Football Manager 2010 new features blog Day 13: the return of the FM podcast

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So this is a bit worrying. Blog no.13 and it falls on a Friday! I'll therefore keep it non-controversial today, just in case...

For a start, as hinted at yesterday, at some point today the first in the new series of the Football Manager podcast will go live on iTunes. It's completely free, as always, as are all of the episodes from seasons 1 & 2.

This year the podcasts will be every two weeks, and will be hosted by, err, me, with special guests each podcast. In the first of the season the guests are Andrew from Shortlist and Ashleigh from Kick, and we talk about a host of football subjects, as well as me running through some of the already announced features on Football Manager 2010, and revealing a few more through a game of Feature Roulette, where the guests pick a few numbers, and I tell them about the new feature according to the number they picked out.

It's a bit of a drunken ramble, but is good fun, so if you get a bit of time, please download it! Anyway, a few bits and bobs for the weekend. Today I'm going to deal with a handful of features that don't really fit into specific sections, but are still new for Football Manager 2010.

First up, a couple of changes in feeder clubs, which are the clubs that are affiliated to your own. We've improved the research process for these clubs over the last year, and any costs for the affiliation deals that we've been able to find are now read into the game from the database, so they should be more accurate than ever before.

When you have a feeder club in another country that is set to help with youth training, you might also find that some of the youth players from that club should turn up at your club by default, so, for example, if you had a youth affiliation with a club in Belgium, you're likely find some Belgian kids automatically coming into your youth squad when they are updated at the start of each season.

With Football Manager 2009, we introduced press conferences for the first time, and it's possible to ask your assistant to do them for you. However, there was no way to know whether your assistant would be any good at them, so there's now a media handling style for your staff, which will help you identify how a staff member will deal with press conferences.

A nice little touch in Football Manager 2010 is that if you declare interest in a job, and then attend a match by the club where you have interest, much in real life the media focus will fall on you being there. It will also be noticed by the supporters and the board of your prospective new club (and your own!) so the reaction of the fans and board could help, or hinder, your chances of getting the job.

Another bow to the accuracy that we strive for in FM is that when stadiums have terracing and seating, but then host a match where only seating can be used (like an international fixture, or Champions League) the terracing will be shut or replaced with temporary seats, meaning a smaller potential crowd for that match, just like in real life.

Right - that's enough for today. We're all working really hard at the studio at the moment with just a few short weeks until we're due to deliver the final game to SEGA. There'll be more details about exactly what we're working on next week! In the meantime, have a great weekend, and good luck to all teams all over the world who are playing this weekend.