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Вступление к разделу 3 (к первой половине тома 2 трилогии "Моя большая всеобщая теория)

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Man in the Loop

How You Fit into the Big Picture – Ego, Body, Mind, and Purpose


Introduction to Section 3

AUM evolved the space-time consciousness construct to provide us with the experience we need to help it lower its overall entropy. Is this not as crystal clear as the morning dew? If you do not understand this now, you will understand it clearly before you have completed Book 2.

Before we get started, it might be a good idea to warm-up first with a few mind stretches. Everybody take a deep breath. Here we go. Stay with me now. Try to hallucinate a spherical chicken… a very large spherical chicken… bigger… bigger… bigger. That’s it! Now hold that concept … hold it… hold it…. Now – this is the difficult part – pretend you understand it… that’s it, make it seem perfectly understandable, perfectly reasonable… that’s it! That’s it! Now hold that clarity… hold it…just a little longer… hold it…OK! … Relax! … Phew! That’s better. OK, now end with another deep breath. That was great! I think you are as ready as you are going to get.

Seriously folks, if you do not understand something, do not assume that it must be so or that it cannot be so – and do not pretend uncritically that you understand what is outside of your experience. Remember: Open-minded skepticism is the order of the day. Use it to fill up the void left by temporarily suspending your beliefs. All right, let’s get back to work.

It is not that we are separate from space-time and live within it, as we live in a house but are not part of the house. We experience space-time as our minds interpret and process the limited perceptions gathered by our senses. Contrary to popular belief, space-time is not a physical construct that we physical beings live within, but rather the result of a rule-set that defines the experiential virtual reality that we perceive. Because of our limited physical perception-based experience, it appears to us that we live or exist within a space-time universe when in fact space- time is nothing more than the constraints that bound the experience of an individuated consciousness enrolled in PMR 101.

I know that this is confusing, but by the end of Section 4, you will have no trouble understanding that the physical reality you physically experience is merely the experience our consciousness interprets as physical reality. If your sensed physical reality and what your consciousness interprets as physical reality seem the same to you, it is because your culture has convinced you that consciousness is a derivative of the physical body. The experience that our senses interpret as physical reality leads to the conclusion that physical reality is an external reality that our body interacts with (reality is defined by our physical interaction with it). On the other

hand, the experience that our consciousness interprets as physical reality leads to the conclusion that physical reality is an internal reality created by the perceptions of consciousness – a virtual physical existence that is defined by our mind’s interaction with the space-time rule-set. The first assigns perception directly to the body, while the second assigns perception directly to the consciousness and only indirectly to a virtual body constrained to perceive a local reality defined by a given rule set. An individual mind (an individuated unit of consciousness) engaged in an interactive multi-player virtual reality must experience, act, and interact within the bounds prescribed by the causal rule-set that defines that particular reality. Any consistent high fidelity virtual reality must follow a specific rule set and will appear to be physical to the individuals experiencing it.

Clarity should emerge in Section 4 as you begin to understand that the ultimate source of your experience is not what you perceive as your local physical reality. Your physical reality is an interpreted virtual reality that only appears physical. Have patience and you shall see that this concept is scientifically and logically sound.

Individuated consciousness within AUM is roughly analogous to a two-dimensional bed sheet that some children have stuck their hands into, pulling the sheet down around their wrists and forearms to make individuated hand puppets. Each hand puppet is an individual animated thing, and can interact with the other puppets (by grabbing them perhaps). Yet for all their individuality (fat, thin, small, large, aggressive, calm), each hand puppet is part of the same sheet, existing only as protrusions in the sheet relative to flatter, more uniform parts of the sheet. The puppets exist as three-dimensional variations in the two-dimensional sheet. They are all part of the same sheet, but exist as individual extensions of the two dimensional sheet into the third dimension.

It is worth noting that the extensions into the third dimension must be maintained by constraints. Imagine a rubber band that goes over the puppet and around the wrist of the child’s hand. Remove the constraint and the sheet’s protrusion into the third dimension quickly disappears. The sheet maintains its natural two dimensional existence unless some sort of constraint forces it to bulge in the third dimension.

Similarly we PMR physical beings, each with our personal individuated consciousness, are all part of the same AUM consciousness. We are individual, yet at the same time we are all one with AUM, the fundamental source consciousness. Our individual existence, like the hand puppets, is the result of constraints defining a dimensional variation in consciousness that individuates a unique entity with free will. Space-time is the virtual medium through which the rules of engagement (constraints that define our interactive experience with other “players”) are applied. Players are defined as anything (beings, objects, or energy) that may become interactive with us .

Can one idea (thought-thing) be manifested through (give birth to) another? Sure. Why not? In AUM’s world of digital consciousness energy, thoughts (discrete packets of organized content) are real things – the only real things – and AUM can birth (think up or organize) as many as it wants to. Think of a thought within AUM as a reusable object, a chunk of fixed or variable content with certain attributes, characteristics and abilities that can be stored, transmitted, or used as an operator. The object oriented programmers among you will pick this idea up very easily while the rest should think about the persistent, consistent, and cumulative digital existence of

various characters, items, and devices in interactive on-line computer games. Now, imagine that some of these game-object-thought-forms have enough complexity, memory, and access to processing power to be goal seeking, self-modifying independent agents. Let your imagination run wild until you can imagine digital creations of all types – all thought forms within a digital consciousness.

Recall that everything at its core is part of the same digital-AUM-mind-sheet-thing. If you followed the previous two paragraphs, you ended up with the concept that we are fragments, derivatives, or subsets of AUM consciousness, existing individually within AUM.

Oh sheet! This is confusing! [This is your first test. Was the preceding phrase: (a) – a prayer to AUM asking for guidance and relief; (b) – a thinly veiled coarse expression of frustration born of a limited viewpoint; (c) – a pitiful attempt at humor; (d) – one more meaningless phrase indistinguishable from all the others; or (e) – all of the above?]

In Section 4, I will give a detailed explanation of how we derive, perceive, and experience our 3D bodies as well as our entire space-time universe. We, our universe, and other universes in other dimensions are all specialized thought-parts or subsets of AUM. This is true for physical and nonphysical beings and universes. Before we leap off into a discussion of how, why, and where we as individuals fit into this Big Picture, let us quickly pull together and consolidate what we know about AUO, AUM, and the results of the Fundamental Process.

We know that AUM is the result of the Fundamental Process of evolution being applied to the one celled, dimly aware, primal AUO consciousness-potential energy-thing. We also know that AUM’s complexity and awareness continues to dramatically accelerate until it reaches a relatively stable average growth rate where issues of quality and refinement begin absorbing more of the available energy than bold new leaps into unknown and untried possibilities. From that point, internal quality is improved and gains are refined, integrated, and consolidated until the next evolutionary breakthrough occurs, setting off another period of rapid growth.

Eventually, the growth rates of finite systems must decrease (the very definition of maturity), but they do not have to go to zero. In general, the larger the system, the longer it takes before growth rates become asymptotic to the time axis. An apparently infinite aware- consciousness-energy-thing constitutes an exceedingly large finite system with unimaginable opportunities for accelerated growth. Do not even try to imagine the breadth, depth and capacity of AUM – you cannot.

Digital consciousness systems do not deteriorate with time like biological systems, though they can de-evolve – that is, evolve into higher entropy, less significant, profitable, and viable states. AUM achieves self-optimization and growth through the exploration of the possibilities by implementing the Fundamental Process. AUM can eventually figure out how to willfully boost its quality (lower its entropy by utilizing its potential and organizing its bits more effectively) once it realizes that profitability is a function of the intent that drives its choices. So it is with us.

When you read “AUM learns,” do not use the small-view definition of learning (intellectual learning). Learning is more than accumulating facts from your experience, other people, or books.

Big Picture learning must also include improving the quality of your being, which is not a fact-based process. Have you ever known an exceptionally smart person (knows lots of useful facts) who is also (choose one or more from the following list) dumb, out of it, insensitive, egocentric, arrogant, or an intermittent or full time jerk? If you have the stellar good fortune to hang out in the hallowed halls of academia, with the upper echelons of government or corporate management, or with a bunch of highly ambitious middle aged professionals, you know exactly the type I am referring to. Such a person appears more retarded than advanced from the perspective of a bigger picture where the ability to develop and maintain effective positive relationships with a wide variety of people is much more significant than the ability to manipulate facts.

Clearly, growing up within a larger reality has much more to do with raising the quality of your consciousness than accumulating information. What matters most is the development of wisdom, understanding, and the capacity to love – which are not primarily intellectual achievements. As you grow up, you learn to synthesize your experience data into larger and larger perspectives until eventually everything is seen to be interactive, interrelated, and a part of everything else. (The love I am referring to here is an attitude, a value, a way of interacting and being, and needs no specific object on which to focus.)

Facts and intellectual knowledge can help point in the right direction and perhaps pick around the edges of how to grow quality, but to truly “get it” requires that one go beyond rational PMR causal analysis. Analysis fails because you can never collect more than a small percentage of the relevant facts required for a rational, logical conclusion when dealing with Big Picture issues – and because love is not an intellectual result. Love is the result of low entropy consciousness.

AUO was described earlier as everything (the one source) and nothing (no actual individuated thing) simultaneously. AUO began its existence as an unstructured potential energy system analogous to a single biological cell floating in the primordial ooze. AUM is aware, active and purposeful – an advanced aware consciousness. What an amazing transformation! You can thank the Fundamental Process of evolution, especially as it applies to consciousness, for that metamorphosis. As consciousness develops awareness, intelligence, values and personality, its entropy shrinks as its ability to organize itself effectively and profitably increases.

AUO represents the basis for consciousness, an energy form, a medium for digital self- organization or awareness. AUO is a metaphor for a primordial dim awareness that evolved the capability to create differentiated cells (local non-uniformity) relative to its uniformity. It subsequently found it profitable to change the state of those cells as the Fundamental Process began optimizing internal environmental interactions. As the complexity, potentiality, and possibilities grew, AUO’s awareness evolved to include specialized structure, memory, organization, complex content laden communications between subsystems, brilliant self-awareness, and purpose. AUO naturally evolves (grows up) into AUM.

# Picture AUM as a geeky hygiene-challenged teenage computer freak with ugly red zits called PMRs. Do you think our universe might be a particularly nasty infection on the nose of a pubescent consciousness? I bet you have never thought of your reality in those terms before. A mystical eruption on the nostril of AUM! What a beautiful image. Sheer poetry! Of course, I am just kidding… we wouldn’t be on AUM’s nose.

Speaking of getting popped, what does the “Zit Theory Of Existence,” or what is more affectionately referred to by cosmologists and cosmetologists as the “Pus я Us Reality Concept” do for your ego’s sense of humanity’s special importance?

Ahhh ha! After all that polite jabber about Petri dishes, the mysterious connection between humanity and bacteria rises to a head.

A word of caution: This book is heavy so be careful where you throw it. You might inadvertently hit an innocent bystander in the head – thereby warping his skull and his mind simultaneously.

Take a deep breath and let it go; there is no saving throw against tasteless, lowbrow humor – these days an eloquent book is as rare as a truly innocent bystander.*

The evolution of bright complex consciousness from dim awareness – does that seem unlikely? We carbon-based human life-forms are reported to have done something like that ourselves – from one celled dimly-aware blobs of protoplasm to our present grand and elegant selves (did I forget to mention magnificent, brilliant, and superior?). And we are on slow time by 36 orders of magnitude compared to AUO-AUM.

You, as part of AUM, are simply an individuated consciousness. I know that may seem strange, but making this a reasonable proposition and explaining how it works is what Sections 4 and 5 are all about. AUM is consciousness, thought, operational knowledge, idea, and awareness. Consciousness represents the most basic form of energy – a self-relational digital medium that can be structured through evolutionary processes to reduce its average entropy. You are a portion, an infinitesimal smidgen, of this AUM-consciousness-thing and as such, you share the attributes and abilities of all consciousness. Because the capacity of your particular consciousness – your personal evolutionary potential – is great, so is your responsibility for its development and use.

AUM, like any complex system, has evolved both structural and dynamic components. Its structural components are objectives, values, dimension (specialized calculation space), memory, and patterns (rules). Its dynamic components are time, intent, motivation, intellect and will. Value based awareness, intelligence, and purpose are created, sustained, driven, animated, and motivated by the evolutionary imperative to improve the functionality of the system though better organization (entropy reduction).

The imperative to implement the Fundamental Process is the prime mover of progress. AUM is consciousness (as opposed to has consciousness) and it eventually acts, changes state, and evolves through the exercise of will or intent – self-aware consciousness in control of itself. If you really want to (for poetic reasons) or really need to (for reasons of emotional comfort), you may say that all things (our universe, all PMRs and NPMRs, and all the beings therein) are manifestations of AUM’s will and made of AUM’s substance (self-configuring digital organization). You could also say that we brainy people, with our minds full of fully operational and original thoughts and ideas, are created in AUM’s image (along with a varied collection of thoughtful dogs, cats, foxes, pigs, monkeys, and computers). Don’t get lost here: I am talking about our minds, our consciousness, not our adorable little bodies.

Now we can take one more fold in our bed-sheet analogy. As before, AUM is the sheet, we and everything in our reality are the sheet-hand-puppets protruding into the space-time dimension, and the energy that animates the little fingers, hands, and arms is our individuated portion of AUM’s conscious awareness, which is expressed through our individual free will. The sheet and its protruding dimensions are engaged in a program of continuous quality improvement administered by the Fundamental Process of evolution acting upon a multi-leveled consciousness-evolution fractal ecosystem. By the end of Section 4 this will be clear. For now, merely entertain the possibility that our bodies and all the objective matter in our 3D world are the products of constrained consciousness and a rule-based virtual sense perception.

Do not fall into habituated anthropomorphic concepts or you may start thinking of AUM as a person. It will be more productive to think of AUM as a thing, a complex consciousness system, a big cellular quantized thought-energy-thing that constitutes the One Source of All That Is. Do not conceive of AUM as a super-human intellect – yourself extrapolated to god-sized proportions and qualities. Resist the urge to turn AUM into an ancient looking old geezer with a long white beard playing with his pet people, or all manner of silliness will mystically erupt from the great void.

# “Hey, I know, let’s play God! – I’ll be the god, and you be the people….

No way, Hosea! I wanna be the god! I thought it up, it’s my game and I wanna be the god first!

OK, OK, I promise – next eternity you can be the god and I’ll be the people. Oh, come-on – it’ll be fun!

Tell you what, if you let me be the god this eternity, I’ll make you boss over all the critters and give you a woman that never goes out of heat. Deal?” *

Is AUM’s awareness intelligent and sentient? I would say so, but not in the same way that we are intelligent and sentient – not that limited. Is a baboon’s awareness intelligent and sentient?

Yes, but more limited than ours in most cases. Does AUM care? Does it take care of us? Aren’t we its babies, so to speak? Good grief! Don’t get anthropomorphically silly on me here. Wipe that self-indulgent mist out of those puppy eyes. Do you care about the individual cells in your thumb or whether or not you are born with or without an appendix? Not really.

Where we human-types place our attention depends on the challenges of the Fundamental Process. Much of our energy is dedicated to our physical being (issues of survival and procreation). However, AUM does not have that distraction. Evolution for AUM is more of an up- close and personal take-charge sort of thing. Perhaps as we get better at genetic engineering and cloning we will get a dim glimmer of AUM’s position relative to influencing its own evolution. Until then, it is best not to puff up our self-importance so much that it gets in the way of our ability to see the truth – whatever it might be.

In the meantime, if lumpy consciousness sheets seem distressingly cold and impersonal as a source of our being, I have a practical solution. Anyone wanting a warm fuzzy relationship that gushes unconditional love, which is focused individually on, and directly at, a needful, and oh, so, deserving you should… get a dog! Don’t be confused by the forward and backward spelling thing: Simply look for a genuine, guaranteed warm and fuzzy d-o-g.

Besides loving, dogs are straightforward, honest, faithful, loyal, and forgiving. They are seldom demanding, revengeful, jealous, angry, self-important, or into fear and dogma (egotistical). They will never ever tell you to go to hell. They are never rude or sassy and never forget to flush the toilet or to turn off the lights that they have turned on. They will not run up charges on your credit card or dent your car. Better yet, they never drop their clothes on the floor and will never invite their mother to come live with you. No dog has ever smoked a cigar or invited his friends over to drink beer and watch football on TV.

Dogs are happy to exist on your leftovers and eat your garbage. That, ladies and gentlemen, is as warm and fuzzy as it gets if you are looking for a relationship that takes little-to-no effort on your part. That is what we are all looking for, isn’t it? A no-fault (at least not ours) low maintenance relationship in which we are unconditionally loved and forgiven because we exist and meet the basic superficial requirements – what could be better than that? That is what you truly want, right? No problema! Go get a d-o-g!

If you maintain the letters in the right order, you will happily find that dogs deliver warm fuzzies all the time instead of only in relation to your needs, beliefs, and fears. And here is the best part – dog ownership never generates internal pressures that would lead you to be hypocritical or self righteous – you can just be yourself. Your dog will love you however you are. Even if you are not nice to your dog and don’t love it – it will still love and adore you above all others! Its love is widely spread, deeply sincere, and truly unconditional – a being worthy of your emulation, if not outright worship.

Hey, what’s with the firewood, rope, and torches? Is this some sort of medieval pageant?

Are we going to have a bonfire and toast marshmallows? Look, I agree with you! There are magnificent and endless sources of genuine spiritual warm-fuzzies, but you have to work hard to grow up enough to access them. They are not easy, low maintenance, or superficial. They are not focused, even in a small way, on what you get for meeting requirements. That concept was spawned to support a membership drive. Instead, they are about your capacity to embody and apply (give) absolute unconditional love. Performing rituals and doing dogma doesn’t get it. Belief (pro or con) can, at best, generate a self-focused ego-centric “I feel good about myself, my faith, and my belief” warm pseudo-fuzzy.

If you ever get to know the real thing, you will never again settle for a pseudo-fuzzy.

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