Электро-магнитные центры Атля, горловой (Опыт Воинов)

Theun Mares, “Electro-magnetic centres, the, the throat, of Atl from Warriors' Experience”, public translation into Russian from English More about this translation.

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Electro-magnetic centres, the, the throat, of Atl from Warriors' Experience

Электро-магнитные центры Атля, горловой (Опыт Воинов)

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Theun and all, ahh, I am now an "infant" student in Toltec numerology. It is strange but I have always known that eleven, twenty two and thirty-three were important numbers. Socrates was right! Just a bit of fun, but the singer Susan Boyle hit success on an eleven year re; her age!

Numerology is a subject that I have never really looked at before so all I know of it is what I have read here on the Legacy and some old ideas about lucky names and lucky numbers.

This is a real question but focussed a bit on concerns around destiny and fate, and I know that it is my task to find out about my own destiny and fate. I have always enjoyed having some fun with numbers. I know that there is a lot more to this subject than I can possibly know, so forgive me for being so basic, and hurry up and write that book LOL.

I have been called shortened nicknames for most of my life and they come to eleven or twenty-two but my original first name comes to thirty-three. However when I first went to school, the infant teachers were unhappy and thought my so called ignorant immigrant family had misspelt my real first name and therefore they inserted an "i" in it and this posher spelling remains on my passport and everything else. Only my original birth certificate has the original spelling. This first name is now a forty-two reducing to a six. Was my power stolen?

It has been interesting recapitulating the memory of my first day at school name change, but I don't feel attached to either version, although it did make my parents a bit unhappy at the time, and made me think they were not very knowledgeable or clever.

Yes, I know that there is a lot more to this subject, and many other combinations of numbers to take into consideration but what is the significance for me?

My second question is around the significance of the years. Your articles stop at 2007. Any main points regarding this year?

I would like to know a little bit more about significant dates in 2011 (a November celebration prehaps?) and 2012? Yes too big a question I know! But maybe I don't really want to know anything about 2012. LOL! You know by now that I am a bit of a scardy cat <wg> and I do like to live in the now.

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