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<=== Tutorial ===>

<You awake in a small shack off the coast of an unknown island, a mysterious old man is waiting to speak to you.>

<0> Old man: You’re finally awake! I was beginning to worry that you wouldn't make it!

<1> Stand up to leave.

<2> Who are you? Where am I?

<3> Old man: Not so fast! Your head is injured. I don't want you to make it any worse!

<4> Old man: I am Kayus. This is the Island of Gramdon. I’ve lived in this shack all my life! Who are you?

<Player is prompted to name themselves: I... I don’t remember! I don't remember anything at all! You can call me... (player), I guess.>

<5> Kayus: Alright, <Player>. I’m not surprised about your memory; when I pulled you from the wreckage, I had to lift a rather hefty board from your head.

<Player>: Wreckage? What do you mean?

Kayus: Follow me, I’ll show you.

<6> Kayus: It seems to be the wreckage of a small transport ship, but I’ve never seen one in these parts. You really remember nothing?

<Player>: Not even my real name! This is as strange for you as it is for me!

Kayus: If you are trying to leave, find my old friend Balgrom the blacksmith in the town to the east, called Fallbale. He should be able to aid you in rebuilding the boat.

<7> Skip tutorial.

<8> Begin tutorial.

<9> <Player>: Thank you, I will go to him now!

<10> <Player>: Is there anything I need to watch out for on the way to the city?

Kayus: That depends, are you handy with a sword?

<Player>: In my current state? I can't say I'm handy with anything.

Kayus: You should probably let me show you the ropes then.

<Player>: That would be great! But.. Unfortunately, I have nothing to pay you for your efforts..

Kayus: Payment isn't necessary. But, you are welcome to come back and help me fish!

<Player>: Any time, but for now I had best learn the fundamentals.

Kayus: Right. Follow me back to my house. I think I have a dagger you can use.

<11> Kayus: Here, take this dagger. Give it a swing against one of those barrels outside.

<12> Kayus: Try to break one of those barrels in the west.

<13> Kayus: Follow me back to my house, I think I have a dagger you could use.

<14> Kayus: Follow me, I’ll show you the wreckage.

<A large bug escapes, and attacks once.>

<15> Kayus: Dear Gods! Nasty crate bugs. Kill it, and take this.

<16> <Player>: Thank you. Are there bugs like that in all the crates?

Kayus: Who knows! This island used to be a center for trade, but the wars scared everyone off. There are boxes of who knows what all over from fleeing caravans. Enough of the history lesson. I think I have a spell scroll around here somewhere, one moment... Ah! Here it is.

<17> <Player>: What is a spell scroll? Some sort of magic?

Kayus: Sort of. Created by a wizard, it allows for one use of any spell. Take this,

<18> Kayus: and use it on one of the wild creatures near by.

<19> <Player>: What power! I felt it through my soul itself!

Kayus: Incredible isn’t it?

<20> Unfortunately that is the extent of my preparations, I think you’re probably ready to seek Balgrom now. You may keep the dagger if you like!

<21> <Player>: Thank you kindly, and I’m sure to come back and fish with you in due time.

<Player is now free to roam. See Extras Script for fishing dialogue.>

<22> <Player>: I have a better idea.

<=== Quest1 ===>

<You arrive at Fallbale to find it completely in ruin. Only a few stand among the living.>

<23> Villager: That's close enough! Please, we don't want any more trouble.

<Player>: I mean no harm! I don’t want trouble either, I was sent here by Kayus, to find a man named...

<24> Gralbom.

<25> Balgrom.

<26> Villager: Gralbom? He’s clearly an imposter!! Attack him before he calls for reinforcements!

<27> <Player>: What a horrible mistake! All because of a verbal slip up. This memory is proving to be more of a problem by the minute. I should go back to the wreckage before more people show up.

<28> Balgrom: My most sincere apologies, stranger, we are in a state of serious disarray. I am Balgrom! Kayus is still alive!? His shack was my next stop!

<Player>: What on earth happened here? Was there a raid?

Balgrom: Raid is an understatement, stranger. The Shriss Army completely destroyed our village.

<Player>: Shriss Army? Are there still soldiers nearby?

Yes, they are from an island in the far north. They are on a warpath. We need to escape. Do you want to come with us?

That is actually why I came here. My transport boat is destroyed. Kayus said you may be able to assist me in rebuilding it?

Balgrom: Well I doubt we could get it back into top shape, but I could definitely help you find the resources, if you take us with you off of this island.

<29> You’ve got yourself a deal!

<30> I’ll have to decline.

<31> Balgrom: Great! We should get going before more Shriss fighters show up.

I agree. Come with me. I’ll show you the way to the wreckage.

I don’t think I’ll be able to look after the three of you. It’s nothing personal. I promise..

<The player arrives at the beach with or without Balgrom’s party, depending on their choices before. There are a few Shriss guards investigating the wreckage.>

<33> Shriss guard: It’s them! You’re all under arrest for high treason. We are authorised to use lethal force. Attack!

<The two villagers are killed.>

<34> Balgrom: That’s exactly what they said before they raided our village!

<Commence battle.>

<35> Balgrom: Where did you learn to fight like that? You saved my life, for a second time!

<Player>: I truly have no idea! I don’t have any recollection of my past. I don’t really think at all, just swing when it feels right, I guess!

Balgrom: At any rate, I’m glad you have the skill! It looks like your boat has been lost mostly to the waves. We should be able to scavenge enough pieces to build a raft.

<Player>: Let’s get started, do you think we -er- [i]I[/i] should see if there is anything in the ruins of Fallbale? I can imagine you don't want to go back any time soon.

Balgrom: My only worry is that the dead have risen again, and roam the streets. If you are up for the challenge, I bet there is a lot of wood there.

<Player>: I’ll keep that in mind. For now, let’s see what we can find.

Balgrom: I’ll follow your lead.

<Main Dialogue for quest ends here temporarily, see extras for NPC chatter.>

<36> Balgrom: Well, I think that should do it! I couldn’t hold another plank anyways! Let’s head back to the beach and put this baby together!

<Balgrom and the player(Or the player alone.) Rebuild the ship here, though it ends up more a small sailboat than a ship.>

<37> Balgrom: Absolutely beautiful work, if I do say so myself! They say a smith with no pride in his work, is no smith at all, you know!

<Player>: I couldn’t agree more! Thanks again so much for your assistance.

Balgrom: Anything to get off this island, friend! I will stand guard here, if you wanted to see anything else on the island, otherwise let me know when you are ready to go!

<38> Balgrom: Alrighty. All set?

<39> Yes sir!

<40> Not quite!

<41> Unseen Observer: Thanks for playing! Don't forget to save your progress. You will be able to continue when we update the game.

<42> Balgrom: Ok... please don’t go too far! I doubt I could handle an entire patrol.

<=== Zone1FishermansPerils ==>

<The old man Kayus is having a barrel bug problem. Help him kill off the creatures stealing his fish>

<43> Kayus: Long time no see! I hope your travels are treating you well.

<44> Is Balgrom alright?

<45> Yes, he is safe as far as I know.

<46> You said you might be able to use some help?

<47> Kayus: Definitely. At first I thought we could have a pleasant time fishing together, unfortunately the barrel bugs are making rot of all my supply! If you would be so kind as to kill the bugs, I will share some of today’s fish with you!

<48> That sounds like a deal!

<49> I have too much going on right now.

<50> Kayus: Wonderful! Let me know when you have taken care of them!

<51> <Player>: Sorry Kayus.

Kayus: I understand! If you are ever back on this side of the island, you know where to find me!

<52> Kayus: Back already? That didn't take long at all!

<Player>: Yes, they really didn't give me too much trouble this go around.

Kayus: As promised, half of today’s catches! All yours. Thank you so much for your help!

<53> <Player>: And thank you for the food, Kayus!

<=== Zone1DangerousHunt ==>

<A traveling hunter is chasing down a giant carnivorous creature. Help him take it out for a useful tool. He will chase after the player until the player interacts>

<54> Hunter: Follow me I’ll show you where it’s at.

<55> Hunter: Traveler! Excuse me! Do you have a moment to spare?

<Player>: I suppose so, as long as you’re not a highway man.

Hunter: No sir! Not anymore!

<Player>: Anymore?

Hunter: That’s entirely beside the point. You look like a healthy individual, are you interested in rewarded work?

<Player>: You’re being very ambiguous...

Hunter: My apologies, my wife says the same thing! I need your help hunting a beast of magnificent proportions.

<56> A beast?

<57> Absolutely not.

<58> Hunter: The beast

<59> <Player>: That sounds like my kind of adventure! Tell me more?

Hunter: It

<60> has been giving me trouble for two weeks now, but trust me, it is meaty enough to last a year! If you help me kill it, I will give you my trusty bow, and a quiver of arrows.

<61> Alright, you’ve got my business!

<62> I think I’ll have to pass.

<63> <Player>: I will happily track the beast with you.

Hunter: Wonderful! I saw it near an interesting grouping of rocks by the coast earlier this morning, but it ran as soon as my shot was ready! Follow me I’ll show you where it’s at.

<64> Hunter: I understand, if you see it in the future, come find me!

<65> <Player>: You don’t seem like the most trustworthy of strangers!

Hunter: You had better not kill it yourself! My wife would be furious!

<66> <Player>: What an exhilarating chase!

Hunter: Without a doubt! That was significantly harder than I had expected it to be. Here, I certainly owe you this.

<67> <Player>: Thank you kindly! Best wishes to you and your wife.

<=== Zone1TravellingBrag ==>

<Player will encounter a travelling warrior. The warrior seems to be all talk, but offers to prove his skill with a friendly wager>

<68> Warrior: Ho there, stranger!

<Player>: Erm... hello...

Warrior: Surely you have heard of me, I need no introduction.

<Player>: Actually I do-

Warrior: I am the Marvelous Borhem! No beast nor foe stand in my way.

<Player>: Can I leave?

Borhem: Nonsense! Not until you truly respect my power. My swing has slain ten thousand dragons, thrust ended hundreds of undead.

<Player>: That's... great. I appreciate your gracing me with your presence, truly.

Borhem: Nonsense! I sense sarcasm in your tone. How about a wager?

<Player>: A what?

Borhem: Wonderful! You may choose one of two rewards, should you beat me.

<Player>: I’m not entirely prepared for a duel, if I’m hon-

Borhem: Nonsense!

<69> If you actually win, I will teach you in my learned ancient arts. Or, if you’re the materialist, fifty gold pieces! If you lose, you must proclaim my greatness!

<Player>: Well, that is a tempting offer... I think I’ll choose...

<70> Your teachings.

<71> The gold!

<72> <Player>: I am curious of your talents.

<73> <Player>: Life is expensive, you see?

<74> Borhem: Righteous! Then, taste my blade!

<75> <Player>: I can’t beli-

Borhem: The sun! It reflected off your blade and near blinded me! You got the upper hand the moment I lost my vision...

<Player>: It’s fairly cloudy today...

<76> Borhem: Nonsense! Now, I am a man of my word. Which reward did you want, even if you [i]barely[/i] won.

<77> Borhem: Aha! Now you understand the magnitudes of my power! For I, Borhem, The greatest warrior of all time, who’s bla-

<Player>: [i]*sigh*[/i] I get it. Ten thousand dragons, blah blah.

Borhem: Not so fast, Stranger, you must hold up your end of this deal.

<Player>: [i]*sigh*[/i] You, Borhem, Are the greatest warrior of all time.

Borhem: Yes, I know that.

<Player may return to earn more gold, but Borhem will be harder with each attempt>

<78> <Player>: Borhem!

Borhem: You again! One fell swing could not quench your thirst for my blade, I see? Or do you simply wish to bask in my presence? Either is fine.

<79> I am here to challenge you once more.

<80> Leave.

<81> Borhem: Nonsense! You’ll be no challenge, merely an inconvenience in my daily stroll.

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