Football Manager 2010 new features blog Day 15: Media day Part 2

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Never has a new feature in one of our games polarised people more than when we introduced Press Conferences into last years Football Manager 2009 release.

The gaming equivalent of marmite, opinions ranged from "I love them!" to "they're so boring!"

Welcome to the world of press conferences.

Each year I travel round Europe doing press conferences for each new release. At each press conference, I do a demo of the game, and then get asked lots of questions by journalists. At each press conference, I get asked very similar things day in, day out.

Thus is the way of the press conference. If you go to football management press conferences, you see the same thing Mr.Wenger, Mr.Ferguson, Mr.Hughes et al get asked the same questions, week in, week out, about the same subjects, with the occasionally new one thrown in for new measures. You even see them getting exasperated by said questions each press conference too (whereas I actually really enjoy the ones that I do, but probably because it's only for a few weeks of the year!).

So whilst striving to be as realistic as possible, but also trying not to annoy either camp in the love it or hate it debate, we spent ages discussing what to do with what is a very important feature of the game.

First off, in FM09, you had the choice to send the assistant to the press conference and, for the haters out there, you can set this in the team settings to ask your assistant to do all press conferences for you. And with your backroom staff now having a media handling stat, it makes it more important for you to choose your assistant wisely if you aren't going to take on the media yourself.

For those who liked, or even loved, them, we have, of course, improved them massively for Football Manager 2010.

For a start, in FM09 each question effectively had the same answer set, with little variation, whereas in FM10, each question now has specific answers, which gives a lot more depth to the press conference module, and, well, makes more sense.

Players also have a media handling stat, so depending on their character, will get more, or less, unhappy when you talk about them or the team in a press conference, much like real life.

There are also loads more questions, with over 500 in the game now, with less repetition, and some which appear at specific times based on in game events and achievements, to make you feel even more special if, or when, you win a treble.

There's also a brand new type of press conference, which is a press conference for new signings. This deals with how they might impact your club, your squad, pressure on the player due to transfer fees, financial pressure due to the signing. Again, just like real life.

There'll be more on Football Manager 2010's media features tomorrow.