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You will find a lot of acronyms in the market to define different types of solutions. This is

a normal situation as historically, the software for FM was driven by the evolution of the

profession in time.

Currently there still exist what is called “point solutions”, applications that are

specialized to one specific domain.

For instance applications for maintenance are grouped under CMMS – Computerized

Maintenance Management Systems. Very good when maintenance is the only scope.

Applications that track Real Estate portfolio, lease contract management and associated

cost and cost chargeback are grouped under REPM – Real Estate Portfolio Management.

Those applications are suitable for property managers as well for CREM – Corporate Real

Estate Managers and focus in depth on financial processes related to RE.

Some applications include an General Ledger for accounting purpose, some others, are

only limited to RE core business and has to be integrated with a General Ledger for

accounting and tax calculation.

Originally (back in 80’s) CAFM terminology emerged to define solutions that combine

the CAD graphical representation of space and database structure to manage the use of

space inside organizations. Today CAFM terminology is applied generic for integrated

systems that include other areas such as maintenance or REPM.

You will see later that, just to make your life more difficult, the integrated solutions got a new name.