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Here is a brief review of activities arranged by Falanster throughout 2015. All of them can be divided into inner creating of community and projects aimed to change the outer world.

Projects focused on world

e-Participation Tool

Initiative for Development of Platform for Discussion and Decision-making. Last winter we started working on this project together with International educational NGO "ACT" which was developing the Socially Useful Activity Act. On our side we had created the platform itself by the spring 2015. The platform was based on the website and we were ready to launch it. However at start time it turned out that we do not have much time to discuss some changes.

Our off-the-shelf platform did not find application in that case, but the ground for the idea was laid. Our product can be used for another purpose in case the initiative people would like to introduce some important questions for discussion among Internet users.

Ars Nova. Free Graphical Tools Studying Club

The events within the club were held from February to May. It was the first place for purposeful knowledge sharing among artists, designers, architects, who want to use free programs for work.


Experimental Project for Mesh Networks (WiFi) and Society Studying. It contained meetings on wireless networks studying and construction, software setting, team-building and experimental expeditions to the major events and fests, where networks were already deployed and used.

The number of participants varied from 2 to 5-6 people. We managed to deploy network for "Youth Initiatives Fair", Linux users camp "LVEE", fest "July PRO", Metafest and to gather much information about public reaction to innovations.


One of the Major Activities in 2015. The idea covers free knowledge sharing in Belarusian on Wikipedia and attracting new participants. This idea found its fulfilment in the organizational support of the wiki-community, series of workshops "How to work with Wikipedia" across the country, as well as in the project "Wiki-helper".

We created the booklet for beginners in wiki-editing during summer and autumn. Volunteers and active wiki-editors worked on the project. We published booklets of classical and official spelling by means of crowdfunding.The first successful wiki-expedition was held in summer 2015 to the Bashni town.

800 x 600

Technical Youth Leisure. Boys and girls were soldering and learning different technologies here. The team of young and active solderers has grown and started their own, separate from Falanster, project. They called it Torchwood. It is difficult to judge now wether it is successful or not, but their attempt to create one more autonomous community is a great deal for geeks.

Build the Falanster

This title means the development of the organization: the number of friends, the ways of decision-making, organizational climate, ethics and aesthetics and so on.

Throughout the year the number of initiative group members was approximately one and the same – from 2 to 5 people. The official number of Falanster's members decreased by 14 people. At the same time, nevertheless, in spring 2015 we observed that from 2014 to the beginning of 2015 about 50 volunteers, including several trainees, helped us in different projects.

We devoted time to the development of Falanster's identity and found out that the closest notion to us is "a social geek".

From "Housewarming" to "Assembly Hall"

Since autumn we have started the project of searching initiatives, which are ready to share our ideas, for a joint room-sharing. We settled AIESEC (the project of youth volunteer exchanges around the world), the psychological section, a number of initiatives. Now we still working with Adukacyja.info.

We have offered joint room-keeping and created the hub for active initiatives. The main cooperation terms were open communication, open decision-making and plans of the team, using the Internet tools for team-working, clean-keeping and so on. Most likely this initiative will be continued this year.

Soon there will be an article with our plans for 2016-2017.

Original (Belarusian): Фаланстэр. Справаздача 2015

Translation: © Aliaksandra .

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