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We are a team of social innovators. We help to create a more autonomous and dynamic Belarusian society through open and free, digital and humanitarian technologies.

We promote the widespread use of open source, open hardware, open content, transparent approaches to management and decision-making. Also we support use of free-culture movement principles among local communities, public organizations, activists, ordinary citizens and official institutions.


We want to redistribute powers thanks to educational, organizational, and infrastructural activity. We are eager to reveal the true nature of digital technologies and show examples of how it can be directly and practically applied by society and citizens.

The result of our work is a society that is actively engaged in law-creation, in the development and decision-making.






mutual help


social equality


To spread the use of open source, hardware and content among public organizations, official institutions, communities and citizens.

To strengthen thematic and local communities through knowledge of digital management of their infrastructure.

To help public organizations, communities and citizens with updating humanitarian and technical knowledge to activate and involve them in decision-making of all levels and law-creation.


At present we have three main activities:

Wikification is the activity for the development of modern methods of media education for everyone, strengthening of knowledge in the Belarusian language, the spread of self-management principles, Belarusian wiki-community development.

Digital Lab is a help for public initiatives to improve their digital infrastructure through the development of volunteering among IT-specialists.

"Hradka" is open source and content in the public official institutions, legislation and among civil community.


Numbers. Since 2011 more than 500 people have volunteered in our educational clubs and projects. Over 3,000 people took part in events.

Digital Lab. Participants of the Drupal-club (2011-2012), and then Digital Lab (since 2016) have created more than 15 online platforms for non-commercial organizations, performed more than 100 tasks for public organizations, conducted about 40 consultations, and dedicated more than 900 hours.

Cycling campaign. "Cyclist Handbook" (2013 - 2017) was created. It is a brochure for cyclists (in an edition of 800 copies, more than 1500 downloads), whose purpose - to draw public attention to cycling problems in Belarus. Now Falanster supports the cycling campaign through the Cycling corner.

Wikification. During the active development of the organizational and educational activities the number of Wikipedia articles has almost doubled: from 80,000 (in 2014) to 145,000 (2017). More than 40 events took place, community infrastructure was improved, the Belarusian user-group (2015) was created, first international event Wikiletnik (2017) was held, and also "Wiki Handbook" - a guide for novice Wikipedia editors was co-created in 2015 (300 printed copies, over 600 downloads as well).

Hradka. Promotion of open source and content had led to the creation of a branch Creative Commons (2014), and in 2017 a copyright law changes proposal was made regarding open source licenses. Hradka's team managed to organize more than 30 public lectures and workshops, consultations with a total audience of more than 800 people.

Falanster is an EVS accredited organization, the founder of Wiki community User-group, co-founder of the Young Pirates of Europe, a member of the Pirate Parties International, a branch of Creative Commons, a member WebWeWant network, and is actively engaged in international activities.

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