FM2011 blog with Miles Jacobson day 15: Wayne Rooney, 25-man squads and new transfer features explained

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What with all the paper talk about Rooney possibly leaving Manchester United at the moment, a story broken by this very website on Sunday , what better time to talk about transfers, contracts and agents.

One thing that’s been really interesting for me about the Rooney story is the “where will he go” discussion.

Man City have obviously been mentioned, as have Chelsea, despite both of these clubs claiming that their days of big spending are over. Barcelona and Real also mentioned, one of which has little funds, and the other saying that their squad is full until next summer (although as Sir Alex is rumoured to be a fan of Benzema, a swap plus cash deal could be on the cards there).

How does this relate to Football Manager 2011?

Firstly, there is the 25 man squad limit which is in place in a number of country's leagues this year. It’s been the case in Spain for a while, but with it coming to the Premier League too, you’ve ended up with a bunch of Man City players going off on season long loans, some with a pre-agreed transfer fee at the end of it should they do well.

It’s also lead to some players being released and not being able to find new clubs, such as Danny Shittu, Jay Demerit, Jeremy Aliadiere and up until yesterday Darius Vassell, who will now be plying his trade in the Championship at newly rich Leicester.

This means that some squads are, simply, full, unless the player is under-age, such as Balotelli.

Partly because of the squad rules, and also due to the current financial climate that’s affecting most of the Western world and football too, many clubs spent their transfer budgets for the season in the first window, or didn’t have any to start off with!

If you talk to anyone inside the football world, they’ll tell you how tight the money is at the moment, with Premier league clubs who would normally have £15m to spend in a window having £4m to spend including wages and associated fees.

And partly because of this, we’ve seen a relatively new phenomena in the Premier League this season as mentioned above, which is the “loan to buy” deal. These have been regularly part of football for years on the continent, but have made up a tiny percentage of the deals in England over the last decade until this summer. Around 20 per cent of transfers in to the Premier league this year are season long loans, with options to buy.

The transfer system in Football Manager 2011 reflects this current state of the world. It means that in the first season, it’s pretty hard to sell players, as clubs don’t have much money, and their squads are full, so you’ll see even more loan to buy deals than normal in this first season.

However, because of the better financial management of clubs in FM compared to real life (clubs have no option but to pay tax bills in FM!), it does mean that the transfer market becomes more vibrant in the future – and hopefully shows that the new “financial fair play” rules that are coming in will work out well for football in the future.

In tomorrow’s blog, I’ll be looking at contract negotiation and agents, and how they play a part in Football Manager 2011.