Как перейти на веганство, не ограничивая себя? - 5 простых советов

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1. Enjoy vegan versions of your favorite foods!

Becoming vegetarian doesn’t mean you have to give up the tastes you love. There are now delicious vegan versions of almost every meat, dairy, and egg product with all the flavor but without causing animal suffering and environmental degradation. Next time you are at the grocery store, fill your cart with these healthy and humane alternatives.

vanilla, chocolate, and plain soy milk • rice milk & almond milk from brands such as: Silk • Vitasoy • Edensoy • WestSoy • & Rice Dream

dairy-free pints, bars, & “nice” cream sandwiches in a variety of flavors from brands such as: Soy Delicious • Soy Dream • Rice Dream • Tofutti • WholeSoy • & Edy’s Sorbet

veggie burgers such as: Boca’s Vegan Original • Gardenburger's GardenVegan • Amy's California Burger and Texas Burger • & Yves Veggie Original

meat-free hot dogs such as: Lightlife’s Tofu Pups • SoyBoy’s Not Dogs • Tofurky’s Beer Brats • & Yves Hot & Spicy Chili Dogs, and Good Dogs, and Original Veggie Dogs

meatless deli slices such as: Lightlife’s Smart Deli • Yves Veggie Turkey, Salami, Bologna, and Ham • & Tofurky’s Original, Peppered, and Hickory Smoked styles

beef alternatives such as: Boca’s Ground Burger • Morningstar Farms’ Grillers Burger Style Crumbles • Lightlife’s Smart Menu Crumbles • Match Meats • & Yves Ground Round

chicken-free chicken nuggets such as: Trader Joe’s Soy Poppers • Health Is Wealth’s Chicken-Free Nuggets and Buffalo Wings • & Nate’s Chicken Style Nuggets

For vegan "scrambled eggs", try Fantastic Foods’ Tofu Scrambler or click here for a Tofu scramble recipe. When baking, substitute one egg for: 1 tbsp. cornstarch plus 2 tbsp. water • or 1 ounce of mashed tofu • or 1 tbsp. of ground flax seeds plus 3 tbsp. water • or 1/2 a banana • or Ener-G Egg Replacer

vegan yogurts such as: WholeSoy’s Creamy Cultured Soy • and Silk’s Cultured Soy in Vanilla, Strawberry, Apricot-Mango and other flavors

soy cheeses by Soymage, Vegan Rella, Veggie Kaas, Tofutti, and Follow Your Heart, “Macaroni and Chreese” by Road’s End Organics. For cheeseless recipes, pickup "The Uncheese Cookbook"

Think globally, eat locally

After exploring foods from other cultures, most new vegetarians find that they really have more food choices — not fewer. Here are just a few offerings from around the world:

Chinese - veggie stir-fry, garlic eggplant, fried tofu

Thai - veggie pad thai, tofu coconut curry, summer rolls

Japanese - veggie sushi (avocado, carrot, cucumber, mushroom, tofu, inari), edamame, miso soup, tempura

Ethiopian - lentils, collard greens, yellow split peas, injera

Indian - chana masala, aloo gobi, dal, veggie samosas

Mediterranean - hummus, falaffel, baba ganoush, mujadara, stuffed grape leaves, jasmine rice

Mexican - bean burritos, tacos, enchiladas

Visit veg-friendly establishments

As the number of people requesting vegetarian meals increases, so too, does the number of establishments catering to those requests.

Most chefs are happy to show off their skills by making you a tasty vegetarian dish that will make your dining companions green with envy. Explore your local health food store. You will be amazed at all the wonderful canned, frozen, and fresh vegetarian foods that are available.

The following websites can be used to find vegetarian-friendly restaurants and grocery stores in your area:

Grab a veggie cookbook

Countless vegetarian cookbooks, offering mouthwatering recipes ranging from grandma's traditional "meat and potato" type meals to colorful and exotic foods from around the world are just a bookstore or library away. Literally thousands of recipes are just a mouse click away on such websites as Vegan-Food.net and VeganChef.com.

Attitude, attitude, attitude

Becoming vegetarian is a process. Give yourself time to develop new eating habits. Soon your new diet will become second nature as you learn where to find wonderful vegetarian choices. Having other vegetarians in your life will make your new compassionate way of eating easier. Get involved with local vegetarian and animal rights groups to meet like-minded friends. Remember you are making a big difference in your own life as well as in the lives of countless animals.