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Hello everyone, and welcome, to the Football Manager 2012 blogs. This year we’ll have a selection of written blogs and video blogs to show you many of the new features that are in this years forthcoming release.

You’ll be able to find each of the blogs at in English, and they’ll also appear in local languages at our many partner sites, including, insert others here.

To see the initial FM 2012 feature announcements, you can find them at, but we’ll be going into more detail with the blogs here.

Over the last few years we’ve added many news items into the Football Manager series so that you can get even more immersed into your own personal game world. Sometimes when you’re playing the game, there are so many that it can become a bit overwhelming.

Therefore one of the things we looked into this year was where we could avoid duplication of information, so you’re still getting all the information you need and want, but avoiding multiple news items about the same event.

We’ve called this project “The news merge”. And some of it will change the way you play the game. But I’ll go into that a bit later.

After going through all the news items in the game looking for ones where you might get multiple bits of information scattered across many items, or for ones where you essentially got the same information multiple times, we needed to look at the headlines of all of these, and other, news items, to make sure they properly described what was in the main body of the item.

There were some that were easy to do, like when multiple players are going to miss an important match, and you could just add the extra text to one news item, or when players are released at the end of the season, there are new news items for youth players and senior players that have been released by their clubs, or merging together the “Manager sacked” and “Club looking for new manager” news items.

Then there were some that will change slightly the way you play the game. Such as combining scouting recommendation news items, so that if a scout wants to recommend a few players to you after seeing a match, they’ll be in one item, with reports for each player, or combining international scout reports.

But the really big change is the way that transfer bid news items now work. If you offer a player out to clubs and get multiple bids in for the player, you won’t get all of these items individually, but instead get one news item telling you who has bid. This gives a lot more prominence to the transfer centre, but I’ll go into that in more detail in a separate transfers blog.

There are, of course, many, many news items that we’ve changed in this way, not just the ones described below. But it wouldn’t be much fun for you if we told you about everything in advance, so you’ll just need to see those for yourself.

We also improved a bunch of existing news items in other ways, such as when the transfer window opens and closes, more details of a players contribution after his debut, pre & post match text improvements, more informative player unhappiness news, an indication of how much money you’ll be receiving for one of your matches being on TV and improved monthly training news items to name but a few, and some entirely new news items as well.

Of course, all of the news items that you see are controllable via the subscriptions screen, which has also been improved for Football Manager 2012, making it easier to reset your changes, the ability to subscribe to players, staff and clubs via the search screen and the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe to awards news items.

And whilst we’re talking about media, we can’t forget about the press conferences. As well as lots of improvements to the questions already there, there are also a few new press conference questions, such as questions about players you’ve sold, fixture congestion, gaps between fixtures, and even specific questions and answers for when your players have hit the woodwork a number of times during the match, plus more besides.

That’s it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with another blog.

Once again, we've set up a thread for this to be discussed: