Football Manager 2010 new features blog Day 11: the new data editor

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into Russian: FM 2010 Блог. День 11: новый редактор баз данных. Translation complete.
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Hello again! The blogs for today and tomorrow are going to be showing you the new data editor that comes as part of the package with Football Manager 2010.

For many years we've provided an editor for our games that allowed you to change any player stats in the game, or club information, and move teams around divisions, and make these data updates available for download, or just keep them for yourself.

One thing that hasn't been possible with our editor before is to add your own leagues or competitions.

With 50 countries playable leagues, FM10 covers a lot of world football. With over 400,000 players and staff in the database, we also have researched information from the vast majority of the worlds players and staff.

There is, however, always room for more, and there have been many requests over the years for other countries leagues to be added to the game.

Now we are passing the power to do that to the huge community that we have who follow the game and us as developers.

The new data editor allows you to not just update player info and club info, but also allows you to add countries' leagues to the game which we don't already cover, and add more levels and new competitions (like extra cup competitions) to existing leagues.

Also, rather than having to save out each database as a huge file, it only saves the changes that have been made to the data, meaning that database updates and newly created leagues are going to be much smaller files than people have been used to downloading. This also allows you to download and run multiple new competition and data updates at the same time, although if some information has been changed twice, it will take the last change made.

You'll see a video below which shows you how to set up a new league, and tomorrow there will be a video showing how to add a new competition to an existing league, and also some mini interviews with some of the FM communities finest data editors many of whom have been helping with testing the data editor.

Here is a list of some of the things that you can and can't do with the editor, which have been provided (mainly) by the lead tester on the new data editor at SI.

Let's get the negatives out of the way first, with the...

Things that you cannot do with the editor

- Cannot edit existing leagues, only recreate them.

- An MLS/A-League style league system cannot be created

- Cannot add teams into current MLS system

- Leagues with opening and closing stages cannot be created

- International Competitions cannot be edited

- Continental Competitions cannot be edited (eg. The Champions League)

- The number of places leagues get for continental competitions cannot be edited

- Cannot set administration rules

- Can't set Work Permit Rules

- Cannot edit Transfer Rules

- Do the washing up.

- Get you a date with Kylie.

Now some things that you can do with the editor

- Everything you could do before!

- Ability to add lower levels to existing league structures (E.g. Regional Premier Divisions)

- Add new leagues into the game (Eg. Egypt)

- Recreate existing leagues with different rules. (Create English league with a max squad size)

- Add inter-league Cup competitions (Examples Cup between Scottish & English Teams)

Things that can be set in Competition Editor for leagues

- Set Season Update Day

- Set League Start/End Dates

- Set Nation Transfer Windows

- Set Nation Discipline Rules (Yellow & Red Cards)

League Specific

- Set Points for Win

- Set Television Revenue & Parachute Payments

- Number of Promotion & Relegation Spots

- Set League Sorting Rules (Sort teams by Goal Difference etc)

- Set League Break Periods

- Select how and when games are moved for TV.

- Set League Prize Money

- Match Day and Squad Rules (E.g. Team must have 3 U23 player in Match Day Squad)

- Set Championship, Promotion and Relegation Play-Off Rules

Cup Specific

- Create FA Cup and Super Cup style competitions

- Also create competitions which include group stage and knock-out stage

- Set specific divisions and clubs to enter competition

- Set Cup Prize Money

- Set No. of Replays

- Set No. of Legs

- Set venue of round games (Weather player at Home Team stadium, Neutral venue or National Stadium)

- Create new competitions

New For Player Editing

- Edit players' Ethnicities/Skin Tone

- Edit Player Achievements

New for Non-Player Editing

- Edit Manager Achievements

New For Club Editing

- Edit number of Season Ticket Holders

- Edit the Income for clubs (includes Kit, Stadium Sponsors, Council/Government Grants, Individual TV deals)

- Edit Club Kits in full detail (Including Shirt, Shorts, Socks, European Kits)

- Edit Clubs' Captains

- Additional Club Records (Youngest & Oldest goal scorers)

New for Nation Editing

- Can edit Nation transfer tendencies

See you tomorrow for the second part of the video, and the mini-interviews!