Exclusive FM2011 blog with Miles Jacobson day 16: introducing... the agents!

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One of the biggest new features in Football Manager 2011 is undoubtedly the contract negotiation system which has led to a much wider use of agents inside the game.

When we decided to look at the contract side of things in the game, it was really important for us to talk to people who are used to negotiating player deals to see how it really happened, so I spoke to many chief executives and a bunch of agents some of whom were regular contacts, and some new ones, to find out the differences between contract negotiations at different clubs.

What became very clear, very quickly, was that transfer and contract negotiations are handled very differently. Transfers tend to be back and forth over a number of days, which is how we already had them in Football Manager, whereas contract negotiations tend to be either face to face or phone conversations that go back and forth over a number of minutes until everyone is happy. Sometimes deals get done straight away and sometimes the player goes away and thinks about it, or talks to other clubs.

That is what we've tried to replicate in Football Manager 2011 contract negotiations are now done 'live', with you effectively sitting in a room with an agent until a deal is struck, or not. That's not to say they might not come back to you in a few days to ask for better terms - that just depends on whether they are talking to other clubs too, or not.

Agents play a key part in these negotiations, although some players do represent themselves.

There are five different agent 'types', ranging from those who are more interested in what they are getting out of the deal than the player, through to those that take a small cut to ensure that the player gets the best deal possible. Some types negotiate hard, some are reasonable from the start, and some come to you without revealing anything that their client is looking for, and to put in your best offer first.

Some will ask for small fees, some will want huge fees to 'make the deal happen'. Just like real life, if the agent isn't happy, the player won't sign.

It is possible to build up relationships with agents over time, and obviously it'll be easier to negotiate with those that you already have a relationship with in the game.

Player do sack agents too if they don't feel they need one, or aren't happy with how the agent is representing them. So if a player you've tried to sign felt it was his agents fault that the deal didn't go through, and decides to sack his agent, it's worth trying to sign him again. If you still have the money, of course...

The other thing that was great about the conversations we had was finding some extra contract clauses that are regularly used by clubs that we didn't have in the series, and now we do, whilst also correcting the way that some payments are made.

These new clauses include, but are not limited to:

- Top division promotion increases and decreases

- Payments for getting into the team of the year

- Promotion bonuses

- Wage rise after a certain amount of appearances

- A percentage of the next transfer fee.

And before I leave you for now, one other nice little touch for the longer term players of the game - when you are now trying to sign a player from abroad who isn't allowed to join until his 18th birthday, you can now offer him a "normal" contract of up to five years, rather than having to offer a youth one with a max of two years. Which is nice.

There will be another blog later today, as I want to blog about the social networking features of the game before the demo is released.

And if you didn't know the demo was coming, you'll be able to get it exclusively via Mirror Football in the UK from tomorrow!