Football Manager 2010 new features blog Day 22: improvements to scouting and player searching

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Apologies to those who were waiting for a blog yesterday. Unfortunately due to time constraints, it wasn’t possible to do one, so today’s blog is two posts in one.

As such, I’ve merged some subjects together to attempt to have it make sense, so the blogs today are about scouting, player search and search filters.

As I mentioned in the transfers blog, there has been a lot of work done this year on fixing issues in the transfers section, and this has a big knock on for scouting too, with us trying to ensure that the scouts in the game report back as they would do in real life, with better feedback than in previous titles to really help you decide which of the five right backs you’ve just scouted would be the best fit for what you need, and the best value for money.

This is also the same for the clubs that you’re not managing, so don’t expect it to be much easier – the computer controlled scouts and managers are hungrier than ever before when it comes to snapping up the players that they need too.

And it’s not just about those players you’re trying to sign, but the scouting of your opponents too. I mentioned in the backroom advice blog about the tactical feedback you get, and in the pre-match meeting with your staff they’ll give you all kinds of information and statistics about your opposition, as well as the next opposition scout reports being improved, such as including scout reports on the players that the scout designates as key players.

One quite major change to your football knowledge inside the game is with regards to the positions that the footballer can play in. In previous games you could see all of the positions that a player was capable of playing in, and how good they were in each one. Now, you just see their natural positions, and you need to scout the player to be able to see what non natural positions they player can play in. Seeing as we’ve had it in the game like that for many years with the player stats, it make sense for us to expand upon that.

With player searches, it’s now possible to adjust all attributes up or down easily in player search with the addition of a “+” and “-“ button for all of the attributes you’ve set up, rather than having to do them all individually.

Something returning to the series that we can’t work out why it went in the first place is that when setting up a player search, you can now use an option to match x out of y attributes to get a better chance of finding a player as good, or nearly as good, as you want to.

There are lots of new player search filters too such as:

* “Appeared in” player search filter to see players who are already cup tied.

* Part-time, amateur, youth and MLS specific options.

* Extra contract expiry options.

* Can now filter by “at least” in staff search in regards to their reputations.

* You can now filter by “leagues” for players, to just see players playing in the Championship, for example.

Then there’s the “Asking price” filter which has been added on player search screen

Oh, and filters added for both “trained in nation”and “trained at clubs perfect for searching for players to make up the necessary numbers in your squad with the prevalence of rules necessitating them.

That’s enough for today on those subjects. Now for something else.

There should be a new edition of the Football Manager podcast available later this evening featuring, err, me, Johnny Abrams from and Billy from FMDatabase talking about football, playing “feature roulette”, revealing the winner of the last editions competition, a new competition, and a new feature called “Ask Miles” where someone from the FM community (in this case, Billy) gets to ask me questions about Football Manager and Sports Interactive. As always, it’s available from iTunes at the princely cost of absolutely nothing, with all the back catalogue episodes available for the same price.

Have a lovely weekend everyone – I’ll be back on Monday with more information about the forthcoming FM2010.