Surviving on road for cyclists

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On Saturday, March 8, fans of cycling in Belarus discussed how to survive on the Belarusian cycling track and protect own rights.

It's only a first week of spring, but cyclists have already unofficially opened the season and met to discuss how to help themselves and others who choose bicycle to commute.

The meeting was held at "Vielakuchnia" in Minsk. Svetlana Ermakovich coloured the fascinating space of "Vielakuchnia" with graffiti. This time she zealously reported about the creating process of "Bicyclist Helper 2.0".

The presentation of the project took place in a fairly close company. Many of participants already knew each other by different activities linked to the Belarusian cycling community.

"Bicyclist Helper" the second version of which was presented on the meeting, is a project of the "Falanster" youth association. According to Svetlana, the main objective of the project now is to interest people to brochure creation process. Anybody can help: from writing text and taking a photos, creating a design and layout.

Svetlana said that the main target are obtaining specific legal advice and turning mind to the problems of cycling on the Belarusian streets. That is easy to see, even for pedestrians, who conflict with cyclists through no dedicated cycling tracks.

After the presentation, people did not hurry to leave, due to the home-like atmosphere and sweet company. One of the features of the "BikeKitchen" - real "samovar"- to make tea with biscuits, spending some time to observe how bikes that come here with their owners revive.

"Bicyclist Helper" is planned to be presented in all regional cities of Belarus.

BikeKitchen "Garage 38" was created last year by several Belarusian cycling activists. According to one of the founders, the idea was a joint but imported from Europe by John (he is a cyclist activist). He said that last year he visited a similar garage in Vienna and decided to create one in Minsk. The idea is pretty unusual for Belarus but attracts with its openness: in the garage all stuff is freeware and open to share.

Original (Belarusian): Як раварысту выжыць на дарозе

Translation: © kevit, trigger_hippie4, rizoma . crowd

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