Impeccability (Elizabeth Schnugh)

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Hi Everybody, It’s Elizabeth Schnugh, I’m doing our next vlog which I said I would do on the subject of impeccability. Just so that you know where I am coming from with these blogs or vlogs, as we call them these days.

I have discovered through my own life that one of the things I did get growing up was academic schooling, so I always thought I was like really very clever and very smart and I did well with all the intellectual activities that we always had and I did well at school and then when I got to University I continued along the same vein and then I started to enter life proper - and that is where I started to hit my head against a brick wall.

But notwithstanding this I still managed to become very successful and went into the corporate world and got myself a big job there and everything that goes with it, but eventually even in that area, which was a safe area for me, things started to fall apart - and it is at that point that I started my journey of looking to see why it was that with everything that I thought I had at the tips of my fingers I just wasn’t getting my life inwardly to work.

And that’s when I discovered that I had academic schooling, but I hadn’t had true education as such, so for me these vlogs are very much a sharing of my own experience and my life, of the tools that I have picked up along the way, all the practical tools I have picked up along the way and would like to share them with you.

And really these tools aren’t anything new to you or I, I’m sure, but what I am sharing is that, when you are getting something right in your life, or you actually feel like you are winning and you are actually progressing in some way or another, what we don’t realise is that in every single process of that we have actually gone through a step by step process.

There has been a logical one step after the other and so when we get things ‘right’ we think that it is a major fluke, that it is something out of the ordinary, sometimes even a miracle that we managed to actually get something right, so to speak.

And then when we’re not actually making progress in some way or another, we think we are doing something ‘wrong’, whereas in actual fact all we need is a course correction.

And so the tools that I am going to give you are really to share what those steps are that you have been taking when you are actually moving forward in your life and so that when you do get into any sort of a place, you can retrace your steps and you can say “Okay I did that step, I did that step and – oh! it’s this one I missed, it’s this one.

So if I put that into place now then I’ve done my course correction and I am on my way”.

So what I’m wanting to share today is on the subject or topic of impeccability.

I did say in my first vlog when I was talking about our approach to 2017 that if you add up the numbers 2, the 1 and the 7 you are going to get a 10 and I will share a link at the end of this vlog where you can get access to the book that I use on numerology, the material that I use to work out all the numbers in my life and so this is very much based on that and the number 10 is the number of impeccability.

What does this actually mean?

Now this is one word that if we were all taught this when we were little, we could make great strides in improving our self image.

All of us, and it never ceases to amaze me, I have people coming into course rooms/retreat rooms from all over the world, from all continents and the one thing that we have in common right across this planet, is that we are all subjected to the same social conditioning, the same rules of society.

Which if you had to boil it down to one thing would be the ‘disease to please’ as Oprah would probably call it.

It’s wanting to do things for other people’s approval and we start that process when we are very little.

I can cover that in another vlog in more detail, but I just wanted to share that when it comes to the word impeccability, if we were all taught this right across the planet, the self image of each one of us would improve dramatically - and it’s never too late to start.

So what does impeccability actually mean?

Because we do create with the words that we use, so we need to actually be very careful in trying to understand each other, to keep on checking “Well, what do you mean by that, what do you mean by using that word?”

And so I share with you our definition of impeccability which is simply ‘to do the best that you can at any given moment in time using all the information and the knowledge that you have in that moment’.

When I talk about knowledge I am talking about the knowledge that has come from your own practical experience.

You have had certain experiences in life and out of that you have learned certain things, to do them or not to do them again and you have created your own knowledge bank.

So whenever something comes along in our life, a challenge or whatever it may be, the first place we are going to dip into is that knowledge bank of ours.

Or we might have had a lot of information about something, but not necessarily a practical experience.

But when a challenge comes along, that is the way to approach it.

We will actually look for the knowledge and the information we have in that moment - and sometimes it is ‘a split second’.

We don’t have 5 minutes or 10 minutes to sit and work out what to do next.

But as long as we are doing our best in that moment - and that is the critical part ‘in that moment’ - using all the information and the knowledge we have at our fingertips in that moment then that is when we are being impeccable.

When I say it is to do the very best that you can, what do I mean by doing?

You see there I need to clarify as well.

Doing for me, includes whatever I am feeling about something or somebody, I’m going to be having thoughts about it, I’m going to be having feelings, I’m going to be having emotions about it.

Now am I actually going to be speaking what I feel? ....or am I going to be feeling one thing and saying another thing, and then even doing another thing?

..So doing for me the best that you can must mean that, in that moment at any one point in time, your feelings, your emotions and your words, your actions must all be in synchronisation with each other; they must all be in sync.

Just so that you know, I have been told and I possibly should have said this at the beginning, is that I do have a funny accent!

It’s a South African accent for those who don’t know and hence the sub titles that we are now putting onto the vlog so that at least you can grasp what I am saying.

So to give you a practical example then, in the previous vlog, it was my maiden one, a first one that I did, I actually put it together, presented it, put it on to Y-tube and then I started to get feedback that ‘I wish I could actually understand your accent’, or ‘I only get a little bit of what you are saying and I’m trying to grasp, but I really want to listen but I can’t understand your accent!’

And so I now have got somebody who used to work for me at the Institute for the Study of Man many years ago, Christina Botton, who is now in New Zealand and I’m in Cape Town, South Africa, and she is now transcribing the vlogs for me, so at least we can have the sub-titles and you can grasp what it is I’m saying.

So, did I feel bad about the fact that nobody could understand, or very few people could understand my accent, especially if you haven’t met me before in person?

Well, I could have felt really bad and I could have felt a failure and I could have thought ’ Wow, you know I really could have done that differently’, but you see, in that moment that I did that vlog it didn’t occur to me that people would struggle with my second later, one moment later, I can get different information coming to me and now it’s time for me to make a course correction.

So in that instance I was impeccable, I was being true to myself in that I did what I felt was the best at the time and I carried it through in my actions.

Now that I have got new information, it would be very remiss of me to produce another vlog which does not have any sub titles.

I hope that that has given you a practical scenario, a practical application of what I mean by impeccability.

So if you are ever going to look back in your life, only ever, ever look back to see how far you have come, don’t ever look back to make yourself wrong, because whatever you did back then, a year ago, two years ago, a week ago or 30 years ago, if you feel and you know in your heart you did it with the very best of intentions and you did the very best you could with what you had at your fingertips as information and knowledge at that time, then you were impeccable.

The mere fact that 5 minutes, 5 years or 50 years later you get new information, does not make what you did wrong!

And this is so critical if you are a parent and if you are a child of a parent!

If your parents did the best they could with all the knowledge that they had available to them and the information at that point in time, when you were growing up, then they did the best they could, they were impeccable.

I hope that helps you a little bit in terms of your approach to this year.

If that is the only thing that you work with this year, your approach to a 10 year, so we don’t fall into old traps -is to do the very best that you can at any given moment in time using all the information and the knowledge that you have in this moment.

Thank you for listening and if you have any suggestions for any future vlogs please send an email to us, the details are at the end of this vlog.