Injunction, concerning the Temple of Peace (Warriors' Experience)

Translations of this material:

into Russian: Предписание, относящееся к Храму Мира (Воинский Опыт). Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
Submitted for translation by Warriorskeep 23.02.2017


Friends, the following is an injunction from the Guardians of the Race that was delivered to me in July 1994 by a being called Patrick, using a channel named Charlie. Patrick has not been in incarnation for some time and therefore his English is somewhat archaic. :) Charlie instructed me to record the injunction, which was later transcribed into type. I give you the full transcription, containing also my responses. Charlie died shortly after Patrick had given me this injunction.

I give you now the transcription of the injunction:

Allow the mind to be stilled, and the body, which is encircled in the love of Almighty God, to know the peace, the serenity, that within the days which unfold before you, the gifts which are eternal within your life will flow freely and openly, not alone fulfilling their purpose, but bringing unto you the fulfillment that you desire as the future of life unfolds before you. "Remember, my friend, that you are a true perfection within the life. Unto you there has been many gifts released. You hold them openly and freely within the mind and unto the body. In the temple, in the heart, the soul, the Christ of life there be. Allow them to unfold freely and openly, that as you tend to the needs, not alone of self, but unto others, you will find your life guided very deeply. The journey before you, my friend, may at this moment seem to be filled with that which seems closed unto you. That is why I will say this unto you: relax within the mind, let your mind be open so that the vision which comes forth will be very clear, and you will see deeply into every vibration that is before you. And because it is so it will bring unto you sureness of tread throughout the coming days; it will help you, not alone to control the life, but to create a foundation upon which quality, and the richness of the gifts within you, can truly be revealed. My friend, I have chosen this direction upon your life because it was made clear unto me. I trust that you will accept it freely, and allow it to fill your life with the vibrance that gives you freedom for the future. "The Christ, as it is termed in life, Christ Jesus, the Lord, the visitation of the Father unto life to reveal the richness, and to bring a gentleness of peace within this physical vibration wherein the children can truly be given the freedom to fulfill their destiny in harmony and peace. You are guided, as I have spoken to you, by these vibrations, these richnesses of which I have revealed, and they are to be used very deeply in the future. You may look upon yourself and say, "Truly, I am guided by the Lord, for he holds my hand knowing full well that I shall follow Him, and in that following I shall reveal the richness of my life; that I shall create harmony and peace wheresoever I may tread, for I shall make no haste, but shall journey very steadfastly throughout the life.

Did you follow it in this way my friend?

Yes, thank you.

Too many in life close themselves in ideals and beliefs that create confusion, that bring about mistrust, hatred and fear. But it is so unnecessary. Although there are many pathways, and we may call the Lord by many names, these pathways have within them the firmness, the fulfillment of life, if one may cast away that which physically disturbs and creates so much fear. You have within you, my friend, and you are being given more and more, a knowledge that you will reveal as your journey through life unfolds. And it is important, the complete relaxation of mind and body in every way, that you are assured that you are not going to speak words that have no meaning, you are not going to reveal vibrations that do not hold life. Whatsoever you reveal unto others, it will relax, it will soothe, it will comfort, because you will be revealing through the you, the you that is visible physically within this world.

Do you follow this?


Because it is so, your journey in truth, will bring much harmony and peace.

Does this sound to you, in that way, friend?

Yes. Thank you very much.

You know that you are living in a world in which there are many and varied changes, a world which, in truth, is not of peace, but of a vibration of intensity; it creates disharmony in every way. You may say, "But I am one person. How may I make change within this life?" But you are not but one, for you are unified with many whose richnesses within life have been revealed constantly throughout the ages. Christ, in His journey on life, revealed unto all that they were children of a Father who had great love. Many of the interpretations that they held, they held them intently, because they were defined by man - defined in an interpretation that had no meaning to the truth! Much there were that man still holds dear, that is very fulfilling and sustaining; but still, it holds an intensity within that makes one to look upon another and to say, "Oo no! You have no purpose in life." And yet it should not be.

You should know within your heart, and speak within your heart, the words, "I come into life to gather the flock around me; I speak the words that each one may understand, that they may become enriched by these words, and open the windows of their life. To lull the realities that have been given unto them to be revealed, so that each and every one would come together, and make a true foundation within this vibration of life. And in this true foundation, as harmony and peace come in, truly, then the garden of perfection is revealed. Not only the wholeness of this world, but worlds even beyond will become touched by what they can see as a unity of acceptance, knowing full well that as time would unfold they would become deeply united."

This is the direction of life. The insincerities of man create turmoil, destruction! Many words were spoken through the mind; many words were revealed in pictures; many interpretations were created by man. Many can be changed very deeply by the unity which comes into being through you now. You are one, truly, but you are one of many guided by the grace of the Lord to be able to enrich, and to create that harmony and peace into life, that will truly bring that climate of life into being.

Can you accept it is this way, friend?

Yes, thank you.

There are many, one would say to you, of a life vision, perhaps not with the same intensity that is within your own life, but there are many who seek to create a sanctuary wherein they may touch the lives of others, and, through the gifts which have been placed within their life, begin to create a vibration of sensitivity that regenerates the life within. You know what has been shown unto you - this life, this physical life, is regenerated every year throughout the journey that is before you. But there are many memories within this physical body, memories that were shared through the birth of the mother, the father, but not alone they, but also the grandparents of the past. These memories within these sanctuaries can indeed be controlled, relaxed, to allow the true regeneration of life to be fulfilled.

It is mankind that destroys the physical body - not always known to him; many times because intensity touches life, and they allow themselves to be used so completely by others. It must not occur within your life, it must not happen around your life, because you are being guided by a life, and a love, that seeks a motion of gentleness - a gentleness, but firmness - creating within your own life a quality, that as others look upon it they say, "Ooo, I do not see any anger! I do not see any fear! I do not see mistrust! But I see a quiet confidence, an assurance that is reaching out to me. And I feel a warmth. And I have a great wish to relax deeply, and within so doing I absorb within my life that richness, which I know I can share as it brings unto me the life that I desire, to be free to fulfill my destiny."

Many will enjoy the sanctuary, my friend, and it is important that they have the freedom to evolve in this way. Throughout the ages there are many who have felt this intensity within their life, and they have not always been able to fulfill it. All of so it was given the freedom to do, but it was contained in a vibration of intensity because of the beliefs that had grown so strongly within this physical world. Now the gentleness of your life, the gentleness of the lives of those about you, will begin to reveal that the words that they listen to are the same interpretations as they have been taught, but now they hold an open meaning that does not create confusion. It matters not who they may be, because they will recognise that you are not seeking to change their life from here to place them upside-down! You are here to open their life, that it becomes refreshed and free, and regenerates within this garden of life a richness it can sustain, and bring that wonder into life.

Can you accept to do this, my friend?

Yes. I will.

Seek not to control with swiftness this evolvement of the vibrations of physical life, but relax deeply in such a way, it is as if it is you are asleep. And in that sleep, as you have had the dreams, so now those dreams will become a reality; they will move, they will become alive, they will be filled with colour. And, as this colour brings forth the life, you will hear words, you will digest words, and you will feel confident that you can reveal these words without creating a fear, a disturbance, an uncertainty, because they are that which relaxes, comforts, and uplifts life. As so you do, my friend, that which is important unto life, that which you need within this life, the material substance, may unfold for you. And you will know, truly then, that many will gather about you to bring forth these realities which will bring peace. And it will give unto them a feeling that, "I am within a vibration of life in which not alone is so much revealed, but is so much that is done, which will enlighten to uplift the lives of others."

You follow a pattern now, and throughout the days which evolve before you - I would say throughout this wholeness of year - each step that you take is like a completion, and before you reach the end of this year, my friend, you will feel secure and hold within your hands all that is important to the evolvement of life. But seek not to make haste. You may feel it is important to have it now, now, now! But you have it now. But it is a development! And, remember, when gifts are placed upon you they are not lifted away! But, they can be controlled very deeply if the steps that you take begin to be of quickness. That what you must unfold, must be carried by those whose tread is steadfast and sure through life.

You follow?


But you will be aware, my friend, of the changes throughout each coming month. And you are building, one calls it, you are building a sanctuary of peace and upliftment; and it takes time to create that tempo in which many can truly find all that they seem to have lost in life. It will bring much health, both to the mind and unto the body. "You have those about you at this moment who are very intense in the need to create something that they feel has a meaning in life, and become very excited. There is no need for this. It is the quietness of life that creates harmony, it is the quietness of life that brings eternal strength, it is the quietness of life in which there is richness revealed. And in these coming months the growth of your life shall be assured, and this is the reason why the depth of relaxation in the mind is of great need.

Will you accept this?

Yes. Thank you.

And it is important, my friend, I with this openness of life, and you with your openness of life, because now within your physical vibration of life you will reveal so much richness. And I, within my life, brought vast change into many homes and unto many lives. I enjoyed this. But I held a sorrow in one way; that as I taught, I began to form a pattern which created great temples of intensity. And there was no need for this sort of being. It is, "I have a sanctuary of life, a temple of peace, in which each and every one may find a regeneration unto life," which is of great need. "But you are going to be guided very deeply, as I have spoken unto you, and that guidance comes but alone through the Lord, Whose touch is very precious on your life. But unto those, who, with and through your life, will reveal many truths, and bring so much harmony and peace into lives that are tortured by the distresses of life.

Can you understand and accept it in this way, my friend?

I can. Thank you very much.

Remember, very deeply, that you are being guided openly, not by one, because into life you are blessed by the Lord with two who control a great vibration around your life, and who bring a warmth upon your life that they can keep open these wonderful gifts. And as your life unfolds you gather many more, not only loved ones of your own life of past, but many loved ones who through their own life have found a need to share a warmth from within, a strength that they know now they can use to keep warm your body, and to keep vibrant everything within your life. And the truth will truly be revealed, that which we all seek unto life. Peace allows a true regeneration throughout the whole universe to become a reality.

If I have fulfilled my purpose until the end, I am well pleased. My beloved friend, we are enjoyed of your presence, and we give unto you our love eternally. And as you look within this life, even though you are a physical being, you will not see with the greyness, the life that others see, but you will see a world in which there can become a great richness; and every tree, every bush within that life will hold the fruits that sustain life; and every flower releases a perfume that brings an enrichment within the physical body and mind. That your journey will be blessed deeply, and that you allow not unto life the burdens of physicalness to bow you down, we will share our strength with you, that you may stand firm and assured.

May peace, my love, the love of the heavenly Father upon your life, be with you now and always. Peace.