Exclusive FM2011 blog with Miles Jacobson day six: New boardroom options and backroom advice

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Exclusive FM2011 blog with Miles Jacobson day six: New boardroom options and backroom advice

By Mirror Football in Football Manager 2010

Football Manager Blog with Miles Jacobson

In yesterday’s blog, I wrote about the new conversation system, and a bit about some of the new player interaction options in Football Manager 2010.

Today I’m going to write about the boardroom interaction changes, and the backroom advice changes too.

Seeing as I teased about the boardroom side of things with a screenshot yesterday, let’s start there.

The boardroom is the area where you deal with, er, your clubs board. They deal with the finances, how many staff you can take on, transfer and wage budgets, stadiums, training facilities – just like real life, the manager doesn’t tend to get to involved with that side of things, but can make requests of the board and leave it to them to decide.

You’ve been able to ask your board about simple things for a while. Increasing your transfer budget, increasing the capacity of the ground or even ask them to buy you a player if you’ve got a sugar daddy running your club.

With Football Manager 2011, we’ve added in a load of new options my favourite of which are:

Expand the number of coaches or scouts allowed at the club.

Build a youth academy.

Buy a council owned stadium.

Ask to increase the percentage of transfer income to go into the transfer budget.

And my favourite, the chance to ask them to build a new stadium, if your own stadium can’t be expanded due to the local council blocking it.

Just like real life…

In last season’s release of Football Manager, we added in backroom advice for the first time. Every few weeks your assistant would come to you and ask for a meeting where all of your staff would give you advice, from recommending players and staff to sign, information about your tactics, how your team compare to others on a variety of different stats, and various bits of information about your players.

It’s a way of allowing Football Manager to have a lot of depth, without it being too overwhelming for the person playing the game – most of the sections were already there, but you had to search them out without this advice and, well, what’s the point of having staff if they don’t give you feedback?

This new system went down pretty well, but there were a few criticisms as well, so we’ve had a bit of a tidy up with the text so that it seems more human, rather than robotic, better advice regarding the signing of young players, and more information added for reasons when suggesting criticising or praising a player.

We’ve also added in more things that you’re given advice about, such as:

Staff suggesting increasing or decreasing the training workload (which ties in nicely with the new training system, which I’ll be blogging out in the coming weeks.)

Staff suggesting training a player in a new position, or for individual training regimes.

Staff suggesting dropping players when they’re in bad form.

Staff advising on how many point are required to survive relegation, or to achieve promotion.

Your staff will also advise you when players are unhappy.

We’ve also added lots of extra options into the manager mind games module this year. This is an area of the game where you can make comments about other teams and managers to try and get an advantage over them in forthcoming matches, or just to try and carry favour with them or your supporters.

There are more than 40 new options in this area, so as with all of the areas of interaction that I’ve written about today and yesterday, I’ve just picked out a few of my personal favourites.

Commenting on players the other manager is targeting.

Commenting on the oppositions pitch condition.

Commenting on a managers transfer style (such as going for big name signings, or concentrating on youth).

Commenting when a manager is hired.

You’ll be able to discover all the extra options in the interaction are for yourselves when the game is released on November 5, or you’ll be able to check it out a couple of weeks before (date to be decided) when a free half season demo of Football Manager 2011 is made available from www.mirrorfootball.co.uk

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