Fate, ascertaining one's from Warriors' Experience (WE 21009)

Author: Theun Mares. Link to original: https://www.toltec-legacy.com/public-articles/21009_WE_b7e9d1bdd9c4383a5976bffc177185ee.html (English).
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into Russian: Констатация судьбы - из опыта воинов (WE 21009). Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
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How do we find out what our fate in this lifetime is?


LOL! By simply LIVING the life we were born to live! But I will explain so that you can better understand what I am saying. I will use my own example to explain. :)

When I was at senior school I developed a passion for mathematics, physics, chemistry and English Literature. So I decided to become a physicist! <g> I was also studying both the piano and singing at the time! But physics it was going to be! So I started getting distinctions in maths and the sciences! Strangely enough, my singing ALSO took off at a great rate of knots! I always wondered why THAT happened? <sg>

Then on one FATAL day I went to see a movie about dancing! I tell you it was LURVE at first sight! LOL! That night I just could NOT go to sleep, I was so excited and utterly in lurve! LOL! So the NEXT day I went to speak to my piano teacher, got some advice and the address of a dancing teacher, and, PHEW, went to see her too, blurting out that I want to dance! This very KIND lady looked me up and down and said, "Well, for starters, you ARE rather FAT, and already a bit TOO old to start now!" LOL! But I was NOT going to be put off. I finished school a few years later, went to university, and immediately joined a ballet company when the company supposedly had NO vacancies for dancers! Two years later I was soloist and junior principal dancer!

Then one fine day, out of the bloody BLUE, I tell you, I start having what I at first FEARED to be signs of LUNACY creeping up on me! I freaked out! Then I ran into some goddamned man who INSISTED that he had been waiting for me to turn up, and that it was his duty to help me restore my memory! "What bloody memory?" I wondered. "And a memory of what? This man is NUTS, and I best get my arse out of here before I too become even MORE nuts than I already am!" But, okay, my own "insanity" was not going to go away, so I decided I may just as well hear this man out!

Then before I quite knew what was going on, I found out I am a bloody nagal of the Toltec tradition! I had until then never even heard of Toltec before! And now I was supposed to become a leader of insane people, and people who are mostly stubborn and unwilling to boot? "Oh, noooooooooooooo!" I thought. "Why me, dear Lord? What have I done to deserve this? Oh, woe is meeeeeeeeee!" LOL!

So, so much for not knowing our fate!