Football Manager 2010 new features blog Day 7: new tactics creator module

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Today I want to give you the first look at the brand new tactics creator module.

Thanks to the wonders of modern day technology, and SEGA having someone who's good at doing video editing, there's no massive wall of text to show this to you (and as you'll see from the video, there's a lot of stuff there) so here are the basics of the tactics creator!

A few points to make post you watching the video. First off, yes, there are full descriptions of all of the player position types in the game (my knowledge of what a Trequarista is has improved greatly in the last couple of months!).

Secondly, one thing the video doesn't show is the "advanced" options, which are things like being able to tell wingers to cut inside. I'll go into more detail on that, and also talk about "touchline shouts" in tomorrow's "part 2" blog.

Before I get bombarded with questions on our forums ( like "will my old tactics still work?" and "what if I want to use the old system?" the answer to both questions is yes. You can also share your tactics created with the new tactics creator too.

Oh, and before I go, I need to give huge thanks for Gareth, Richard, Rashid and Mark who worked alongside SI co-founder Oliver Collyer to come up with the tactics creator for the game. I'll be interviewing a couple of them alongside Ov later on in the blog season to give an idea on how the collaboration came together, and what some professionals in the football world think of the work.

That'll do for today I think. Tomorrow, as I've said, I'll be looking at advanced instructions and touchline shouts. And if you're all well behaved and eat all your vegetables at tea time, I'll even throw in another match engine video for the weekend.