Fear, confronting, explained from Warriors' Experience

Author: Theun Mares. Link to original: http://www.toltec-legacy.com/public-articles/list.html (English).
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into Russian: Объяснение противостояния страху (Опыт Воинов). Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
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Theun, as you know, I have been struggling with my fear of getting everything wrong. But finally I have begun to act in spite of my fear. Am I on the right track?


This is excellent! Keep it up, my friend! If we bear in mind that fear is caused by illusion, it always helps to CONFRONT the fear directly. In other words, only by ACKNOWLEDGING the fear, and then stepping right INTO it can we dispel the illusion causing it! But this stepping into fear must be an act of the heart, coming from the angle of FEELING, and NOT an act of the mind, for if we try to step into fear from the angle of the mind, the illusion OVERWHELMS us because of RATIONALISATION.