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====== The Edit Window ======

{{ :wiki:editwindow.png?500|Edit Window}}

The edit window is where you edit a page or page section.

At the very top you'll see the [[toolbar]] providing quick access to most of the simpler [[wiki:syntax]]. Below the toolbar, the main text area is located - here you edit the source of the wikipage. Below you find the buttons to save, preview or cancel your work. Right next to the buttons is an entry field for the [[#summary]], followed by the [[#minor edits]] checkbox.

===== Toolbar =====

See the dedicated [[Toolbar]] page

===== Controls =====

Below the Edit Area, you have 3 buttons on the left :

* Save button enables you to save content. Once saved, the content appears on the web right away.

* Preview button enables you to have a look at your modifications before saving it. The [[#preview]] area is below the edit window.

* Cancel button takes you back to the actual page. It discards your changes along with your automatically saved [[draft]].

On the right, you have 2 up/down arrows and a "return" arrow :

* Up/ down arrows : The two arrows on the right edge can be used to adjust the size of the text entry box to your screen size. The chosen size is saved in a cookie and maintained between your visits.

* The "return" arrow is used to change the "wrap" setting of the edit window. When clicked, it toggles the page wrap setting on and off. In one case, long lines are wrapped inside your edit box, in the other case, long lines stay as one line, giving you a scrollbar at bottom of edit window.

* Enabling and disabling the setting helps when editing long text blocks.

===== Summary =====

When you [[editing|edit]] a wiki page, there is a small text entry field below the [[edit window|main editing window]] labeled "Edit summary". Before saving changes to a page, you should always enter a short message there, describing briefly what you changed. When you create a previously non-existing page, DokuWiki will automatically insert an appropriate message in the [[Localization|current language]] of the wiki.

The edit summary will be shown next to each revision in the list of [[attic|old revisions]] for each page, in the [[syndication|RSS and ATOM feeds]], and also in the list of [[recent changes]] for the whole wiki.

In the default installation of DokuWiki, users aren't required to enter summaries when they submit changes. To require summaries, see [[tips:summary_enforcement|summary enforcement]].

===== Minor Edits =====

When the Administrator of the Wiki has enabled user authentification through [[ACLs]], logged in users may mark changes to a page as minor by ticking the appropriate checkbox. Changes marked as minor will not be listed in the [[syndication|RSS feed]] or sent through the [[subscription]] feature.

Minor marked edits to a page will be shown in //italic// writing in the "Old revisions" page.

===== Preview =====

If you press the preview button a rendered preview of the text you just edited will be shown below the main entry tools. Use this to control if everything looks as intended before saving your work.

Note that your input is **above** the preview; just scroll up to continue editing.

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