Forged Adventure - Dialogue (Spoiler Alert!)

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into Spanish: Aventura Forjada - Díalogo (Alerta de spoilers). Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
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into Russian: Выкованное приключение - Диалоги (Осторожно, спойлеры!). Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required. Completed: 13%.
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into Romanian: Forged Adventure - Dialogue (Spoiler Alert!). 60% translated in draft.
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Submitted for translation by shoppa 12.05.2017


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<=== Tutorial ===>

<You awake in a small shack off the coast of an unknown island, a mysterious old man is waiting to speak to you.>

<0> Old man: You’re finally awake! I was beginning to worry that you wouldn't make it!

<1> Stand up to leave.

<2> Who are you? Where am I?

<3> Old man: Not so fast! Your head is injured, I don't want you to make it any worse!

<4> Old man: I am Kayus, this is the Island of Gramdon. I’ve lived in this shack all my life! Who are you?

<Player is prompted to name themselves: I... I don’t remember! I don't remember anything at all! You can call me... (player) I guess.>

<5> Kayus: Alright, <Player>. I’m not surprised about your memory, when I pulled you from the wreckage, I had to lift a rather hefty board from your head.

<Player>: Wreckage? What do you mean?

Kayus: Follow me, I’ll show you.

<6> Kayus: It seems to be the wreckage of a small transport ship, but I’ve never seen one in these parts. You really remember nothing?

<Player>: Not even my real name! This is as strange for you as it is for me!

Kayus: If you are trying to leave, find my old friend Balgrom the blacksmith in the town to the east called Fallbale, he should be able to help you rebuild this boat.

<7> Skip tutorial.

<8> Begin tutorial.

<9> <Player>: Thank you, I will go to him now!

<10> <Player>: Is there anything I need to watch out for on the way to the city?

Kayus: That depends, are you handy with a sword?

<Player>: In my current state? I can't say I'm handy with anything.

Kayus: You should probably let me show you the ropes then.

<Player>: That would be great! Unfortunately though, I have nothing to pay you for your efforts.

Kayus: Payment isn't necessary. But you can always come back to help me fish!

<Player>: Any time, but for now I had best learn the fundamentals.

Kayus: Right. Follow me back to my house, I think I have a dagger you could use.

<11> Kayus: Here, take this dagger. Give it a swing against one of those barrels outside.

<12> Kayus: Try to break one of those barrels in the west.

<13> Kayus: Follow me back to my house, I think I have a dagger you could use.

<14> Kayus: Follow me, I’ll show you the wreckage.

<A large bug escapes, and attacks once.>

<15> Kayus: Dear Gods! Nasty crate bugs. Kill it, and take this.

<16> <Player>: Thank you. Are there bugs like that in all the crates?

Kayus: Who knows! This island used to be a center for trade, but the wars scared everyone off. There are boxes of who knows what all over from fleeing caravans. Enough of the history lesson. I think I have a spell scroll around here somewhere, one moment... Ah! Here it is.

<17> <Player>: What is a spell scroll? Some sort of magic?

Kayus: Sort of. Created by a wizard, it allows for one use of any spell. Take this,

<18> Kayus: and use it on one of the wild creatures near by.

<19> <Player>: What power! I felt it through my soul itself!

Kayus: Incredible isn’t it?

<20> Unfortunately that is the extent of my preparations, I think you’re probably ready to seek Balgrom now. You may keep the dagger if you like!

<21> <Player>: Thank you kindly, and I’m sure to come back and fish with you in due time.

<Player is now free to roam. See Extras Script for fishing dialogue.>

<22> <Player>: I have a better idea.

<=== Quest1 ===>

<You arrive at Fallbale to find it completely in ruin. Only a few stand among the living.>

<23> Villager: That's close enough! Please, we don't want any more trouble.

<Player>: I mean no harm! I don’t want trouble either, I was sent here by Kayus, to find a man named...

<24> Gralbom.

<25> Balgrom.

<26> Villager: Gralbom? He’s clearly an imposter!! Attack him before he calls for reinforcements!

<27> <Player>: What a horrible mistake! All because of a verbal slip up. This memory is proving to be more of a problem by the minute. I should go back to the wreckage before more people show up.

<28> Balgrom: My most sincere apologies, stranger, we are in a state of serious disarray. I am Balgrom! Kayus is still alive!? His shack was my next stop!

<Player>: What on earth happened here? Was there a raid?

Balgrom: Raid is an understatement, stranger. The Shriss Army completely destroyed our village.

<Player>: Shriss Army? Are there still soldiers nearby?

Balgrom: Yes from an island far north, they are on the warpath. We need to escape, do you want to come with us?

<Player>: That is actually what I came here for, my transport boat is destroyed, but Kayus said you may be able to assist me in rebuilding it?

Balgrom: Well I doubt we could get it back into top shape, but I could definitely help you find the resources, if you take us with you off of this island.

<29> You’ve got yourself a deal!

<30> I’ll have to decline.

<31> Balgrom: Great! We should get going before more Shriss fighters show up.

<Player>: I agree. Come with me, I’ll show you the way to the wreckage.

<32> <Player>: I don’t think I’ll be able to look after the three of you. It’s nothing personal, I promise.

<The player arrives at the beach with or without Balgrom’s party, depending on their choices before. There are a few Shriss guards investigating the wreckage.>

<33> Shriss guard: It’s them! You’re all under arrest for high treason. We are authorised to use lethal force. Attack!

<The two villagers are killed.>

<34> Balgrom: That’s exactly what they said before they raided our village!

<Commence battle.>

<35> Balgrom: Where did you learn to fight like that? You saved my life, for a second time!

<Player>: I truly have no idea! I don’t have any recollection of my past. I don’t really think at all, just swing when it feels right, I guess!

Balgrom: At any rate, I’m glad you have the skill! It looks like your boat has been lost mostly to the waves. We should be able to scavenge enough pieces to build a raft.

<Player>: Let’s get started, do you think we -er- [i]I[/i] should see if there is anything in the ruins of Fallbale? I can imagine you don't want to go back any time soon.

Balgrom: My only worry is that the dead have risen again, and roam the streets. If you are up for the challenge, I bet there is a lot of wood there.

<Player>: I’ll keep that in mind. For now, let’s see what we can find.

Balgrom: I’ll follow your lead.

<Main Dialogue for quest ends here temporarily, see extras for NPC chatter.>

<36> Balgrom: Well, I think that should do it! I couldn’t hold another plank anyways! Let’s head back to the beach and put this baby together!

<Balgrom and the player(Or the player alone.) Rebuild the ship here, though it ends up more a small sailboat than a ship.>

<37> Balgrom: Absolutely beautiful work, if I do say so myself! They say a smith with no pride in his work, is no smith at all, you know!

<Player>: I couldn’t agree more! Thanks again so much for your assistance.

Balgrom: Anything to get off this island, friend! I will stand guard here, if you wanted to see anything else on the island, otherwise let me know when you are ready to go!

<38> Balgrom: Alrighty. All set?

<39> Yes sir!

<40> Not quite!

<41> Unseen Observer: Thanks for playing! Don't forget to save your progress. You will be able to continue when we update the game.

<42> Balgrom: Ok... please don’t go too far! I doubt I could handle an entire patrol.

<=== Zone1FishermansPerils ==>

<The old man Kayus is having a barrel bug problem. Help him kill off the creatures stealing his fish>

<43> Kayus: Long time no see! I hope your travels are treating you well.

<44> Is Balgrom alright?

<45> Yes, he is safe as far as I know.

<46> You said you might be able to use some help?

<47> Kayus: Definitely. At first I thought we could have a pleasant time fishing together, unfortunately the barrel bugs are making rot of all my supply! If you would be so kind as to kill the bugs, I will share some of today’s fish with you!

<48> That sounds like a deal!

<49> I have too much going on right now.

<50> Kayus: Wonderful! Let me know when you have taken care of them!

<51> <Player>: Sorry Kayus.

Kayus: I understand! If you are ever back on this side of the island, you know where to find me!

<52> Kayus: Back already? That didn't take long at all!

<Player>: Yes, they really didn't give me too much trouble this go around.

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