Exclusive FM2011 blog with Miles Jacobson day 14: How to get your FREE demo with MirrorFootball.co.uk

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Football Manager Blog with Miles Jacobson

I am delighted to be able to announce that the UK version of Football Manager 2011 on the PC & Mac went into manufacture on Saturday afternoon.

Why should you care about that? After all, we set the release date of November 5th some time ago, and haven’t suggested that it wouldn’t be out at that time.

Well, the first thing we do once we have heard that the game has “gone gold”, as we seem to say in the games industry when a game goes into manufacture, is start work on the demo version of the game.

For those who aren’t aware, every year we release a half-season demo of Football Manager. This is partly to give people the chance who have already pre-ordered to start playing the game, and try a few things out, knowing that they can take any saved game from the demo and play it when they get the actual game themselves.

It’s also so that people who haven’t ordered, or even played any of our previous Football Manager games, get the chance to try it out before deciding whether they want to buy the game or not.

Think of it like hearing a single on the radio, then deciding whether you want to buy the album or not!

This demo version normally comes out 2 weeks before release, so by rights, it should be out this Friday then, right? Well, yes, it will be released on Friday, but MirrorFootball readers will be able to get it a day earlier, on Thursday 21st October.

To ensure that you get the best download speeds possible, we and MirrorFootball have teamed up with Steam, an online distribution platform, to deliver the demo to you.

The leagues that will be playable in the demo are England, Scotland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, but you can only play one countries league at a time. So it’s really 12 half seasons!

Of course, you can restart the demo as many times as you want and play it for as long as you want to too – we don’t put timers onto our demos that only allow you to play for a couple of hours or anything like that.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my normal blog, and a look at some of the new features that are coming in the game and the demo!