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Humility is the passive acceptance of the process of life

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In another article, I shared that the key to self-importance is HUMILITY. I would like to add that there are other keys such as sensitivity, dynamic stability (which I would like to cover in another article) and more, but, for me, humility is the principal key.

Humility has not been such an easy thing for me to acquire, since I have been accustomed to believing that, in the realms of "winning" and "losing", only winning has a place worthy of celebration. Yet it's a funny quirk of life that often I have experienced the greatest learning through my "defeats". For in reality there is no such thing as a true defeat, as long as I have been willing to embrace and OWN my experiences for the lessons that they have brought me.

I have learned that as long as I OWN the experience as something that has made me stronger, then no shame or embarrassment can enter the frame. However, it takes COURAGE to own my experiences without succumbing to self-criticism. It takes courage to hold back the self-judgment. Above all, it takes courage to make myself vulnerable to the impact of hard lessons without justifications and excuses!

When these conditions are met, in time, I feel a genuine sense of having passed through the other side, and a great sense of awe and respect for what life was trying to show me.

It is then that a real sense of warmth flows towards those that were there to give me these lessons. When this happens all sense of blame or of being wronged falls away completely.

"Humility is the passive acceptance of the process of life."