FM2011 blog with Miles Jacobson day seven: How player movement analysis will make you a better boss

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Exclusive FM2011 blog with Miles Jacobson day seven: How player movement analysis will make you a better boss

In yesterday’s blog, I partly wrote about backroom advice and how it can help you in the game, including giving you some helpful analysis on your tactics.

But what if you want to go really in-depth, and analyse your matches to see exactly what was happening on the pitch, and when?

The match analysis system made its debut in Football Manager 2010 and acted like the systems managers use in real life to analyse how their players have performed.

It allowed you, after a match, to look at each individual player with a wealth of information about their performance in the match, such as where goals had been struck from, whereabouts on the pitch passes were completed and where tackles and fouls were committed - all on one screen.

With Football Manager 2011, we’ve taken this module to another level, and have not only attempted to provide all of the information that a real-life manager would look at, but more too!

You are now able to see exactly which of your players - or the opposition's - strayed offside during the game, where attacking or defending free kicks, corners and throw-ins occurred, and where the ball ended up.

Rather than just goals, and shots, you can now analyse clear-cut chances and half-chances, and see which players had them, where on the pitch, and what happened.

It’s also not just for individual players any more – you can also see how your whole team, or the opposition, performed at the same time, all on the one post-match tactics screen. It's the perfect way to compare all of your players' performances in one place, and sort out the workhorses from the workshy.

Even whilst I’m typing this, it’s difficult to visualise, so first in the photo slideshow above is a screenshot for you which shows an example of players' movement during the game, in particular running past opponents and straying offside.

Out of all of the new features in this area, my favourites are probably the view for average positions of players during the match, as this really helps you tweak your tactics and player roles for the next match (for example, if your wide midfielder isn’t getting forward enough, you might decide to switch his player role to being a winger, and make him more attacking), and the new heatmap, which shows where players have spent the most time on the pitch during the game either individually, or as a team.

In fact, I like the latter so much, see the photo slideshow above for a exclusive screenshot of it!