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Forged Adventure - Dialogue (Spoiler Alert!)

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<=== Tutorial ===>

<You awake in a small shack off the coast of an unknown island, a mysterious old man is waiting to speak to you.>

<0> Old man: You’re finally awake! I was beginning to worry that you wouldn't make it!

<1> Stand up to leave.

<2> Who are you? Where am I?

<2> Wie ben je? Waar ben ik?

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<3> Old man: Not so fast! Your head is injured, I don't want you to make it any worse!

<3> Oude man: Niet zo snel! Je hoofd is gewond, Ik wil niet dat je het nog erger maakt!

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<4> Old man: I am Kayus, this is the Island of Gramdon. I’ve lived in this shack all my life! Who are you?

<Player is prompted to name themselves: I... I don’t remember! I don't remember anything at all! You can call me... (player) I guess.>

<5> Kayus: Alright, <Player>. I’m not surprised about your memory, when I pulled you from the wreckage, I had to lift a rather hefty board from your head.

<Player>: Wreckage? What do you mean?

Kayus: Follow me, I’ll show you.

Kayus: Volg me, Ik laat het zien.

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<6> Kayus: It seems to be the wreckage of a small transport ship, but I’ve never seen one in these parts. You really remember nothing?

<Player>: Not even my real name! This is as strange for you as it is for me!

Kayus: If you are trying to leave, find my old friend Balgrom the blacksmith in the town to the east called Fallbale, he should be able to help you rebuild this boat.

<7> Skip tutorial.

<8> Begin tutorial.

<9> <Player>: Thank you, I will go to him now!

<10> <Player>: Is there anything I need to watch out for on the way to the city?

Kayus: That depends, are you handy with a sword?

<Player>: In my current state? I can't say I'm handy with anything.

Kayus: You should probably let me show you the ropes then.

<Player>: That would be great! Unfortunately though, I have nothing to pay you for your efforts.

Kayus: Payment isn't necessary. But you can always come back to help me fish!

<Player>: Any time, but for now I had best learn the fundamentals.

Kayus: Right. Follow me back to my house, I think I have a dagger you could use.

<11> Kayus: Here, take this dagger. Give it a swing against one of those barrels outside.

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