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Summer is around the corner and like every year some of us start thinking of the next arrangement in the FM series, in this case it's Football Manager 2013. Our "Football Manager 2012 New Features we'd like to see" article last year was a huge success, receiving more than 335,000 views. As a result it makes perfect sense to have another go at it this year.

We won't be having any official announcements regarding FM 2013 until late August. This is common procedure from Sports Interactive and goes like that every season. However we do know FM13 is under development as we speak and the developers are always keen on checking out interesting suggestions they could integrate to the game.

I intend to keep this article updated with fresh ideas as they come up, so make sure to post your suggestions in the comments below, in our forums or on our FM2013 facebook page.

At the end of this article you will also find a fake FM 2013 box art I designed on April 12th.

FM 2012 currently needs improvement in various areas. I'll just go ahead and name them real quick:

* press conferences

* transfer system

* player complaints

* 3D match engine fakes & bugs

* AI squad building (trading, youth dev)

* training system

* match engine set-pieces delays

* manager interaction and networking

* scout assignments

Let’s get down to details now...


We should be able to see how our players have been doing with a measure of attitude. So, on the Team Selection screen, I'd like a little visual indicator of how players have done in training over the past week; just a little green plus/red minus, or nothing if there's no real notable effort.

~ by Dave C

Introduce more answer options tied with training in press conferences, also in player interaction.

~ by Dave C, Sheffield Sunday

When a player becomes 'natural' in a new position, he shouldn't need to continue training that position to remain natural.

~ by sixsecondsleft

Complaints about "too much training". OK, but please include a button that says "request coach to sort this out".

~ by bolulu

Pre-season training camps abroad.

~ by Adam Frosties Frost


Change the board hiring AI because it’s currently poaching from within your league most of the time instead of going for some "world class" coaches who are unemployed.

~ by Dr. Cheesesteak

The transfer rumours page should be a little more vague because in reality 90% of transfer fees are undisclosed, so the press speculate wildly about the fee and wages.

~ by brightonrock

I'd like to see more interest when you offer players on loan. I offer some talented youngsters, easily capable of starting for plenty of lower league teams, and offer to pay 100% of their wages, yet still get either no bites or only 2-3 teams with plans to use them as cover only.

~ by Jehiel

Give an option to offer groups of players on loan with your specifics - wage %, recall option, etc - to avoid repetition.

~ by joannes3000

Add favourite and disliked attributes for managers and apply that in AI transfers. And likewise add favoured preferred moves. For example Guardiola likes small, intelligent, quick, technical players but also players that like to play one-twos, and will be likely to try to teach that preferred move to his players.

~ by noikeee

The board should restrict how many 48 monthly payments you're allowed.

~ by Eugene Tyson

The possibility of buying a player and loaning them back to the club you’ve bought them from for the rest of the season would be greatly received I think.

~ by coopie54

Offer players to clubs with wage percentage.

~ by Matshit

Dramatically increase variation between AI bids for players. Player is worth different amount of money to different teams in relation to their specific needs, ambitions, available resources, intelligence, willingness to risk, marketing opportunities... Also AI doesn't seem calculate the expanse of the whole transfer (transfer fee + player wages & bonuses + agent fees) when deciding whether to bid for certain transfer target or not.

~ by Govnar1


Added clauses when buying a player, like extra fees to pay the selling club if the player keeps your side up (sort of like the promotion bonus), or the ability to loan a player back (I know you can set 'end of season' but it's not the same thing!

~ by brightonrock

Have one screen where you can negotiate with all players/coaches/scouts that fall within a specified date range - e.g. contracts expiring within 1 year, 6 months, etc. It’s a HUGE pain to negotiate tons of contracts one by one.

~ by joannes3000

How about an option in the holiday settings to automatically offer a contract extension to any member of your backroom team is approached by another club.

~ by Barside

Additional bonuses such as an assists bonus, a man of the match bonus, etc.

~ by PineappleBlender

"Pay as you Play" contracts for players like Hargreaves sound like a good idea.

~ by Shevchenko

Remove players/agents ability to see your wage budget and demand wages and fees relative to it.

~ by Govnar1

Offer players incentive for not just scoring goals, but also for tackles, crosses, passes, etc or even overall rating at the end of the season.

~ by Craig Harrison

Match Engine

The dugouts are stretching across 2/3rds of the pitch and 5 or 7 subs sitting a mile apart from each other. They should be smaller and the subs closer together; likewise have the physio sitting in there for when he's needed, and when a player is stretchered off, have him actually get stretchered off (by the shortest possible route!!). Its a bit of a farce when a player gets a broken leg and walks off ahead of the physio.

Also the ball goes through the stand when it's cleared; it should bounce around or something within the stadium, to make it feel more 'solid' and realistic.

~ by brightonrock

When I change to a saved formation during a match, all the opposition settings and shouts are reset. Fix that, please.

~ by Blinkenlights Faxlore

Ability to choose penalty taker once a pk is awarded.

~ by sixsecondsleft

Introduce ball boys, as it’s annoying having to watch your player run 20-30 yards to fetch the ball.

~ by J-ROSE

Or just make the ball teleport to the corner spot when it goes out. Also cut the delay when getting booked (ref-player strolling) and in case of injury (physio delays).

~ by Porthos

Lower league stadiums with seats only on 1 side of the pitch.

~ by b_raven

Pace and acceleration are too overpowered.

~ by Coentrao

Set up the Widgets where you want. Then hit the TAB key or something to hide them all automatically. Hit the key again and they come back up again.

~ by Eugene Tyson

Make changes in pressing dynamics and implement various types of pressing (such as classic hunting pack, one on one pressing (or mirror formation), space flooding, single pivot pressing, brick/variable pivot hybrids...). Improve/introduce dynamic repositioning of players according to ball position. This is necessary to enhance effectiveness of pressing.

~ by Govnar1

Reduce excessive precision of long passes. Only the best passers (Scholes, Carrick, Xavi, Beckham etc) should find targets consistently over 25+ yards.

~ by Govnar1, CityAndColour

Implement teams losing shape (formation disintegration) toward half time and/or full time as a result of exhaustion or lack of discipline.

~ by Govnar1

In-Game Shouts. I'd like the opportunity to communicate with players or team during a match, much like the pre match/half time team talk.

~ by Weezer


I'd love to see FM go back to the previous method of scouting. The current system and the whole "one day report" really irks me. I've found it better to send scouts out to any country other than ones they have "full" knowledge of.

~ by looknohands

Scouting is definitely overpowered at the moment in my opinion. We get to see player attributes way too fast and they are always 100% accurate regardless of scout used. Not even the best scouts should be able to give such an accurate picture of players ability and certainly not on such a short notice. This should be much more hit and miss, even for best scouts out there. Also please implement option to completely hide players attributes.

~ by Govnar1

Competition scouting is the way forward.

~ by Barside

You could instruct your scouts and/or youth academy to search for players and develop players with the traits that you want: attributes and preferred moves. noikeee

A way to edit scouting filter without removing the assignment and recreating a new one.

~ by Eugene Tyson

When setting scout assignments, can we have "Continent" options, so I can just set a scout to Asia or Africa, as opposed to having to set them to portions of the continent? Or, can we set a time scale ourselves, and stack up assignments?

~ by Dave C

Would be nice if I could choose to not get these mass scouting reports. Maybe instead there could be some kind of list with recent scout reports which I could look into when ever I want to.

~ by kizaru

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