Football Manager 2010 new features blog Day 14: Media day Part 1

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into Russian: FM2010 блог - день 14. День СМИ - часть 1.. Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
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Hello again, and welcome to another week of blogs about the forthcoming Football Manager 2010.

This week I'll be revealing lots of new stuff about the media section of the game.

Over the last decade, the media has become more and more important in football and the role of the manager. One quick look around will show you that, with every single detail of a match and the manager looked into throughout the week.

Last year we introduced press conferences to game for the first time, and I'll be dealing with improvements and additions to that area in the coming days, as well as revealing all about the new news subscriptions, which are a bit like your own personal website feed of information from around the world.

For those who have played our previous games, you'll already know how deep we go into news and media in the game. This year there are loads of new additions to this area of the game to provide even more information to you as the manager, and today I'm going to reveal just a handful of these, with another handful coming later in the week. I don't want to give away everything, otherwise you'll have nothing new to discover when the game comes out on October 30th!

So what I've done is gone into our new features database, and picked out at random a few of the new media items that we're covering in FM2010.

One of my favourites - and I'm pretty glad this was part of the lucky dip of random picking - is that your team's supporters now comment on your team selection post match, telling you who they think has played well, or what aspect of the teams play they liked best. They'll also comment on players who weren't playing, and whether they could have done a better job, or a worse job, than those you've picked.

This is important as the fans of clubs have a massive role to play in these times of blogs - again, just look at, who have fans of teams commenting directly through a national website about what is going on at their clubs.

We've made improvements to the 'end of loan' news items, so you get information back on how that player has done for the team he's been on loan at, saving you time of having to go into his profile and analysing his stay should you not wish to.

Our media team are big fans of alliteration and puns to add more character into the news reports, so should you thrash a team, we've improved and added new news items for big results, such as 'Seventh Heaven'� being a typical headline should you win by a huge margin scoring seven goals.

You now get a monthly board update, to keep you up to date with the profit and loss for the month, and other financial aspects of the club, and a regular physio summary too, telling you about who in the squad in injured or coming back from injury, including recommending possible games where the player should be fit enough to return.

Some of the more bland news items in the game, such as when a game has been dull, or when you qualify for the world cup, have also been improved.

Whilst we're talking about media, I spoke on Friday briefly about the return of the FM podcast which ended up going live much later on Friday than we hoped (just before midnight), so if you do want to give it a listen, it is now freely available on iTunes. Just search for the Football Manager podcast.

We've also seen lots more people following us on Twitter recently, so if you are on Twitter and want to follow us, you can follow the studio @SI_games, or follow me directly @milessi

See you all tomorrow! Cheers