Female (s), the true, nature of (Warriors' Experience)

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Theun, I'm wondering what is my function in the greater scheme of things? I noticed there are no female "Scholars" in the traditional Toltec Unit and leadership is a male responsibility. I find myself naturally approaching scholarship and leadership with distinctly female qualities. Perhaps these qualities are needed now in certain circumstances? My working hypothesis is that there appears to be an imbalance leaving females to fill the gaps. Perhaps this is related to weak males and/or the cultural shift or other factors?

I spoke about my scholarship style in my recent article submission: to research a vast expanse of territory, but to only go so deep, enough to recognize patterns in the seemingly disparate disciplines and traditions and integrate them into a cohesive whole. I've also spoken about my approach to leadership previously: to support my male "subordinates" using female qualities. Leadership isn't something I seek, but I do find myself in circumstances that call me to fill that role. I'm willing to step back when the role can be filled by the males in my life (except in the workplace ├втВмтАЬ there is more money in leadership positions and for now I'm the primary wage earner in our family.) On the other hand, scholarship as I've described it is the fabric and passion of my life. It is the path that brought me here to the Toltec Legacy. It even runs in my Lebanese family gene pool! :-) Am I missing something that could help me understand how to fulfill my function, my fate?


Gee! But you DO like to complicate things, don't you? LOL! No wonder you secretly wish to be a Scholar! <wg>

If you constantly find yourself in leadership roles, then why should this bother you? It is obvious, is it not, that you have a GREAT deal to offer to the world. You worry far too much about whether or not you are being true to your gender! In this respect I have already told you that you are VERY clear on your role as a female, and that you are doing EXTREMELY well as a female! So stop worrying, for heaven's sake! LOL! It is NOT your worrying that I need! I do enough of that already all by myself! What I need is your CLEAR thinking. :)

As for being a scholarly type, I will say much the same thing. Look at, for example, women like Madame Curie. Was she simply content to sit at home being a house wife? No! She was very MUCH a leader in her field, and she rendered the world a GREAT service through the work she did! So relax, my friend, and stop fretting!

I don't yet know you well enough to be able to see your direction or your predilection, but from what you describe yourself to be, and judging from what your passion in life is, I would not be surprised if you turn out to be an Easterly Stalker. The East have a passion for being orderly, methodical, and for getting all their ducks lined up in a nice neat, comprehensible row! LOL! And what is more, they are EXCELLENT at getting whatever job done, and most efficiently so! So by the time the ducks are well and truly lined up, there is NO room for confusion anywhere, and even the DUCKS know not to step out of line if they value their lives! LOL!

If, on the other hand, you FEEL like you have a greater mission to fulfil in life other than what you are doing right now, then come stand NEXT to me and help me to motivate all your fellow apprentices into honouring the challenge I posed to you in Communiqu├й 9. Now THERE is a worthy challenge for someone with your skills in FEMININE leadership and with scholarly Easterly qualities! Put your thinking cap on, woman, and let's see what you are TRULY capable of! <ebwg> I adore females with guts, as much as I cannot abide women who insist upon playing meek and mild and dumb and helpless. LOL! Females with guts INSPIRE the male, whereas women who play helpless give little boys that nice warm cosy feeling in the you-know-where! <ebwg> and LMAO!

With my warmest regards and much laughter,

A wicked old nagal,