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Forged Adventure - Achievements (Spoiler Alert!)


Survive your first night on the island.

Thirst for Fire

Find three Scrolls of Fireball.

Dangerous Hunt

Don't let the hunter die.

Treasure Hunt

Kill all will-o'-the-wisps.

Fishermans Perils

Help Kayus kill off the bugs stealing his fish.


Kill three enemies with one fireball.

Zabij trzech wrogów używając jednej kuli ognia

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Savior of Fallbale

Save all the survivors in Fallbale.

It's My Prey

Kill the beast without the help of the hunter.

Hammer Time

Kill Balgrom and take his hammer.

I'll Take It Myself

Build the ship without any help.

Zbuduj statek bez żadnej pomocy.

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