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Part of "My Big TOE" book by Tom Campbell. We're translating it with author's permission. In this chapter Tom Campbell tells his story of working with Robert Monroe.

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Beginning with a partial biography of the author may appear to be unnecessary and off the point. Ordinarily, an author's background is adequately covered by a few paragraphs on the inside jacket of the cover. However, understanding the origins of the author's experience is where this adventure must begin. If you d o not know anything at all about me, the rest of this effort may wither on the conceptual vine before it is ripe. This trilogy sets forth a Big Picture Theory Of Everything (more concisely known as a Big TOE) that contains, as any Big TOE must, a comprehensive model of reality.

Because My Big TOE is so unusual, so far away f r o m the thoughts you are probably used to thinking, it is important that you have some understanding of the seed, soil, and roots from which this unusual exposition sprang. Knowing its origins, the mental mettle from which it has been hammered out, may help provide the context required to assess the genuineness of My Big TOE.

This trilogy presents a working model of the larger reality based u p o n the data I have collected through a lifetime of careful scientific exploration. Section 1 describes how fate sent me down this highly unusual path and then delivered me u p to the extraordinary experiences required to formulate the concepts presented in these pages.

The intent is to give you some insight into who I am, where I am coming from, and how I ended u p with such an unusual Big TOE. This trilogy is about reality, not a biography about me; accordingly, please pardon my skipping here and there about my life and flying swiftly over things that you might wish I would explain in more detail. For now a quick trip through the formative years is enough. I will not attempt to explain the last twenty years of my becoming, but will instead focus on the ten years before that. That is when the mold was made and the direction of my life set.

Although I have learned much during the preceding thirty years, and have mellowed and gained in wisdom as o n e typically does with age, I have not changed my basic approach to learning, knowledge, or science since the events that I am about to share with you transpired.