GraphQL vs REST: обзор

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If you need a highly query-able API, expect an array of clients that need small and different data, and can restructure your data to be inexpensive to query, then GraphQL is likely to fit your needs.

Beyond these various pros and cons for GraphQL listed above, what I really enjoy about GraphQL being an option, is having a new alternative to REST when considering an API. An alternative that is well documented, with a full specification, with a lovely marketing page, with an official reference implementation in JavaScript, and which avoids some of the tricky design choices REST forces you to make.

I like that many folks will no longer treat REST like a shiny unicorn, struggle to implement REST properly, then call it REST just so they look good and have a ✅ for their marketing. I just hope that not too many people treat GraphQL like a shiny unicorn instead.

Swapping one false idol for another isn't going to make the API world a better place.

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