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Cyclist Corner is a voluntary initiative for repairing bicycles. It's designed to support the cycling community as well as the growth of communication between cyclists. Cyclist Corner is located in Falanster.

What can go wrong with your bike?

- the wheel broke through;

- the brakes are worn out;

- gear selection doesn't work;

- broken cable;

- whatever.

What to do?

Ride (if all is the really bad, then wheel the bicycle) to us. Repair your bicycle for free: our corner is a voluntary initiative that exists on the users' donations. To express your gratitude, you donate for the development of the movement or for tools. Or perhaps you are the master of repairing, and eager to help or teach others, but don't have the necessary equipment? In this case, we are glad to see/invite you as a volunteer.

What do we want?

Our initiative aims to support the cycling community, so we want to increase the communication between cyclists. Also, we are interested in spreading knowledge about the culture of cycling and cyclists' safety in an urban environment. In other words, we want to see good working bikes on the roads, and positive people who make new acquaintances and produce the most unexpected ideas in our corner.

Who and what is needed?

Since the corner is an initiative of people who concern, we will be pleased if the visitors will also be on the same page with us and support the work of volunteers with a donation. Furthermore, we need people who can be responsible for the work of the Corner and will open and close it when needed. We are also in need of good people who can repair bikes. To join the team is super simple: write to our mail [email protected] We want the Corner to have a long working life, so all people interested in supporting the cycling movement are welcome. Those who are not interested are welome too - we can tell you about the usefulness, low cost and environmental friendliness of cycling trips?

Change the rules!

To help beginners and experienced cyclists, we released a new version of 'Cyclist Handbook' – a pocket guide on what vehicles, how and on what paths we should cycle. Download a new version, tell your friends, follow the rules and know your rights.

Cyclist Handbook

The Cyclist Handbook is a brochure for cyclists who are going to discover the urban space. For further details about the project you can visit Handbook's page in Wiki. Download the guide here: Belarusian version and Russian version.

How to get there: Cyclist Corner is open whenever Falanster is open.

Entrance fee: Free.

Original (Belarusian): Куток Раварыста

Translation: © nadzeyabobrovnik . crowd

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