe may have been taken by your people recently.

Natasha: - You never cease to amaze me. How did you come to know all of this? Nevermind, it doesn't matter. We're aware of what's been going on and know the people involved. #[Natasha begins to stroke her chest.]


Natasha: - We learned about a private organization dedicated to space exploration. The man you need to find is currently up on their space station.


Natasha: - If all this happened because of a virus, he's probably only still alive since he was in isolation. In the last few days, we've tracked down women who worked in that organization. We're trying to work with them in order to bring the man down to Earth.

Natasha: - Perhaps with their help we could find out what happened, but so far we haven't had much luck. None of them have told us anything useful and we can't torture them.

Natasha: - Denis! Are you even listening to me? Since you're so good at charming women, maybe you can handle this. We're holding the girls in the rear of the building. Get me the information by whatever means you deem necessary. Here's the keys to their cells.

To the cells

[I walk into the room. It's made up to be some sort of rudimentary prison. My attention was immediately drawn to a girl shaking her door, to no avail.]

Me: - Hello! I don't think you'll have much luck breaking that... #Vera: - Oh my god! They questioned me about a man they're after, but it turns out they already have one!?!

Me: - I'm not really with them... I was looking for a friend of mine, but it's unlikely she's here. #Vera: - Your friend is very lucky not to be here. I got dragged out of my house in the middle of the night by their soldiers, couldn't even grab any clothes. I don't really know what they want from me, they obviously got the wrong address. Can you let me out?

Me: - I don't know anything about you, though. You could easily be lying to me. #Vera: - I was a teacher, not some sort of scientist or spy. Look in my eyes, am I lying?

Vera: - Please, I just want to go home. I'll thank you in any way I can... #Me: - I don't really think I should let you go... #Vera: - Okay, there's one thing I've overheard from the other women... Come closer.

Vera: - They spoke of a shuttle... Whatever that means. #Me: - This isn't enough for me to let you go...

Vera: - I can show you something more, if you'd like...

Vera: - I know how to soften you up just right.

Me: - OK, I'll do my best to get you out of here. You'd better get to the city up north, and I'll figure out how handle any problems with the New Post.

[After driving for about an hour, I notice a girl walking along the side of the road.]

[I could be wrong, but isn't that Vera?]

Me: - Hey, Vera. So you took my advice and decided to move North? #Vera: - Yes, I just wanted to start a new life away from all the problems I've had...

Me: - Well I'm heading up there myself, I'll drive you. I can't offer you a place to stay the night, though... #Vera: - Oh don't worry about that, I can take care of myself.

Me: - So, tell me the truth Vera... You're not a teacher, are you? What is it that the New Post wanted from you?

Vera: - Haha, you got me. No, I'm not a teacher, I'm a psychologist. I was contracted by companies to develop tests. Recently, I got a job with what I thought was a military contractor, but I don't know what they were doing. That was a few months ago. The New Post probably found my name in their archives.

Me: - You're a smart girl, maybe you have some idea about what they were up to? #Vera: - My tests were aimed at identifying individuals who can withstand loneliness, work independently, and keep calm in critical situations...

Vera: - I know that sounds suspicious, but believe me, I've done countless tests like that before. Plenty of companies order tests like that, not just military contractors. #Me: - So you might not always know who it is that you're working for?

Vera: - That's right. I certainly don't know how it turned into this situation. I don't know anything at all about any other guys.

Pick her up

[Instead of taking my usual route, I decide to take a shortcut road through the forest. I come across an abandoned house. Perhaps I'll find something useful here...]

[The house doesn't look as abandoned as I had thought...]

[I try to call Vera, but her phone is off.]

[SMS from Vera: Come see me, I have some information for you. Sending you my coordinates.]

[I arrive at Vera's place. It's a huge and expensive house. In a pool next to the house, I see Vera.]#Me: - Not a bad place you've found for yourself.

Vera: - The world is collapsing, so why shouldn't I live well? Besides, it's not like the owners are coming back. I love comfort. #Me: - You don't seem to believe that the situation can be remedied.

Vera: - No, I don't. I think all these new groups that are trying to bring order won't be able to do anything. By the way, I've decided to help you a little bit, and phoned a colleague. We had worked together in the organization.

[Vera starts to remove her swimsuit.] #Vera: - She believes that a man survived on the space station. So theoretically, he can be brought back to Earth. And if they bring him to an isolated room while in his spacesuit, he will not get infected.

Vera: - Is it ok if I sunbathe like this? I think the New Post already have the right people to ensure his descent. The only question is; why they need men? #Me: - What about your organization?

Vera: - I don't know, I didn't have access to such data. But if what I heard is true, I think they will also try to get this man. And maybe there are even other interested parties.

Vera: - And what is your interest in all this? #Me: - I just want to understand what happened in the world. And I wouldn't mind helping to correct the situation, if I can.

Vera: - Is it not better to forget about it all and enjoy the remnants of civilization? Haven't many more opportunities become available than to you than you could previously get? And I wouldn't mind if you stayed...

Me: - No, not right now. I think I should probably visit New Post to see what, if anything, they have done yet. #Vera: - Well, I'll let you know if I find out anything else.

SMS from Natasha: Denis, we are entering the final stage in the recovery of the second man. Contact your informants, you must ensure that no one will interfere with us.#[I think I should call Vera.]

[I call Vera, and after some wrangling, she agreed to meet me at the cave near the beach in my hometown.]

[We arrive at the mouth of the cave.]#Vera: - Denis, we can't go through that door, it does not open from the outside. I'll show you another entrance. #Me: - I was thinking you knew more than you were saying!

[We began making our way along the slopes along the shore.] #Vera: - I had just wanted to be left alone. #Me: - I need to understand the situation for myself.

[It's getting pretty high here, better be careful to not fall down.] #Me: - Have you been here often? It seems you are very familiar with the road. #Vera: - A couple of times... Like I said, I conducted psychological testing groups here.

Me: - Didn't it seem to you like a strange place to work? #Vera: - You never knew what or where the research was conducted, but the pay was good.

Vera: - We'll be there soon, what do you hope to find there? There's probably no one left. #Me: - I think they were already prepared for everything that happened. I lived with a girl and they broke in looking for me. This was soon after the epidemic.

[Coming out from behind some bush, we reached flat ground.] #Vera: - You're right, the whole thing is weird. Well, we're here... #Me: - Let me have a look in there first.

[It seems like an ordinary cave, littered with stones.]

[Further inside is a large spacious room with lots of passageways visible.]

Vera: - Denis.. wait.#[Vera begins to climb over the stones after me.] #Vera: - I'll show you which direction to take.

Me: - Are you not going with me? #Vera: - No, I'm not prepared to do more than I already have. But just in case, I would like something else from you...

[Vera deftly unzips my pants and pulls out my dick.]

Me: - I'll see you again. #Vera: - I hope so.


Lilu: - Hi, is that you? I've been waiting.... Did you learn anything about my mother? #Me: - Hello. I'm very sorry, I have not been able to find out anything about her yet.

Me: - But, I do not think that she is in any danger. If it's really the girls from New Post who took her, I think she'll be okay. #Lilu: - Why are you so sure?

Me: - I have been in their offices a few times... I've talked with the boss. They have some plans for the city, but they don't do anything really terrible. #Lilu: - I hope that that is true, I worry about her.

Me: - Well, you look good, you've managed okay by yourself? #Lilu: - I have a supply of food and water. I'm all grown up and was ready for an independent life... but not in this way.

Me: - Good, I will help you, and you will gain some experience.

Lilu: - I am already experienced, if you know what I mean...

Me: - Yeah, I can see. #Lilu: - Okay, I'm off to take care of my housework. Nice to hear from you.

Lilu: - Hey, Denis. I wanted to tell you that you were right about our last conversation. #Me: - Yeah, what do you mean?

Lilu: - Today someone left a box with supplies and a note near my door. They told me not to worry about my family. That she is in no danger, and will soon return. I don't know if you helped, or it was just a coincidence, but I decided to thank you anyway.

Me: - It's not necessary, and I don't know how you could thank me... #Lilu: - Ahhh.. but I know of something.

Lilu: - What type of girls do you like?

Me: - I like liberated girls like yourself.

Lilu: - That's good.

Lilu: - Do you mean like this?

Lilu: - All right, that's enough for today. I'm turning off the cam. Kiss.

[I entered into the passage, pointed out by Vera. The light from the street above lights it well.]

[It's very interesting, that this is here. I had no idea that under our city there was a place like this.]

[I get to a point where the path diverges. But Vera had not mentioned which direction I should go.]

[I hope I chose the correct path. There are very high, reinforced ceilings... I wonder why this place was built.]

[After a passing through a few more rooms, I come across something that has fallen, or maybe that they tried to build something.]

[In the corner of the room, I notice a ladder leading up into a hatch in the ceiling.]

[It's too dark. I can not see anything.]

[What a mess in here.]

[I return again to the tunnels. Some pipes and cables go through them. I think I should follow along them.]

[I enter into some big room. I think I'm getting close.]

[I look inside the door, but it's quite dark, I can not see what's in that room.]

[I go back to the fork, I think it is worth exploring the other path.]

[Some kind of technical room ahead.]

[I can not even imagine what kind of mechanism this is.]


[I come into a huge room, there are a number of buses in it. But they are quite old already. Maybe it was some kind of vault in case of war.]

[As I continue on, there are even older buses here. How many years has this place been around?]

[This room with the buses is so huge that I can not even see the far side. But I can see on the side wall a small room with a lamp.]

[In here is some kind of switchboard. It appears quite old, but some lights are lit up, so apparently it still works.]

[In any case, I flipped all the circuit breakers. There was no noticeable effect.]

[Behind the door is another room with good lighting. Trays of cables pass through this room and into the next.]

[In the middle of the room there is a huge reservoir of some bright green liquid. Damn, what do they do here?]

[There is a whole subway! Let's find out where it will take me.]

[I ride in the car for about 10 minutes until it automatically comes to a stop.]



[I go into the bathroom to wash.]

[In the bathroom are Masha's things. But what do we have here...?]

[It seems that she has left her panties here.]

Masha: - Um... #Me: - Oh!

Me: - I just came in... wanted to move your stuff... #Masha: - It seems to me that you are playing with my underwear...

Me: - No, you misunderstand... #Masha: - Really? #[Masha closes the door.]

Masha: - Then why is your dick standing up?

Masha: - Now get out, I need a bath.

[I come into the living room. Oksana is playing some game on her phone.]

Me: - Hello. I wanted to see how you were doing.

[Oksana puts down her phone.] #Oksana: - I was just thinking about you.

Oksana: - You're bored without me too?

Oksana: - Come back soon.

Masha: - Leave my underwear alone and get out.

Oksana: - I'm alright, go to bed and rest.

[SMS from Alina: Come visit me, I have something important to discuss with you.]

[I have come to meet with Alina, and she brings me into the living room.]

Alina: - I went with the girls to the New Post warehouse which you had found. There are many useful things and food reserves. I have thought hard about how to distribute it all in a way that will not cause more problems.

Alina: - There is a high probability of starting disturbances, fights... someone could get hurt. Anyway, back to our conversation about the organization of the administration of the city.#Me: - Yes, of course. I remember, I agreed to help you with this. What do you need from me?

Alina: - I want to propose my candidacy for the role of the head of the city. And in case of any disagreement from others, I would like the support of a man, ie; you. So, even if there are other candidates, they will have nothing to oppose me.

Me: - I am not against this in principle. I spend a lot of time in this city, so I think nothing bad will happen if more people know about me.#Alina: - That's great!

Alina: - Then I will think about it some more and I will inform you with a text message where and when we all decide to take action.

Me: - Ok, I will be waiting.#Alina: - It would be nice to improve the lives of all these girls anyway.

[SMS from Alina: I spoke to all my friends, and they support our idea. So, we will prepare flyers to spread to all others.]

[SMS from Alina: We will hold a public meeting at my house tonight. Come by when you finish your business.]

[I arrive at Alina's house later in the evening, as she had requested. I assume she has told everyone what she wanted to do in the city. It's my turn to help her.]

[WTF! There were a lot of people in there... and Alina...!!!]

Move away

[I go forward and I enter into a big modern complex. How could such a big complex be built unnoticed?]

[There are huge corridors, as if they extend under the whole city. I cannot imagine how much time I would need to explore everything down here.]

[Some kind of laboratory. Some of the equipment is turned on, but I cannot imagine what kind of things were being done here.]

[Many obscure devices.]

[This room appears to be a warehouse. Dozens of pallets piled with boxes. I can not even squeeze through them. There must be another entrance.]

[This is some kind of lecture hall. Everything looks new, I don't think anybody ever used it.]

Further along here is a series of small rooms behind glass. By their design - they seem more like detention cells. Interesting, whom where they going to hold here?]

[Wow! What kind of place is this? It looks analogous to cryo-chambers from films. There are hundreds of them.]

[As I approach, the lights turn on. It's empty, but it looks like the mechanism works. I have of course read that scientists are trying to freeze people, but I didn't think that all the necessary technology was already available. Whom were they going to store there?]

[The Cryo-chambers are arranged in several floors. It's a pity that I didn't meet anyone to be able to ask about all these things. I'm too tired now and I should get back home. I'll come back here later for further searches.]

To pussy

[I need to go see Vera. I'm interested to see if she knows what is really going on here? I don't really know about these things.]

[I go to see Vera, and I find her in the backyard of her new house.]

Vera: - I'm glad that you came back, and weren't hurt. Did you find what you were looking for?#Me: - There were very strange things happening in there, I suspect you are keeping some information from me.#Vera: - Well, I did tell you I don't want to get into this.

Vera: - Yes, there was a lot of strange things there, but look around. It is what it is, get over it! Try to live your life to the max.#Me: - I can't...

[Vera gets up and goes into the yard.]#Vera: - Before, I would never have been able to afford a house like this. Now I have it, and no neighbors. I can do whatever I want.

Vera: - Hey, neighbors! Don't you see, there is no one around. Take it easy and have fun. Come to me.

Vera: - It's a pity that we have no music, I would show you...

Me: - I like everything even without music...

Vera: - I know how to distract you from the bad thoughts, when I get everything ready, I'll send you a text.

[SMS from Natasha: We've started the final phase of our search for the second man. We've come to your town and settled in the western warehouse. Come by, I have some work for you too.]

[At the entrance I'm met by a couple girls and they led me to the far back of the hangar. The hangar had been put in order and equipped as a small office. I sat down at the table and soon Natasha came in.]

Natasha: - Oh, you're already here. Good. We were able to gather all the information about that man in orbit. And we have found a way to return him back to the Earth.#Me: - But will it be safe for him?

Natasha: - He will be in a spacesuit, and down here we have already prepared a sealed room for him. After that our doctors will take care of him.#Me: - And what about his descent?

Natasha: - In orbit, there is an American shuttle, which can bring him down in an automatic mode to the location we choose. So we just need to pick him up first.#Me: - This look promising. What do you need from me?

Natasha: - In this city there is a modern scientific complex. Inside there are the necessary equipment for transmission of commands to control the shuttle. We have already prepared all the necessary software. You need to find a way to get into this complex, and simply insert a USB flash drive into their server.

Natasha: - There are high security alarms, and if they were to go off the computers could be locked. That's why we cannot just crack the door. Solve this problem, and I will pay you well.#[They obviously don't know that I already have access there.]

Me: - I think this is a difficult task. I'll have to locate someone who had access there. I would like something more for this work.#Natasha: - Hmm...

Natasha: - Well, I think I can support you. I can give you girls and weapons for your own business.

Me: - That would be great. But, I have to do much for your company, maybe I could get something more intimate?#Natasha: - Hmm...

[Natasha gets on her knees in front of me.]#Natasha: - You're not my type... But, if we succeed, then I may be able to repay you.

Natasha: - So, the choice is not particularly difficult. Now go and get on with this job.

[Masha's card is still working, and I have no problems getting inside.]

[I climb up to the management floor and immediately go to the computer center.]

[I insert the USB drive and some commands race across the screen. They flash by too quickly to have time to read them, but I don't think I would have understood a thing anyway. When the program finishes its work a pop up window appears on the screen for entering a message.]

[I type on the keyboard: 'Hello. Are you there?' and press Enter. I wait a few minutes, but there is no reply.]

[I type on the keyboard: 'Hello. I don't know how much you know, but there is a virus or something on the Earth that killed all the men. I'm not sure about your safety down here', and press Enter. I wait a few minutes, but there is no reply.]

Ask for more (23А)

Ask for even more (25А)

Connect USB flash drive

Caution him

[SMS from Natasha: I was told that you were successful at the science center. I've decided to thank you, and you will become a part of our organization. I will give to you a facility and people, so you will be able to carry out your own operations. I'll send the coordinates to your phone, they will explain everything.]

[I have arrived at the specified location. There is a large hangar here.]

Girl: - Hi, I've been waiting for you. The boss appreciated your help and supports you in our organization. Now you will have your own squad. You can send them to do different jobs, to obtain different and useful items, or perform any other missions.

Girl: - We will send you two girls to start, with a basic set of uniforms and weapons. Enhancements you can order from us or find yourself. Come back again later, the girls will arrive soon. Good luck to you. And we'll be in touch if the boss needs anything from you.

[The girl climbs in her fancy car and drives away. I inspect the hangar, it's quite large, but also absolutely empty. I'll get it fixed up.]

Me: - Hello Lilu. How are you doing?#Lilu: - I'm all right, settling in by myself. Tell me, how you doing? What's new?

Me: - A lot of things have happened, I don't even know where to start...#Lilu: - You come up with something, and I will entertain you :)

Me: - Well, for example, it looks to me that in our city they were doing some experiments.

Me: - I don't know whether it was military or independent companies.#Lilu: - Wow, that's interesting. And what is it they were doing?

Me: - I don't know exactly. I'm trying to understand it all.#Lilu: - What other interesting things do we have in the city?

Me: - Here is some important news, though it does not belong to just our city. You'll never guess whom they found.#Lilu: - Is it another man that survived?

Me: - Yes, it looks like he was stuck on the space station. I think they will try to bring him down him to the earth.

Lilu: - That would be cool, the more men - the better :)

Me: - That seems to be the highlights of the news lately. Now you know everything.#Lilu: - Yeah, you did find some news to surprise me.

Me: - Yeah, you too.#Lilu: - CU xoxo

[SMS from Oksana: My friends dragged over a washing machine, so I'm not having to wash by hand. But it is so old, and it seems broken. Could you try to fix it?]#[I don't know how to repair it. I need to find some sort of instructions.]

[Oksana has asked me to repair her washing machine, but I don't know how. I need to find some instructions.]

[I fumbled around the shelves and found a collection of manuals for various household appliances. It seems there is something here that I can use to help Oksana.]

[I go to Oksana's and the first thing I do is go down into the basement and repair her washing machine. Everything seems to be working and I call her. She already has a whole basket of dirty laundry ready.]

Oksana: - It's very cool to have a man who can help with household chores. I am so lucky.

Me: - It was a fairly easy fix, I'm always happy to help you. #Oksana: - It seems our town is coming back to normal. In recent days, there were no problems with electricity and water. I can now even enjoy household appliances.

Me: - Maybe the city has new administration that is taking care of this? Have you heard anything about it? #Oksana: - I don't know anything about it.

Me: - Then, another question... What kind of outfit are you wearing? :) #Oksana: - Well, actually, I dressed this way for you...

Oksana: - Do you like it?

Me: - Yes, a wonderful view. #Oksana: - Really?

Oksana: - I need to break something more often.

If you get stuck you can add one AP, press (1) during the game. Once per game day.

If you do not have enough money to buy little things, you can add 1,000 rubles by pressing (3) during the game. Once per game day.

Lost or went the wrong way? Add any number of AP, press (2) during the game.

Not enough money to live on? Add 5000 rubles by pressing (4) during the game. Sadly, it does not work in real life :(

Too shy? Add coolness, press (5) during the game.

Do you want to be loved by all the girls? Press (6) during the game. Careful, love can not be undone.

All bonus content is unlocked.

Enter your club code:

One AP added.

Code has already been used during current day.

1000 rubles added.

5000 rubles added.

All the girls are in love with you.

1 Alpha added.

The bonus content is now unlocked.

This cheat can be used only starting from the 15th day.

- Early access

- 100% Walkthrough

- Cheat codes

- Unlock bonus content

- and other

[I have come to the place that was previously Alina's home. Very little remains of the house.]

[I expected to see many dead bodies here. Before this occurred, she had said that they would begin a meeting about the administration of the city. But, strangely, I don't see any bodies.]

[The fire had been powerful and everything is burnt.]

[It looks like the detonation came from inside the house, the roof is scattered all around.]

[Interesting... was this planned, or was it some kind of horrible accident. And, where is everyone? Maybe they left before the detonation, but where is Alina now.]

[In the middle of the room the floor is broken down. I didn't know that Alina had a basement.]

[I jump down, almost whacking my leg on charred logs.]

[It looks like there was a typical stairway, though it was hidden before. But now it is all burned too.]

[The topside of the house was all wood, but the basement is made of brick and pretty big.]

[There is a heavy steel door here.]

[The door handle is burned and it seems that the lock is damaged, the door is very solid. I'll have to find something that can help me to break it open.]

[SMS from Natasha: We're ready to land our astronaut. If you want to see him, come to the specified location.]

[I'm on my way to the place indicated by Natasha. It will be interesting to see how they turn it around. On the way, an armed woman in an unusual outfit meets me.]#Girl: - Hey, Denis. Come with me.

Me: - I see you are well prepared. Where do you get such clothing?#Girl: - Haha, Yeah. But I don't know anything about it. What I was given - I wear. As far as I understand, it's for fear that we could infect this new man. Although no one even knows if it really was a virus.

[We come to the camp. They are preparing the meeting.]#Me: - I've also thought a lot about everything that happened. As for a virus, it was too fast, and apparently occurred all over the planet at the same time.

[We pass by a tent. There is some kind of air supply system brought in. Apparently, they will keep the astronaut inside, for his safety, to protect him from infection.]#Me: - I am so afraid that all these precautions will not help.

Girl: - Yes, it's all very surprising and strange. But it's not for us to decide, so you'll also have to wear this stupid costume.#Me: - Ah... damn.

[I put on the costume, and the other girls lead me to the landing area. They've calculated that the capsule with the astronaut will automatically come down accurately, in the place they programmed it to.]

[They're even washing the asphalt, they're taking this situation seriously. To be honest, I am very surprised by such training. They have quickly evolved from a street gang to such a large organization.]

[I notice that many are looking into the sky, it seems our guest is coming.]

[Suddenly, we hear a loud hissing sound. What was that?]

Get dressed


Fill out the fields

Incorrect password

Your subscription has expired

You are logged in!

You need to log in#to your club#account to play

[I looked around. Everyone froze in amazement staring upward. It seems no one believes that this long preparation for the operation could fail, even in this way.]

Everyone starting sudden ran and began to get weapons and take their seats on the cars. Probably try to find those who shot down the module. It seems that the launch has been very close. And I'd better get out of here, so as not to get into problems.

On Earth

Weapon set

Armor set

[SMS from Lisa: I have seen an explosion in the sky, is that what I think? Nothing worked? Сome to me and tell me the details when you have the time.]

[I come to Lisa. Although she tried give no sign but interest gleamed in her eyes. Of course, the a good few of the inhabitants saw what happened in the sky, and now burning with curiosity.]

[Lisa gave me tea and show me the way into the living room. I told her a story about how we with the New Post were trying to get down an astronaut, though in some of these events she participated herself.]

[She does not look too surprised when I've told in what way it was over.]#Lisa: - I thought as much. It seems there are forces that don't want that we'll have some order and that we'll have some progress in solving the problem.

Me: - Now I think so too, to shoot down lander by the rocket - not everybody can.#Lisa: - It looks like they are in a serious mood and well-armed. Here recently another girl wanted to organize a semblance of urban administration, get busy with the food distributing...

Lisa: - But her house was detonated, with her followers. Maybe you heard about it. I would really like to know who is behind all this. You are so closely cooperate with the New Post now, maybe you could get me a place here?

Invite her


Me: - I have organized my own group, and I would like if you're join us. I think together we will make sense of it all.#Lisa: - Well, this is good enough for me!

Me: - I think you should not get stuck in it, it's too dangerous.#Lisa: - It is a pity, but maybe you're right.

Me: - I have to you another offer...#Lisa: - What are you doing?

[It took only some seconds to remove her blouse. It looks like she has not yet realized what she want.]

[But she obediently drop on her knees and begin to unzip my pants.]

Flirt (24A)

[I lay her down on the bed and proceed to undress. She don't say a word, but don't resist.]

Look (25A)

Me: - I'll see you again.#Lisa: - Of course, come to me as you can.

[Her phone is off.]

Bonus content:##- Unlimited days#- Girl with equipment set on Base

Secrets found (current build):

[I wandered to the building area, not the safest place. But I found a crowbar, it can be useful.]

[Lock is damaged by fire. I need something to pry up the door to open it.]

Break (10)

[I used a crowbar, but nothing doing.]

[I used a crowbar and the door half opened.]

[There dark Inside, but it seems this part of the basement is undamaged. Here Alina has some warehouse stores.]

[I found a book about survival may I be able to learn from it something useful.]

[I found some weapons, I can pass them to the girls from the Base.]

[In the box were bulletproof vests. Walking around the city, wearing them is not very convenient, but for the girls from the Base they can be useful.]

[In the corner, there is a place to work with computer. Interesting why she had arranged it here.]

To computer

Enter password:

[On the table, there is a voice recorder. Unfortunately, it is tape, and there is no cassette. If she was something recording on it, everything could be lost in the fire.]

[I picked up the phone, the phone has a dial tone but when I become dialing, nothing happens.]

Week 1###Whole week passed after the starting of the epidemic. During this time I haven't met any man, it seems all they're really died. If this is a virus, it has a strange selectivity. I didn't hear anything about mortality among girls.###Most likely, such situation is everywhere, but many of the neighborhood girls decided to go out from the city, they think that it affects only us. We have a little numbers of grocery stores and now it seems we'll have more problems with food.

Week 2###As I thought, all rushed to loot shops. It was expected, but I didn't think that someone will be able to quickly organize. To the city came a group of armed girls, who call themselves New Post. They took control of stores and warehouses, and promise to distribute the product evenly. But it seems to me that they did not get anything for free.

Week 3###Life in the city began to calm down. New Post has helped to remove all the dead bodies, they are invited more people into its ranks. However, they don't take everyone, as a result. They called me, but I decided to say no, because I don't really like their methods.###I have more free time, and I began to think about the epidemic. It is very strange. I think it is the fault of military, or some failed experiment. Recently in our town opened a research center, I should to go there. ###And there is interesting rumors that there are still alive men. In any case, I've heard that the one was seen. I think it's all tale.

Week 4###Be honest, I was wrong, gossips about man became more. They say that he is already in our city. But the New Post on the contrary, gathered everything what they could and went out of the city. I think I need to do this by myself, it is possible to organize some city administration. I know a few girls who will help me.

Week 5###I met with this man. It seems he is also interested in helping the city and find the cause of the epidemic. But I don't want to involve outsiders in what I've found. The other day I had an appointment, which would explain a lot. If my suspicions are true, and I think it will be so, I declare everything at the first meeting of the new city administration. That will change everything.

[Damn, there is nothing in her diary for the next week. And at that meeting I've come not in time, and, of course, this saved me. But what did she know?]

** Try enother path or look for a new version of the game: **#** New updates every week **

** Entrance to the Base is available only for members of the Private Club from **

[I'm hungry, need something to eat.]

Back to game

To main menu


Delete Base save

Base save deleted.

Delete game saves

All game saves deleted.

[SMS from Vera: Hi, if you're free, come to me at evening. Need your male power.]

[I have come to the Vera's home. The door wasn't locked, well, at least the maniacs in the world became less. I went into the kitchen, where I was met by the hostess.]#Vera: - Hey, Den, I need your help with the wood, come with me.

Vera: - How's your investigation going?#Me: - It isn't very good. More questions than answers.#Vera: - Don't get upset. I think you will do it!

Vera: - Here is wood, I want to heat the house...#Me: - Wait, but perhaps your house is connected to the central heating.#Vera: - You saw through me...

Me: - You sly...

Vera: - I just wanted to see you and I don't think anything better.

Vera: - Now I am happy.#Me: - You can just ask me next time.

Vera: - Deal!

Vera: - All right, let's go into the house, I'll cook something tasty for you. You can also spend the night with me.

Chapter 8

The current version is available 54 game days to achievement all events.

Your progress will be save after passing the third game day.

Your progress will be save at night between game days.

Your progress will be save after each game scene.

Time left:

[Three months earlier prior to the epidemic.]

Kate: - I did the right thing, that persuaded you to take day off from your work today. We seldom meet recently. So, that's why I drag you from your work in the cafe. #Me: - You know very well, that the firm has big project. I have to prepare a lot of documents.

Kate: - I know that all, but it's really frustrating.#Me: - And today's evening I need return to work, I still have another work to do. They cannot receive batch without me.

Kate: - But at least I hope you won't come back too late? I can help you to relaxing. #Me: - I don't know. Don't wait for me.

Kate: - Well, then I'll go to my girlfriend in the evening. If you get away from work earlier, you can come to us, but not the fact that we will be sober.

Kate: - Maybe you should change your job? I could talk to my father, he can take you to his business. #Me: - You shouldn't have.

Kate: - So, you won't work after hours, and the salary would be higher. #Me: - But your father's business is not entirely legitimate, and his companions are dangerous and influential people.

Kate: - Oh, my dad won't do anything to you, he knows how much I love you. #Me: - Don't get me started on that! I don't want to change my jobs, I have possibility in our company.

Kate: - Whatever you say... And how much we still have to go? #Me: - 10 minutes, you've chosen not the closest cafe.

Kate: - I'm specifically, I love when you drive my car, and I'm free and I can do this...

Marina: - Hey, Kate, no trouble getting here? #Kate: - Everything itэs ok, Dennis today delayed at work again, so that I can stay with you.

Marina: - Well, I'm always glad to see you.

Kate: - And where is your boyfriend? #Marina: - I send him to his home, so we are safe from interruption.

Marina: - I have a Martini, and... a bit of a marijuana. #Kate: - All that we to pick our boyfriends to pieces.

Marina: - So, we lying on the beach. I covered his groin by the towel, and masturbate his dick like anything. And then I see that he staring at busty blondie opposite to us, already drooling over.

Kate: - Yes, the men sometimes really don't think by their heads...

Marina: - Well, I'll grab him by his balls, as much as he screamed in surprise. #Kate: - Ha-ha-ha! You're strict with him.

Kate: - With Denis, apart from his work, all is well, it seems he loves me, too. And all super in sex, I think he always wants me.

Marina: - Sure thing! You so beautiful!

Kate: - Marijuana is really cool. #Marina: - As always, I take it in the same place.

Kate: - I want to distract Denis from work, give him some kind of adventure.

Marina - I think I know what to do.

Chapter 8: Adventure

[I woke up in the morning, and Vera was not here. On the table was breakfast for me.]

[The door was already broken.]

[I wandered into a new part of the city. There is a huge territory fenced with concrete fence.]

[It seems that there was some garages or warehouses. It looks like all the abandoned since the days of the USSR.]

[I found the book. I can learn something new from it.]

[A pile of rotten trash.]

[The bus with broken windows. It looks like young people had fun. Right beside roll a crowbar, with which they beat it.]

[It looks like this place was abandoned long before the epidemic.]

[I strolled around the area. There then began car dump.]

[The Russian car industry.]

[I look into the cars. Nothing useful inside there.]

[Seems, from this car this removed some parts.]

[One of the cars more or less in good condition. I'll try to start this car.]

[It doesn't work. I'll try again later.]

[The car is started up, but driving such car without attracting attention - nothing doing. I think I can give it to girls from my Base, so they will get to their mission quickly.]

Repair (16)


Masha's house

Oksana's house

Alina's house

New Post

Landing place






Scientific center

Boiler house


My Base

Train station




City exit

Explore the city



My house

Industrial Zone




Niki's house

New house


Olga's house

Olga's cottage

[It's some kind of dating site. Hmm, is it still popular?#I can create a account.]

[I send message to SexyDoll, she is so hot, and I do not mind to get to know her better.]

[I send message to Lilu, she is so hot, and I do not mind to get to know her better.]

[I send message to Alexandre, she is so hot, and I do not mind to get to know her better.]

[I am too often spend the night with she, she can become attached to me. And I don't need it now.]

[SMS from Oksana: Hello. I'm already missed of your man's attention. Can you come in to see me?]

[I came to Oksana. She wear a very playful suit. Looks planned something interesting.]

[Cool legs.]

Me: - Hi, babe. I am happy, that you wrote, I missed you, too.

Oksana: - Yeah? That's good. What about this?

Oksana: - You know, you could come up with something more romantic. #[Damn, I should buy flowers or gifts, and try again.]

Touch boobs

Touch pussy

Blowjob >> (24A)

Oksana: - If you stay, I can cook the dinner for you. What about it?

Me: - I would rather go.

[Together we went to the shower and tidy ourselves. We discussed the latest news and went to the kitchen, where Oksana began to cook me some yummy.]

Oksana: - What your girlfriend does usually cook for you? #Me: - She is not very fond of cooking, and she always ate some salads.

Oksana: - Clearly. So, did you contact with her? #Me: - Not yet ... #Oksana: - Well, I hope everything is ok there.

Flirt (25A)

Oksana: - What are you doing?

Me: - Well, maybe we don't need this food?

Oksana: - Well, you are for it now!

Oksana: - Stop, that's enough for today. #[Oksana had finished cooking food and we ad a dinner, and I decided to leave.]

Me: - Now I am really hungry. #Oksana: - Ha ha ha. #[Later we had finished cooking food. I have ate and now I can go on my business.]

Look (50LP)

[When I going out of the town, I saw sitting on the sidelines girl. Her face looks desperate, maybe she needs help.]

[I pulled over, she noticed it and come toward me.]

[Hmm, I think she did not expect to see the man at the wheel, and become confused.]#Kim: - Oh, hi... I need to get to the next town, can you bring me there?#Me: - Of course, hop on!

Kim: - I completely low on funds, I had no money to pay the fare. And at home my sister waiting for me, she worries.#Me: - What are you doing here, so far from home?

Kim: - That so stupid situation. My sister and I hung out in the PromZone and spent much more money than expected. And now they claim money, even started threatening. I was there to meet with someone from New Post about the work, but they didn't want to even talk to me, they said that they have no time for me.

Me: - Yes they have some problems, do not know how it will end. But I also want to recruit people and could help you, how much do you need?#Kim: - Our debt 50 000 and it would be good to get some food.

Me:- Well, then I'll come to you when I will have gathered everything you need. #Kim: - Wonderful, we will be waiting for you.

[I came home to the girls. Looks like they have tried to pay off their debts to the PromZone and sell a lot of things from the apartment.]

Ivanna: - You did not say that it would be a man. Where does he come from? #Kim: - You would not believe me until saw him yourself. #Ivanna: - Hell, in the PromZone was rumors about the man, but I do not even think that's true.

Me: - Stop arguing, sit down. I organized my company. It's not very safe work, but you can make good money and you will regularly have food. Moreover, I'll give you an advance 50 000 and food. What you think about it?

Kim: - Yes, and we have no alternative, we agree. #Ivanna: - So, and will you visit us, or this isn't included to the work bonuses in your company?

[They are cute.]#Me: - Well, I don't know at all. The last few days I have no much time.

Ivanna: - And if we are going to do this?

[I'm staring at kissing girls, and Kim has already started to undress her sister.]

Kim: - It was great! See you on your Base.

[At first, I need to raise money, at least 50 000 and a couple of canned.]



Press 1: Add a heart (AP). Once a game day.

Press 2: Add 1000 rubles. Once a game day.

Press 3: Add any number of hearts (AP).

Press 4: Add 5000 rubles.

Press 5: Add Alpha points (A).

Press 6: Improve skills of the hero.

Press 7: Girls 100% loves you (LP).

- Unlimited days#- Bonus girl with a set of equipment on the Base

Hero's skills are improved.

[Behind the door I hear that Kate starts the water in the bathroom. So, she take the shower. Hmm, today she woke up earlier than me.]

[It seems she decided to play a little with herself.]

Kate: - Well damn, you scared me so much! You cannot sneak up!#Me: - Why are you got up so early, somewhere planned go today?

Kate: - Yes, decided to visit Spa. And what about your big project at your work?#Me: - Yesterday had just finished preparing the documents for them and now we are waiting for their answer is.

Kate: - I hope at least you can go on vacation after that. We could go to the sea somewhere. We will rent the bungalow on the beach, we will swim naked and fuck right on the beach...

Kate: - Well, do not just stand there, come to me, because you'll be late for work.

Olga: - Hello, you late again.#Me: - It's all traffic jams.#Olga: - Well, sure...

Me: - You look amazing today, I would be happy to late for work because of the breakfast in bed from you.#Olga: - Yeah, dream on.

Olga: - Go to the boss at once, there are some questions about yesterday's documents#Me: - Ok.

Boss: - Denis, I contacted with our partners, they want to increase the number of equipment, which will be carry. They are also added some deep freeze cameras, I do not know what is it. Check if it is necessary to get additional permissions for carry it. Go to work!

[Here the lists of different scientific equipment. Interesting, where they are going to install all this. They're lead our company to sign a nondisclosure agreement, and still hide for what all this and where it will be install...]

Lena: - Good evening, Kate. I'm glad to see you. So, today is fullbody massage?#Kate: - Hi! Yes, let's do fullbody! I think I've pulled muscle! Probably after sex with Denis.

Lena: - Ha ha, these things happen! After massaging everything will be ok.#Kate: - I know, you have a magic touch.#Lena: - By the way, how is your Denis? Everything is all right?

Kate: - Yes, everything is super! I think I finally found the perfect man for me! I'm very happy with him.#Lena: - It's good, I'm even a little jealous of you.

Lena: - I'm very often swear with my man... Okay, take off your clothes, let's start.

Lena: - Have you some plans for this summer?#Kate: - Actually, yes, there is something.

Kate: - Denis does not know, but I hinted.#Lena: - Oh, that's interesting...

Kate: - I want to take off him to a good resort, I have even booked a room for us at the fantastic hotel in Miami.#Lena: - It should be great.

Kate: - There some surprises waiting for him. I'm sure we will spend great time!#Lena: - And when you going to go there? Why you don't tell him?#Kate: - I do not know exactly, he have some big project at work, which is run over time.

Kate: - But there is another problem - he does not like, when I asked my father for help. You know, I have not such a lot money. And Den's salary is also not enough.

Kate: - And he really was nowhere. So he will be happy, I think. And I'll thinking about how to get out from this situation.


Girls make a list of weapons and inventory and will report to you.




Send girls to the training. They need more time to military education and training.

Send girls to scout the city. It is necessary to explore the surrounding area.

We need more money to maintain the base. Send girls to find the money.

We need more supplies and equipment. Send girls to scout the abandoned shops.

We find a well-guarded military base, we need to know what they're hiding.



In progress


On mission



Trying to login. If it does not, then the game is blocked by your firewall or antivirus. Configure or disable them, or restart the game on as the Administrator

[A few hours ago.]

Man: - I do not know who is this, but they were able to bring the descend module from the neighboring station. I'm sure it was not easy to do. Although I have not received any answers, what has happened in the world, and why they have stopped responding.

Man: - But apparently I will have not another opportunity to come down. And so I stayed on here longer than mission was planned.

Man: - Let's go!

Me: – Fuck, that is this?!

Me: - What the fuck?! Who did that?#[A huge explosion lit up the sky. For a matter of seconds, even blinding eye.]

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