Forged Adventure - Dialogue (Spoiler Alert!)

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<68> Warrior: Ho there, stranger!

<Player>: Erm... hello...

Warrior: Surely you have heard of me, I need no introduction.

<Player>: Actually I do-

Warrior: I am the Marvelous Borhem! No beast nor foe stand in my way.

<Player>: Can I leave?

Borhem: Nonsense! Not until you truly respect my power. My swing has slain ten thousand dragons, thrust ended hundreds of undead.

<Player>: That's... great. I appreciate your gracing me with your presence, truly.

Borhem: Nonsense! I sense sarcasm in your tone. How about a wager?

<Player>: A what?

Borhem: Wonderful! You may choose one of two rewards, should you beat me.

<Player>: I’m not entirely prepared for a duel, if I’m hon-

Borhem: Nonsense!

<69> If you actually win, I will teach you in my learned ancient arts. Or, if you’re the materialist, fifty gold pieces! If you lose, you must proclaim my greatness!

<Player>: Well, that is a tempting offer... I think I’ll choose...

<70> Your teachings.

<71> The gold!

<72> <Player>: I am curious of your talents.

<73> <Player>: Life is expensive, you see?

<74> Borhem: Righteous! Then, taste my blade!

<75> <Player>: I can’t beli-

Borhem: The sun! It reflected off your blade and near blinded me! You got the upper hand the moment I lost my vision...

<Player>: It’s fairly cloudy today...

<76> Borhem: Nonsense! Now, I am a man of my word. Which reward did you want, even if you [i]barely[/i] won.

<77> Borhem: Aha! Now you understand the magnitudes of my power! For I, Borhem, The greatest warrior of all time, who’s bla-

<Player>: [i]*sigh*[/i] I get it. Ten thousand dragons, blah blah.

Borhem: Not so fast, Stranger, you must hold up your end of this deal.

<Player>: [i]*sigh*[/i] You, Borhem, Are the greatest warrior of all time.

Borhem: Yes, I know that.

<Player may return to earn more gold, but Borhem will be harder with each attempt>

<78> <Player>: Borhem!

Borhem: You again! One fell swing could not quench your thirst for my blade, I see? Or do you simply wish to bask in my presence? Either is fine.

<79> I am here to challenge you once more.

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