Dynamic stability

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into Russian: Динамическая стабилизация. Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
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In another article I mentioned that one of the qualities that my shortcoming of self-importance transmutes into is DYNAMIC STABILITY.

Picture a scenario where your whole life seems to be turned upside-down, and that you are surrounded in what appears to be chaos. What was going well one minute has suddenly turned to the opposite, in such a way as to make you think you have gone mad! I'm talking about those times where you are facing the prospect of losing your job, your partner, your friends and your sanity.

One thing I have begun to learn is that I contribute to these situations by living in such a way that I believe the whole world revolves around me, (a typical mind-set of someone with self-importance as a shortcoming).

The consequence of this is that I have to be brought face-to-face with the realities in such a way that I LEARN to ACT in a way that is best for ALL, and not just for me.

I have found that through NOT running away from the situation (or the mess created), but instead by embracing it with response-ability, I am able to strive for the BALANCE and equilibrium that enables ALL to find the clarity to move forward intelligently.

Another element I have also found is that it is often a personal battle with an inner CHAOS that DESIRES to be CONTAINED, which pushes me ever further into learning the meaning within what it means to be a responsible male.