Electro-magnetic centres, the, the throat, of Atl from Warriors' Experience

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Theun and all, ahh, I am now an "infant" student in Toltec numerology. It is strange but I have always known that eleven, twenty two and thirty-three were important numbers. Socrates was right! Just a bit of fun, but the singer Susan Boyle hit success on an eleven year re; her age!

Numerology is a subject that I have never really looked at before so all I know of it is what I have read here on the Legacy and some old ideas about lucky names and lucky numbers.

This is a real question but focussed a bit on concerns around destiny and fate, and I know that it is my task to find out about my own destiny and fate. I have always enjoyed having some fun with numbers. I know that there is a lot more to this subject than I can possibly know, so forgive me for being so basic, and hurry up and write that book LOL.

I have been called shortened nicknames for most of my life and they come to eleven or twenty-two but my original first name comes to thirty-three. However when I first went to school, the infant teachers were unhappy and thought my so called ignorant immigrant family had misspelt my real first name and therefore they inserted an "i" in it and this posher spelling remains on my passport and everything else. Only my original birth certificate has the original spelling. This first name is now a forty-two reducing to a six. Was my power stolen?

It has been interesting recapitulating the memory of my first day at school name change, but I don't feel attached to either version, although it did make my parents a bit unhappy at the time, and made me think they were not very knowledgeable or clever.

Yes, I know that there is a lot more to this subject, and many other combinations of numbers to take into consideration but what is the significance for me?

My second question is around the significance of the years. Your articles stop at 2007. Any main points regarding this year?

I would like to know a little bit more about significant dates in 2011 (a November celebration prehaps?) and 2012? Yes too big a question I know! But maybe I don't really want to know anything about 2012. LOL! You know by now that I am a bit of a scardy cat <wg> and I do like to live in the now.

With warm regards

(a stalker who wishes she was a dreamer)


LOL! You cannot just add together the digits of the age in order to work out the personal year. The personal year is the DAY of birth, plus the MONTH of birth, plus the CALENDAR YEAR.

I have no idea what your full names are, so I cannot help you. I must say I am also somewhat suspicious of your surname, for knowing your friend who has simply vanished, I suspect he may have had something to do with your surname??? LOL! I mean, is the surname you have given us for REAL? <wg>

If the rules of numerology are CORRECTLY applied it is extremely RARE that someone's name comes to 33. The reason for this is that 33 is the number of the pure white light of the Dreamer, or in other words, the Christ principle! So if your name DOES add up to 33, and unless you are about to take over the Christ Office amongst the Guardians of the Race, which given what I know is not going to happen, you have to reduce your name to a REALISTIC 6! LOL!

The ONLY name which has relevance to you is the name that exists on your birth certificate! It is a most intriguing phenomenon that even parents end up spelling their children's names incorrectly, and yet this IS the name and spelling the child was MEANT to have! So the fact that your teachers changed the spelling of your name makes ZERO difference to your fate in this lifetime. Even if YOU were to change your name it would make no difference! The ONLY thing which DOES make a difference is when a female gets married, and this is because the FULL unfoldment of the female's fate is more often than not dependent upon the fate of her husband. As a result, some females take on their married name in order to COMPLETE their own fate; some reject it, and some use a combination of both their maiden as well as their married names. Now in your case where you have have had hubby 1 and hubby 2, God alone knows what you are up to! LOL! The only way in which to ascertain this is to do a FULL numeroscope using your maiden name, then a numeroscope using your first married name, plus a numeroscope using a combination of both maiden and married names, and then to do this again for your second marriage. Then all 5 numeroscopes need to be BALANCED against each other to see which is the REAL you, and then a sixth numeroscope would have to be done to ascertain your actual fate in this lifetime. A long and arduous job! In the days when I did numeroscopes for people on a professional basis I used to charge per numeroscope. So in your case I would have charged you for 6 numeroscopes! LOL!

I stopped doing annual predictions in 2007 because this is when I stopped running the retreats. In a nutshell, 2009 is an 11-year coming from (2 + 9). What this means very briefly, is that this year calls for that STRENGTH (11) which is acquired by having the necessary HUMILITY (2) to allow the unfoldment of destiny (2) through the medium of COMPLETION (9). In other words, STRENGTH coupled with HUMILITY is the order of the day, and we are being called upon to achieve this through the medium of bringing everything within our lives to COMPLETION. So if we gather around ourselves matters that are NOT being brought to completion, and if we lack the humility required to just ALLOW the unfoldment of destiny WITHOUT trying to force it, the (11) will revert to its lowest vibration, namely (2). But because this (2) is a reversion, as opposed to a pure (2), it brings about the DOORMAT! So any lack of humility this year, in the sense of being UNACCEPTING of the process of life, or leaving things unfinished, will cause you to become the proverbial doormat, and everyone will be wiping their FEET on you! LOL!

Apart from its numerological significance I know nothing of special significance regarding 2011. But perhaps you do? <wg>

2012 is the year in which we are MOST likely to see the end of the known world. By this I am not referring to the end of life, but to the end of the OLD. :) The world after 2012 is DESTINED to be a very different world to the one we know now. However, this is dependent upon how WELL we pull ourselves towards ourselves and how WELL we FIGHT for the future of our world! If we carry on down the same sad path as we are doing now, the forces inherent within 2012 is more likely to bring about complete destruction rather than TRUE change, which could well mean the end of life upon our planet! It is up to us what we want. And I don't mean this arrogantly! Instead I am referring to the fact that humanity constitutes the Throat centre of the Spirit of Atl, whilst the SEPARATIVE Jews (Zionism) constitute the Solar Plexus centre. The initiation that Atl is currently undergoing demands the RAISING of the energy within His divine body from the Throat centre to the Heart centre. Should humanity fail to open the heart, by remaining stuck in the mind, which is controlled by the Throat centre, this energy cannot be raised to the Heart centre, and will therefore drop back into the Solar Plexus centre! Technically this will mean that Atl has failed the initiation, and practically it will mean complete subordination, or enslavery, to the Old Sorcerers. But worse still, it will mean that in this great manifestation Atl will then most likely NOT be able to transmute the Solar Debris which He willingly took upon Himself at the beginning of this manifestation. And this will in turn mean that our planet will become swamped and overwhelmed by the Great Darkness. Not a nice thought! And not something any warrior can willingly just accept without fighting with everything he or she possesses.

With warm regards,